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How To Safely Get Your Kid Into Dirt Biking

Is your son or daughter begging you to get a dirt bike for them? Maybe you want to get them started but aren’t sure how.

In this article, I want to show you the simple steps to get your kid into dirt biking the right way so that they don’t crash and get hurt right away.

Choosing the right dirt bike for your kid

The worst thing you can do is start them on a fast dirt bike: a motocross bike. Maybe your son or daughter loves a good challenge, but going from a bicycle to a race bike will almost certainly end up poorly.

Am I saying they shouldn’t ever get an MX bike? Absolutely not. I’m just telling you to please start your precious child on a dirt bike that’s easy to ride and forgiving.

I started on a Honda 50 and rode it for years until I was physically too big for it.

I started riding a dirt bike as a 7 year old kid on a Honda XR50
My first dirt bike as a wee lad.

So how do you know what bikes have those characteristics? I thought you’d never ask…

What type of dirt bike your kid needs to start on?

Since you don’t want an MX bike, the best type of dirt bike for kids just starting out is a trail bike. These bikes have an air-cooled 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine, depending on the brand and model you go with.

What size bike is best for your kid?

It really depends on how tall your son or daughter is, as well as whether you want them to learn how to use a manual clutch or not.

I put together a size chart here that gives you an estimate of what size dirt bike is best for your kid based on their age or height.

What dirt bike brand is best?

Do you want a quality dirt bike or the cheapest thing you can find because it might only get ridden once? If you’re the latter, then a cheap pit bike from Amazon can do the job, but I don’t recommend it.

Why? Because they have poor quality control, materials, and parts are much difficult to get. 

The best brands that have good beginner kids dirt bikes are: 

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Kawasaki

Honda dirt bikes for kids

Honda has always been in the market for young riders because that’s where the passion for riding starts for many of us. Their trail bike lineup has changed a little bit over the years, but they have a bike size for just about every kid

Their newest best beginner-friendly dirt bikes for kids are:

Yamaha kids dirt bikes

Yamaha has had similar options for kids and is generally Honda’s biggest rival in sales. Their best dirt bikes for your kid to start on are:

Kawasaki dirt bikes for kids

Kawasaki has slowly added to their beginner bike lineup. They have kids dirt bikes for ages 7 on up to teenagers, young adults, and girls.

The best Kawasaki dirt bikes for kids are the:

  • KLX110
  • KLX140
  • KLX230R

What gear is needed?

Riding gear is important for safety, but just any old helmet isn’t good enough. Not when it comes to the time when my kids start riding, at least. 

These are the essential dirt bike protective gear items you should have for your son or daughter:

  • Helmet
  • Boots
  • Pants
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Chest protector

What’s even more important is that they fit properly. A cheap helmet that fits good and snug is safer than the most expensive helmet that fits loosely on your kid’s head. 

Think about that for a minute…

Where to legally ride your dirt bike as a kid?

Riding places are getting harder to find depending on where you live. 

Private property is still a great place to learn if you or a friend has enough land to ride on if it’s legal in your city

Otherwise, going to an off-road riding park or dirt bike-specific trails that are beginner-friendly is the next best place to go to get started. 

Please don’t start your kid out on a track before they’re comfortable and confident riding a dirt bike. It’s not only dangerous for your child but for other people as well. 

How to be a better rider

Starting on a good beginner is the best first step to learning to ride safely and with confidence. Mastering basic riding techniques will make you or your kid become a better rider much faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

I want to help you get started with proper techniques. Click here to learn more.