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Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

How “Complete Beginners” Can Prevent Crashes That Lead To Injury – Even If You’ve Never Ridden A Dirt Bike Before

Learn how to prevent crashes & ride with confidence by slowing down and mastering the fundamentals 5X faster than trying to figure it out on your own using the “Backyard Method” – WITHOUT needing more seat time or trails to practice at

DBME For Beginners 2.0 Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

Are you getting “whiskey-throttle” or have an accidental wheelie at least 2 times every ride?

Have you tried installing a “throttle tamer” or just practicing more to help prevent wheelies so you don’t crash into a tree or another rider and break an arm or a leg or worse?

Stalling the engine every 5 minutes or less?

Tired of constantly stalling and having to kick-start or restart your engine, especially in the middle of a turn or steep hill?

Maybe you’ve never used a manual clutch and haven’t done anything to improve your clutch control, or you’re just trying to get better with more seat time but don’t feel any more confident…

Falling over 50% of the time when you come to a stop?

Whether you’ve tried a lowering link, “paddling with your feet” to prevent falling, balance drills, or nothing at all, there’s an easy way to stop falling over – even if you’re under 5’6″ and over 60 years old!

Do your tires slide out while turning and braking?

If you’ve tried to watch YouTube videos and then practice on your own but can’t seem to nail it, just know that – slowing down or “going at it over and over again” isn’t going to fix it.

Uncomfortable shifting gears?

Especially when going from sitting to standing and using stiff dirt bike boots, it’s hard to shift and you don’t know what the proper body position is or what gear to be in at any given time – just “practicing more” isn’t going to solve your problem.

Exhausted within 15 minutes while trying to stand up on the pegs?

Everyone says to “stand up” to have more control, but your legs or arms/wrists/hands get fatigued in 15 minutes or less, forcing you to sit down and slow down.

If you can relate to any of those problems then…

Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners] is 100% for YOU!

DBME For Beginners 2.0 Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

Chris is stalling less and less each time he rides and noticed a big difference in his riding right away!

Chirs Hirst Email Testimonial Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

“Kelley was a professional from start to finish. He showed me the basic ins and outs of a dirt bike and how to operate it before riding! He was patient in his instruction, knowledgeable and diligent in asking me how I was doing throughout my experience! I highly recommend anyone looking to give dirt biking a try to call Kelley to learn, he’s a great teacher!!”

IMG 3586 20201205 183627 scaled Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]-Derek E. (Age 29)

“I was having trouble with my clutch control and kept stalling, but then Kelley showed me some drills and it started improving! He has helped me grow on my dirt biking journey already, with his easy-to-follow instructions. I’m excited to keep getting more comfortable on the bike!”

20210203 170719 Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]Cecily F. (Age 15)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to quickly improve your throttle control to prevent “whiskey-throttle” wheelies – even if you have a powerful dirt bike!
  2. The biggest mistake that causes riders to stall the engine and how to easily prevent it
  3. How to improve your balance so that you reduce the number of tipovers by 50% in the first 7 days!
  4. The proper body position to keep your tires from washing out – even on flat, slippery, or tight corners
  5. How to ride faster & smoother WITHOUT getting fatigued within the first 15 minutes
  6. The most efficient way to shift gears on a dirt bike – whether you’re sitting or standing
  7. Techniques and drills that can be learned in a small 50×50 ft. backyard!
  8. All of these video lessons and more! ($247 value – price of a Beginner Rider Class)

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the program after 30 days, we will offer you a full refund.

Who am I?

I’m Kelley Fager, a USMCA-certified coach who helps beginners and novice riders learn how to safely and confidently ride a dirt bike so that you prevent bad crashes, especially when it comes to trail riding.

KELLEY FAGER USMCA certified coach Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

USMCA – Certified Coach!

I’m certified through the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association on!

But I didn’t start here…

I was just like you and thought I could figure it out on my own.

After almost 10 years of being “self-taught”, I went to some real single-track trails and found out that “I wasn’t as good as I thought I was“.

On trails with steep hills and tight turns, I kept stalling, and falling and felt intimidated to ride these technical trails.

But I REALLY wanted to ride these fun trails with my faster riding friends, so I started searching for every tip and technique I could find to build my skills faster…

Now, after over 20 years of riding and teaching many students in-person and online, I know what most people struggle with.

If you want 20 years of coaching packed into a step-by-step beginner course that can be watched in just a couple of hours, then Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners] is right for you!

But remember, you won’t see any results unless you put the training to use 🙂

So, you can keep trying to figure it out on your own with little to no more confidence 12 months from now, or you could join today and reduce the number of stalls, falls, and crashes within your first week!

What if…

No problem – if you enroll today you’ll learn how to choose, find, and buy the right bike based on your height and price range. You also get lifetime access, so you can go through the content now and/or after you buy a bike.

Whether you own a business, work 40+ hours with a 1-hour commute or you have a family with at least one kid, this program is specifically made for you!

  • Go at your own pace
  • Each training lesson is less than 10 minutes
  • You don’t need to spend 8 hours on your weekend to drive to the trails and practice
  • Do you spend 15 minutes a day scrolling social media? That’s all you need.

Maybe your nearest trail is 3 hours away – this is why I made the training easy to learn and practice in a small/medium-sized backyard (30×30 feet is enough for most of it)

DBME For Beginners 2.0 Dirt Biking Made Easy [For Beginners]

What you get inside:

  1. Full beginner course – organized in step-by-step video lessons (ONLY the content you need to get results 5X faster – NO Fluff!) ($247 value)
  2. Lifetime access – watch it anytime, anywhere (with internet), and as many times as you want
  3. Go at your own pace – go through the content in a couple of hours or spread it out over weeks or months when you have time to watch and then ride!
  4. Bonus Guide: 4-Step Formula To Choosing The Right Bike For You ($97 value)
  5. Bonus Guide: What To Look For When Buying Your 1st Used Dirt Bike “Checklist Guide” ($47 value)
  6. Bonus Guide: 10 Cheap Used Dirt Bikes For Beginners “Cheat Sheet” ($47 value)

Today’s Price = Just $57

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the program after 30 days, we will offer you a full refund.