I teach beginners how to safely ride with confidence and control.

Yep, even for You.

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Is It Hard To Ride A Dirt Bike?

Learning to ride a dirt bike is not hard if you get proper training. Being skilled and efficient riding off-road, on the other hand, is not easy. You could take the long route and learn on your own, which is what I… You could also learn from Youtube videos and other free resources, but you won’t get the complete package.

You can also get misguided by all of the contradicting information on the internets, which is why I’ve made it easy for you to get started. I show you how to stay in control by learning and understanding all of the basic techniques for off-road and trail riding.

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Having fun in the woods on my CRF230F

Dirt Bike Training Classes That Are Fun & Safe

Learning to ride by yourself can get boring and difficult. I spent years trying to get better on my own. After spending hours, days, weeks, and months researching, watching countless videos, and practicing on the bike, I started getting the hang of it. The more I rode with faster riders, the more I had to learn to try and keep up.

If I had only known what the proper techniques and skills were from the beginning, it wouldn’t have taken as long to become a confident and skilled rider. I now understand what it takes to start from scratch and safely ride a dirt bike.

Learning to ride doesn’t have to be scary or take years. It just takes the right steps in the right order. You’ll learn how to do each step and easily understand how your bike works to quickly gain confidence in The Virtual Dirt Biker School.

What Is The Virtual Dirt Biker School?

The Virtual Dirt Biker School is a step-by-step online training course for beginners to learn how to safely and confidently ride a dirt bike.

Dirt biking is an awesome sport, but it’s no fun when you’re struggling to stay in control or have crashed and gotten hurt. My Free Lessons will help you start learning all of the basic and necessary riding techniques so that you will be confident and in control of your dirt bike. Mastering these techniques will help you prevent those hard crashes that can put you on the couch for months at a time, missing out on life’s other activities.

How Can I Get Good At Riding A Dirt Bike Fast?

Being good at riding a dirt bike takes time and experience. But the quickest way to get there is with the right foundation. Having the right dirt bike, learning the basic controls, practicing proper technique, and having the right mindset.

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Trail Riding A 4 Stroke

It often takes years to get good and comfortable on a dirt bike. I thought I was good until I started riding with friends on some slightly challenging trails.

What Do You Want To Learn About?

Whether you’re brand new to dirt biking or you want to learn the best mods for your bike, there’s a category and article for you! Below are the 5 different categories on Motocross Hideout. Click on an image to start learning!

Get Started Dirt Biking Without Being Overwhelmed or Spending A Fortune

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Get Started Dirt Biking

In This section you’ll learn what dirt bike is best for you to start on, what you need to get started riding, how to start on a budget, practical safety tips so that you don’t crash and get hurt right away, and more! Click here to learn how to get started the right way!

How To Ride Faster & Safer Without The Fear of Crashing Hard

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How To Ride

Already have a dirt bike but need some help on learning how to safely and properly ride it? This category is full of simple and practical tips for riding technique. Click here to learn how to ride and become a better rider faster!

Maintenance – How To & Why

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Tired of paying a mechanic to maintain your dirt bike? Maybe you just want to learn how to properly work on a dirt bike yourself. There’s plenty of articles and tips here on how to make your bike last longer by doing simple maintenance. I’ve combined my technique for only doing what’s necessary without spending too much time or money working on a dirt bike. Click here to learn proper maintenance in your own garage.

Troubleshoot Your Dirt Bike Problems

Petcock deteriorated from bad old gas in dirt bike

Has your dirt bike ever stopped working? It’s extremely frustrating to have a bike problem that will ruin your day or week of riding. I’ve had to troubleshoot so many problems that I’ve started documenting the most common problems, causes, and how to permanently fix them. Click here to troubleshoot your dirt bike problem.

Tuning For Performance & Reliability

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Basic bike set-up, suspension tuning, bike-specific mods, and more tips on how to make your dirt bike more comfortable, powerful, efficient, all without losing reliability. In fact, many of these tuning tips will make your bike more reliable, so it’s a win-win if you simply follow-through and do things the right way from the start. Click here to learn how to tune YOUR dirt bike today!

Learn More: Ride More

Honestly, it makes me frustrated and sad that so many dirt bikers simply don’t want to learn how to do things the right way.

They’d rather pay hundreds or thousands on a “band-aid” fix or just keep riding with a problem.

I hope that you’re not one of these riders.

So, this is why I created Motocross Hideout.

The slogan “Learn More: Ride More” is simple. The more you learn (about your bike/riding/maintenance/tuning), the more you’ll be able to ride. And then it works if you turn it around: The more you ride, the more you’ll learn/feel/understand how your dirt bike works.

I’m Kelley Fager, and my goal is to help you become a safer and better rider by teaching you the basics. I simply break down each process in way that’s easy to understand.

I’m just a guy from Minnesota that wants to help you by sharing my mistakes and how I best learned from them!