What’s New On The GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam?

GoPro has unleashed their latest and greatest product, the HD Hero2 Helmet Camera, claiming to be twice as good in every way! Since helmet cams have become so popular in the motocross realm, I had to check it out myself. I didn’t think GoPro could make what they already had much better without the camera costing a fortune, but it looks like they had a few more tricks up their sleeve…

The All New GoPro HD Hero2

 Image Quality

If you thought the previous GoPro HD Hero had good image quality, you gotta check out the Hero 2. Not only is the image sharper, but the low light image quality is greatly enhanced. When watching footage from this helmet camera, it could be mistaken for a professional camera. Night-time videos were sub-par on any other helmet cam, but GoPro figured out how to capture those night-time adventures!

Picture Features

Taking still pictures when you’re out riding in the middle of nowhere can be difficult on a dirt bike. GoPro made their other helmet cams to take photos, but for the Hero2 they upped the anti with the ability to take 11, 8, and 5 Megapixel photos (It was only 5 MP previously). On top of that, it can take 10 photos per second compared to 3/second the first HD Hero could do. It also has an increased time-lapse mode (0.5).

Video Resolution

While the video resolutions stayed the same (720p and 1080p), GoPro has included more features that movie enthusiasts will love. New for the 1080p & 720p mode, you can choose medium (127 degree) or narrow (90 degree) Field-Of-View, giving you different perspectives of a video.

As for the 960p mode, you can record it in 48fps, in addition to the original 30fps.

GoPro also decided to update the standard def WVGA mode. Don’t think it’s needed? Think again; you can now record footage at an incredible 120fps!! This takes slow-mo helmet cam videos to a whole new level while still keeping it smooth.


Many people complained that GoPro helmet cams were difficult to operate and navigate through. Now with the upgraded language-based interface, the HD Hero 2 is easier to use than ever. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to use one and change modes.

It was often difficult to tell when the camera was recording on previous GoPro helmet cams, so they decided to put 4 LED lights (1 on each side) on, making it easier to see when it’s on.

Motocross Helmet Cam

Want to watch HD footage on your TV? Now you can hook your HD Hero 2 directly up to your HD TV through the added mini-HDMI port.

Sound has always been an issue with helmet cameras, but GoPro has come through yet again by including a new 3.5mm external mic jack to plug in your own microphone.


The first HD Hero you could control by remote using wi-fi. Now on the Hero 2 you are able to preview and playback the video, as well as stream it to the web through wi-fi. Not even the Contour helmet camera can say that.

When all said and done, this isn’t “just another camera” that GoPro put a few blingy parts on. No, they took it to the next level, and it shows in the videos. If you are looking for the best helmet camera on the planet right now, this is it.

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 -Tom Stark