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“The Right Bike” For You

How to choose, find and buy the right dirt bike based on your specific needs and budget and “know” that you got a good deal.

The Right Bike Banner Courses
How to buy the right bike and get a good deal on a reliable bike

Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

How to safely & confidently ride a dirt bike for the first time by properly understanding the basics.

Dirt Biking Made Easy Courses
Learn to safely ride a dirt bike for the first time

Tight Turns Made Easy

A step-by-step guide to safely & confidently ride tight & sharp turns without worrying about sliding out or falling and not being able to pick your heavy bike back up

Tight Turns Made Easy 5 24 23 Courses

Downhills Made Easy

A step-by-step guide to safely & confidently riding down steep hills on a dirt bike

Downhills Made Easy 3 29 23 Courses

The Virtual Dirt Biker School

The complete step-by-step program to become a safe and confident off-road rider so that you can enjoy it with your family for many years to come – without taking years to learn.

VDB Banner Courses
The step-by-step system to trail riding with confidence & control

2 Stroke Jetting “Made Easy”

It’s the beginner’s guide to tuning any 2-stroke carburetor for smooth, efficient, and reliable power even if you’ve never touched a carb before.

2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy Book Cover Courses

Dirt Bike Lessons In MN

Want 1-on-1 in-person coaching? Whether you’re brand new to dirt biking, a beginner or novice casual trail rider, these lessons will quickly boost your confidence and safety by focusing on reducing mistakes and giving you more control over your bike!

Akeley Trail Ride Courses
Click the image for Dirt Bike Lessons in Minnesota!