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I Help Riders “Quickly Build Confidence” So That You Enjoy Riding, Feel Free, Get Fit, While Reducing The Risk of Injury For Many Years To Come

Download my free “cheat sheet” to learn the basic techniques so that you have more fun without the fear of getting hurt

“Hey Kelley, I found all your information very helpful, your choice of content was on point. Thanks”.

– John, Virginia (USA)

Is Dirt Biking Dangerous?

Yes, it can be very dangerous, but that’s only if you make the same mistakes that some beginners make.

Whether it’s starting on the wrong bike, not learning proper clutch and throttle control, or having poor body position, these mistakes will cause you to ride tense and out of control.

But, it’s easy to to prevent these mistakes by starting on the right bike and learning the proper techniques

“Hey Kelley! Thanks for all the great emails and the awesome information. I’ve learned a lot of different things. Thanks so much!”

– Benny, Texas (USA)

Is Riding A Dirt Bike Hard?

While riding a dirt bike is similar to a street bike (motorcycle), it’s amazing how much different it is to ride off-road. You don’t have 100% traction, so your body position and techniques are a lot different than riding on the road – almost completely opposite in some ways.

2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke Trail Riding
I would not be able to ride out here if I didn’t have complete confidence in my riding skill

It’s scary going from riding with (virtually) 100% traction at all times to riding with your tires constantly sliding around. That’s why I want to show you the proper techniques to riding off-road so that you don’t crash and get hurt right away.

“Your video on riding rutted corners was very helpful and helped me improve my technique. Thanx.”

– Achilles Frantzen, Netherlands (Europe)

How To Make Dirt Biking Safer

Whether you need to keep your wife happy, provide for your family, or your parents would be upset if you got hurt, staying safe is extremely important and it takes more than just good riding gear to prevent a serious injury.

Plenty of dirt bike brands that are good for trail riding
My “family away from home”

It starts with choosing the right dirt bike to start on, and then learning proper balance and traction.

A common mistake is standing too tall and being out of balance, making it harder to ride with control. Standing in the proper attack position allows you to relax and use less energy while staying in control because you’re efficiently using your body and putting less stress on your hands and arms.

By learning how to smoothly accelerate and brake, you’ll be able feel the bike getting traction under you.

I want to give you a gift for free to help you get started that has helped many of my students around the world.

“Thanks for your great informative videos, learn a lot from them.”

– John Dwyer, Adelaide (South Australia).