Are you struggling to stay in control of your dirt bike? Lacking confidence or being afraid of crashing and getting hurt is a common issue with new riders, so it’s nothing to stress about, at least not anymore.

While having fun is about as important as it gets when I’m riding in the woods, staying safe is even more important. I have a family to provide for and enjoy, so if I crash all the time and get hurt from riding my dirt bike, that’s not very loving of me.

That’s why I want to help you learn how to ride safer by teaching you the basic techniques that I’ve learned over the years and still practice today.

I’ve taught many new riders how to ride a dirt bike with a clutch, and the way I teach is very basic. In fact, there’s nothing magical about it. What’s so unique is that I understand what new riders tend to struggle the most with and how to get you to understand and fix the problem quickly.

Don’t just take my word for it: Here’s what my students have to say…

“Kelley was a professional from start to finish. He showed me the basic ins and outs of a dirt bike and how to operate it before riding! He was patient in his instruction, knowledgeable and diligent in asking me how I was doing throughout my experience! I highly recommend anyone looking to give dirt biking a try to call Kelley to learn, he’s a great teacher!!”

IMG 3586 20201205 183627 scaled Testimonials-Derek E. (Age 29)

“Getting on a dirt bike was not on my bucket list. After watching Kelley instruct my 18 year old daughter it looked fun and safe. Safety was very important to Kelley. He made sure I had a helmet on, protective pants and boots. He was very thorough in his explanation of how to start it and let out the clutch and, in general, how things worked.

I killed it the first time but he was super patient and encouraged me to try again. It worked and off I went. I was able to drive around the yard a couple times and with proper instruction was able to come to a stop.  I would highly recommend Kelley as an instructor.”

20210121 172148 TestimonialsKaren E. (Age 60)

“I was having trouble with my clutch control and kept stalling, but then Kelley showed me some drills and it started improving! He has helped me grow on my dirt biking journey already, with his easy-to-follow instructions. I’m excited to keep getting more comfortable on the bike!”

20210203 170719 TestimonialsCecily F. (Age 15)

“He taught me how not to die!”

20210121 171847 Testimonials-Lydia E. (Age 18)

Want to learn how to safely ride with confidence?

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Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your effort. The closer you follow my steps, the safer you’ll likely be on a dirt bike.