Alpinestars Tech 3 Motocross Boots – Review

If you are going to race motocross, let alone ride dirt bikes, you better have the proper protective gear. One of the first articles of protection for your body should be boots. These come right after a helmet for importance because you need your feet and legs almost every minute of every day. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of time!

Tech 3 Boots
Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

I have been wearing a pair of Alpinestars Tech 3 motocross boots and they have been a great addition to my protective gear collection. There are several specifications that you should look for in a pair of motocross boots. These are: break-in time, type of material they’re made of, buckle/restraint system, comfort, sole, how much grip they have, and other little things.


The break-in time is how long it takes for your boots to go from showroom rock solid to them being just flexible enough for your feet. Finding the pair of boots that break-in the quickest is not necessarily what you should look for. In fact, the faster they break-in the quicker they might wear out. Wearing brand new boots while racing is probably the worst thing you can do for protection. They will restrict your feet and be very uncomfortable. So it’s crucial that you break them in before going for a long ride or a race. Even though some motocross boots don’t require break-in now there are still many lower costing boots that do. The Alpinestars Tech 3 motocross boots do require a break-in period. It took mine about 3-4 hours of riding for them to be completely broken in. They were pretty stiff at first, like all boots, but they were just flexible enough after using them for a few rides.

Material Quality

These boots are definitely on the higher end of material quality, even though they are about the price of an entry-level pair of motocross boots. Alpinestars Tech 3 boots are made of high quality leather and abrasion-resistant polyurethane. I will personally say that these boots last a long time if you take care of them. I’ve had mine for almost two seasons and they still look like new. They are high quality motocross boots and will last longer than most.

Buckle/Restraint System

Although buckle issues may seem pointless at first, I hear of many riders having problems with the buckles on their motocross boots breaking or not staying on tight. The Alpinestars Tech 3 boots have a good and simple buckle system. There are four latches that are strong and easy to buckle and unbuckle. They have never come off while riding with them on. I have not had any problems with mine and don’t see having a problem with them in the near future.


If you buy a pair of boots that aren’t comfortable then you are going to regret it, and forking out $200 on a pair of motocross boots that are worthless is something that riders do not want to do these days. So it’s best to know what you’re getting before you buy it. A simple way to see if you like the fit and comfort of motocross boots is to try them on at a store, although this is not always accurate because the fit differs once the boots are broken-in. My Tech 4 boots felt pretty good when I first bought them. There weren’t any sharp edges or anything scraping against my legs. As soon as I broke them in they felt great for how stiff and strong they are. The Tech 4 motocross boots gave me plenty of support while still being snug and pretty comfortable to my feet. These boots aren’t like putting on slippers, but they get the job done, and get it done in a good manner.


The sole of motocross boots can be very important for some racers. It’s because they grip the pegs, and if you can’t stay on the pegs then you are not going to stay on the bike. Aggressive soles will give you maximum friction with the pegs, allowing your feet to stay on them without slipping. The downfall is that they will wear out really quickly. The Alpinestar Tech 3 boots are about in the middle of having mild and aggressive soles. They are good grip and still last somewhat longer then other motocross boots. Mine are starting to get worn, but I’ve had them for about two seasons of riding. The calf plate/heat guard also gave me some grip against the frame of the bike. It is high quality and still in great shape.

The Alpinestars Tech 3 motocross boots are a perfect entry level, or even intermediate, pair of boots that last longer than most other motocross boots. They are also cheap enough for those wanting high-quality and comfort. Remember that your feet are very important, so make sure you protect them with a good pair of motocross boots.

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Have fun riding,

and stay safe.

-Tom Stark

My Favorite Two Stroke Motocross Blog

I love two-stroke motocross bikes, there’s no doubt about it. And if there’s one thing I don’t want to see, it would be the discontinuation of two-stroke dirt bikes. They are just so much fun to ride, and cheaper/easy on maintenance I might add. So, I try to keep up on the latest news about the industry. Fortunately, Two Stroke is there to fill me in on everything I need to know, and more!

I have a million things to do around here, so reading every little article on the net about this topic is just not feasible. Two Stroke Motocross gathers the best, and most important things to know about the two-stroke industry, so I only have read one article to get the latest and greatest information. They post updates about two-stroke dirt bikes, motocross teams, tips and how-tos, and many other articles to fill your 2-cycle hearts’ desire.

I really liked their post, “Two Strokes and Attitude” because it not only gets you to want to persuade people to start riding two-strokes again, but it shows you the best ways to go about it in the motocross community.

If you are a die-hard two-stroke motocross fan like me, you’d better check out Here now! You won’t regret it; they even have their own TSM Racing Team!! And remember that the best way to bring the two-strokes back is to go out and buy one!

Good luck, and have fun riding! (only possible on a two-stroke….. haha, just kidding!)

-Tom Stark

Cycra Pro Bend Handguards – Protect Your Levers

Are you sick of replacing your broken or bent levers? I know I am, and there is a cure for that. It’s easy to break a clutch or brake lever if you do a lot of woods riding, or just happen to tip over often. Either way, it’s not fun when something like this happens because it ruins your day of riding. I got a pair of Cycra Pro-Bend Hand Guards with bark busters on my KTM. They are the most protection you can get out of hand guards.

