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2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy

What if you could have a smooth and reliable 2 stroke by making simple jetting changes in minutes – WITHOUT messing it up, even if you’ve never touched a carb before?

Learn how to easily make 2 stroke jetting changes in minutes on any bike, and know that it’s the correct thing to do to make your bike run better and smoother so that it’s easier to control and lasts longer before needing a rebuild.

2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy Book Cover 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy

This is the best explanation of tuning a Carburetor I have found on the web. Nice thorough process and great explanation on what to do! Thank you!

John F Di Fabrizio

Tuning a carburetor is EASIER than you think

When I first knew I had to tune the jetting on my carb because my bike wasn’t running well, I felt intimidated.

Carb jetting is the mysterious “black art” that only smart people can do, I thought – right?

What if I messed something up? What if I made it worse and blow my bike up?

adjusting the air screw on a 2 stroke dirt bike carb

Well, after making some jetting changes, my bike DID run worse.

“Uh-oh!” What if I can’t get it back to how it was before?

I made another change, and to my surprise – my bike ran better. “Woohoo!”

What I realized is that tuning a carb is more simple than you think if you just take one step at a time.

A common mistake is making too many changes at once. For example, By changing the pilot jet, needle clip, and main jet all at once, you’re not going to know which change actually made it better or worse.

Instead, when you make one small change at a time, you will start to feel and understand how each jetting circuit affects your bike, and then you’ll be able to make the right change much faster in the future.

Are you ready to start with one simple jetting change?

Every bike and carb requires different jetting

Another common mistake is following what other people are using for jetting specs, but this often doesn’t work well.

It might get you close, but you might still have frustrating symptoms, such as bogging or being hard to start.

Maybe you’ve tried that and thought “I must have messed it up” or “It didn’t work for MY bike”.

I feel your frustration – I often feel like I’m “the 1%” that doesn’t get the same results as everyone else…

Colorado Trip 2016 3 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy

Don’t worry, there’s a reason for that, in this case!

This is because there are many other factors that affect the air-fuel mixture and require slightly different jetting specs.

For example, you might have the same bike as a friend or a recommendation online, but if you live in a different climate (temp/humidity/elevation) or have a different setup (intake, engine, or exhaust mods), their jetting specs won’t work the same for your bike.

This means that you have to tune your carb based on where you live and how it’s set up.

The good news is that you can use the same process when tuning any 2 stroke dirt bike carburetor – it’s all based on making one simple change at a time and paying attention to what your bike is telling you.

Can you be intentional about paying attention to what your bike does after making a jetting adjustment?

It’s dangerous to be “on the safe side”

Maybe you know that your bike is jetted too rich but you’d rather “be on the safe side”.

You “Would rather change a spark plug any day than blow a piston and possibly have to get the cylinder bored out too”.

2 Stroke Top End Rebuild 17 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy
Rebuilds can be expensive & time-consuming

I totally understand that, but there’s also a danger to being too rich on your jetting.

When your carb is jetted too rich, bad things like this can happen:

  • Your bike is hard to start – Does it take 20, 50, or 100 kicks to get it running at times?
  • Constantly fouling plugs – what if it happens on the trail and you don’t have a spare?
  • Rich jetting can cause the power valve to seize – resulting in major power loss or a potential piston failure if they make touch each other
  • Poor throttle response – makes your bike harder and more frustrating to ride
  • Worse fuel economy – more frequent fill-ups cost more and reduce how far you can ride

You might be afraid to go leaner on the jetting, but have you thought about these annoying and potentially dangerous symptoms?

The truth is – there are simple signs so that you can know if it’s jetted too lean. Even if you go too far, your bike isn’t going to blow up right away.

As long as you don’t hold it wide open for long periods of time, you can test a jetting change in minutes to know if it’s properly jetted or not.

Do you want a smoother and more efficient running bike so that it’s more reliable and dependable with better power?

If yes, then I want to offer you the right tools and knowledge so that you can tune any 2 stroke carb for the rest of your life.


2 Stroke Jetting “Made Easy”

It’s the beginner’s guide to tuning any 2-stroke carburetor for smooth, efficient, and reliable power even if you’ve never touched a carb before.

2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy Book Cover 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy

What’s Included:

  • The Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to jetting any 2-stroke dirt bike carb (Keihin or Mikuni) in minutes (PDF Guide)
  • Lifetime Access & Support – read, download, & print it from anywhere, anytime
  • Bonus – Quick Reference Troubleshooting Guide: a practical and quick-to-follow chart to troubleshoot jetting symptoms
  • Bonus – A “Time Saving” Personal Jetting chart to record your settings for different elevations (so that you don’t waste time tuning because you forgot your previous settings)
2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy Book Cover 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy
Money Back Guarantee 2 Stroke Jetting Made Easy

Guaranteed Results or Your money back. If you are not 100% satisfied with the guide after 14 days, we will offer you a full refund.

What you will learn in this 2 Stroke Jetting “Made Easy” Guide:

  • How to easily tune each jet circuit in minutes
  • How to know which jet circuit to change
  • What to do when changing jets doesn’t work
  • How to know when you need to change the pilot jet in minutes
  • How to get a longer fuel range and throttle response with the needle
  • Peak horsepower without blowing up your engine
  • Diagnose jetting problems quickly so that you can have more fun riding