Greetings from MotocrossHideout.com! Everyone here at Motocross Hideout welcomes all fellow (and soon to be) riders.

This website started in the summer of 2009. I, Tom Stark, have been riding dirt bikes ever since I was seven years old. Up until the past few years ago I just “loved to ride,” but it didn’t go much more into depth than that. That was before I met some friends that wanted to get into motocross racing. This was the start of a big “hobby”, if you will, that will last a lifetime.

My brother and I started out with a couple of small Honda XR’s at the age of seven when my loving dad bought us these amazing machines. I was then addicted to riding fora few years, but that was about it. Once I got into middle school, one of my riding buddies had began socializing with me about motocross and all the cool aspects of it. I was very intrigued about it and wanted to learn more about it. I started reading all kinds of magazines, expert articles, reviews, and everything dirt bike related. Like any other young boy is, I had a competitive spirit, and motocross sounded like my kind of thing.

I then started saving my pennies (more like dollars) for my own dirt bike. When I was in eighth grade I managed to save up a few hundred bucks, so I started looking for a used dirt bike. Luckily my dad is a mechanic and he helped me find a bike. I found a decent deal on an older pair of Honda’s; a CR80 and XR100. I didn’t have enough money for both of them so my dad graciously lent me some cash. This got me more than just interested in this extreme sport… I was OBSESSED!! Eventually convincing my dad to let me race as long as I paid for most of the fees, I then bought some good protective gear, and a few dirt bikes later I bought a yz125. It needed some parts and work to get it race ready, but nothing that would stop me.

Later that year I went to my first race. I will tell you that it was nothing that I had ever experienced. I was officially addicted to riding dirt bikes, but somehow I had to get faster like every rider wants.  Lets face it, I was a slouch when I started, and I knew it. I began reading and watching everything I could manage about becoming a faster rider. I also went to an FCA Motocross camp where professional riders, including Andrew Short, gave me some great tips on racing and riding techniques. Over the next few years I had not only gained much knowledge about the techniques of motocross, but also about the anatomy of dirt bikes themselves.

I had recently joined some dirt biking forums, and to my astonishment, the number of inexperienced dirt bikers and mechanics was simply unbelievable, to say the least. This soon brought on an idea that lead to the making of Motocross Hideout. It was embarrassing how many “riders” I encountered that knew next to, well, nothing. They loved the sport and always wanted more of it, so I couldn’t ignore them because I know what it feels like to enjoy this wonderful hobby and the desire for more. I decided that instead of individually answering riders questions, I would share my knowledge and experiences with everyone that want it. All of this information has resulted into Motocross Hideout and is continuing to grow.

We here at Motocross Hideout want you to rely on this website for you dirt bike know-how, so we strive to write informative and beneficial articles about tips, reviews and more. I, Tom Stark, test most of the products myself that I give a review for with unbiased opinions. The economy is tough, and I know what’s it like to not have a lot of money, whether you’re still growing up, or already have a family that wants to ride. If there is a defect in a part, I will mention it in the review so that you know what you are getting before you waste your hard-earned cash.

We are also affiliates of the stores and products that we review, so whenever you buy a product or service from the links provided we make a small commision. This motivates me and the rest of the crew to not only write the best articles possible, but make the site more user-friendly, and have excellent service so people like you continue to come back for more great information about dirt biking.

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Thank you, and happy riding to you from everyone at Motocross Hideout.