Pro-Bend Center Reach Clamp Racer Pack
Cycra Pro-Bend Handguards

Bark busters are a must if you do a lot of trail riding, along with a Spark Arrestor. With these handguards on, not only are my hands blocked from hitting trees, but the metal bars will protect the shiny levers on my bike. I don’t know about you, but that will save me some pain and dough at the same time.

The plastic shields are a bonus, in my opinion, because most hand guards don’t have both bark busters and plastic guards. The guards are big and strong enough to protect your hands from roost, mud, rocks, and other things that dirt bikes throw up at you.

Just a few more reasons why I like the Cycra Pro-Bends so much…

The center reach clamp makes the hand guards secure, as well as giving my hands all the room they need (something that I was worried about when looking at hand guards).

The plastic shields are replaceable, so if they crack from hitting a tree, you can just slap on some new ones for cheap!

Installation is so simple and easy, a caveman…….never mind. Putting these on my bike is like spreading peanut butter on a PB&J sandwich. You just insert it into the handle bar end, then adjust the center reach clamp to your liking and bolt it on!

These Pro Bend Handguards are available for 7/8 and 1 1/8 handlebars, plus the center reach allows them to be used and basically any bars you have. They come in eight different colors to match your bike or gear, and the stickers are easy to peel off if you don’t like the look of them.

I like my current ones so much that I think I’m going to by some replacement plastic shields to match my next bike!

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-Tom Stark

KX250F & RMZ250 2004

2004 Kawasaki & Suzuki 250F

2004 RMZ250

If you’re looking at getting an older 250f, and possibly a Kawasaki or Suzuki, then you should probably consider some of this info. When these companies made their 250f, it was more like a Kawazuki 250f, because Kawasaki and Suzuki had partnered up. So most of the parts on these bikes are interchangeable. This was their first year making the 250f, so just by that you should be a little worried.

2004 KX250F

As some might expect, these bikes were not the greatest reliability-wise in 2004. Although they were fast bikes, they had an overheating problem caused by a bad/weak water-pump. Another defect these bikes had was in the valve-train that caused the valves to burn-up more quickly. These problems can get bad and scared me away from buying one of these bikes. This is not to say that these bikes do not perform. They have plenty of power, and if you really want to get one then I suggest you get a newer style complete cylinder head and get and aftermarket water-pump and impeller to fix the overheating problem. If you do that then the bike should be fine, but by the time you spend all that money on parts you could have bought a newer bike more than likely. Good luck, and remember that no matter what you ride, have fun and stay safe! Thanks

-Tom Stark


FMF Fatty Pipe – Review


The FMF Fatty Pipe For 2-Strokes is the most copied 2-stroke dirt bike pipe in the world, so you know that FMF makes a guaranteed quality pipe. I like making my dirt bikes go faster, and a pipe is a simple bolt-on that can do that. The FMF Fatty exhaust is the first one that came up because it’s the most popular, so I figured it must be worth it..

Your 2-Stroke Will Have A Power-Band!

Not that it didn’t have one before, because there are people out there that truly don’t know that a power-band is not an actual “part” on a dirt bike (more on that in a future article). The Fatty pipe was built to not only increase the power-band on your 2-stroke, but to increase power across the entire RPM range as well. This makes for a great addition if you do a variety of riding types (motocross, trails, play-riding).

Hold Onto Your Panties

When your dirt bike is jetted correctly, you will instantly notice better throttle response at idle and across the rev-range, so you’d better hold on (but not too tight or you’ll get arm-pump!).


You Get To Control The Snap of Your 2-Stroke

Two-stroke motocross bike are snappy when on the pipe. More so a 125, because almost all of the power is up top, leaving nothing down low. This makes them more difficult to ride for people that aren’t used to them. Don’t worry though, FMF someone manage to get more power out of your two-stroke, while making it easier to ride with a more linear power-band. It will still hit hard, but the power is spread out so the bike isn’t so peaky.

Rev That Sucker To The Moon

So far you have more power with the fatty, better throttle response, and a smoother power-band that makes it easier to ride… What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, more over-rev. Stock pipes often “sign-off” early, causing you to shift more to keep it in the meat of the power. Well the Fatty pipe continues to rev even further than stock without the power dropping too dramatically.

It’s Pretty Much Plated With Gold

If you have used a stock pipe on your two-stroke then you probably know how easily they get dents in them. FMF uses a lower gage metal, meaning thicker, so it withstands a lot more abuse before denting up.

Classic FMF

And to top it all off, FMF gives this exhaust pipe their “Tru-Flo” stamping process to guarantee that it will fit, look, and perform great. Really, this is the do-it-all two-stroke pipe. Four-stroke exhaust pipes cost an arm and a leg, but with the Fatty you get high-quality performance at a great price.

What Are Others Saying About The FMF Fatty Exhaust Pipe?

The FMF Fatty has received dozens of enthusiastic reviews from almost every buyer. It has an average of 4.8 out of 5 star rating on MotoSport; the best selling pipe.

Some of the consumer comments:

  • Unbeatable Performance
  • Great 2 stroke pipe
  • Awesome pipe on my CR!
  • Good buy

Buy My FMF Fatty Pipe

-Tom Stark

P.S. Check out my other review for the FMF SST Pipe

’01 Yamaha YZ125 With FMF Fatty Pipe