Suzuki DRZ125 Review – Everything You Need To Know

Looking to get a Suzuki DRZ125 but not sure it’s the right dirt bike for you? In this article I’ll cover the practical info you need to make the best buying decision. 

What is the DRZ125?

It’s a 125cc 4 stroke trail bike for teens and short adult riders. It’s a low-tech, easy to ride dirt bike that’s affordable and reliable if you’re just starting out.

The DRZ125 is still being made today, but it hasn’t seen any significant changes over the years.

The Suzuki DRZ125 is a basic 125cc 4 stroke. It's a great beginner bike to learn the clutch on.
Stock 2003 DRZ125 – they haven’t changed much since then

Who’s it NOT for?

If you’re an experienced rider that needs a high performance enduro or motocross bike, then the DRZ125 is not for you.


This 125cc 4 stroke engine is very smooth with broad power. It’s very forgiving, so you don’t have to worry about it getting out of hand. 


The forks and shock are like any trail bike in the 125cc class – soft and comfortable for low speed riding. You can add some stiffer springs if you’re a heavier rider, but I still wouldn’t recommend taking this bike to a motocross track. 

DRZ125 vs DRZ125L

They’re based on the same platform, but the main difference is the small vs large wheels. The DRZ125 small wheel has 17/14” wheels and tires, while the DRZ125L large wheel has 19/16” wheels.

The seat height is accordingly taller, making the 125L better if you’re above 4’10” tall. It also handles better on the trails over logs, rocks and terrain because the larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles more easily. It’s just how physics works.

DRZ125 vs KLX140

These dirt bikes are very similar, but the KLX140 has a slight advantage in power, as well as having electric start. The DRZ125 weighs less, if you prefer a lightweight bike. 

DRZ125 vs TTR125

They’re pretty blasted even. The Yamaha may have a slight performance advantage in stock form, but an exhaust and jetting will make them really close. They’re basically the same size, so pick your color. The TTR125 is more widely available in the used market. 


How much does a DRZ 125 cost?

A new DRZ125 is $3,299 for a new model. A used one, depending on your local market can be from 1000-2500.

DRZ125 Specs

Engine124cc air-cooled 4 stroke
Transmission5-speed manual clutch
Seat Height32.0″ (DRZ125L model)
Weight (wet)196lbs (DRZ125L model)

Bottom Line

Are you a short adult or looking for your teen to learn how to use the clutch? The DRZ125 and 125L are great transition and beginner bikes. 

You should get a DRZ125 if you:

  • Are new to riding off-road
  • Want a bike that’s easy to ride
  • Prefer reliability over performance
  • Simplicity over high-tech
  • Like 4 stroke over 2 stroke
  • Are between 4’6″-5’4″
  • Will ride tight, slow trails

You should NOT get a DRZ125 if you:

  • Want a race bike
  • Will be jumping it
  • Want a high tech bike
  • Ride high speed terrain
  • Are taller than 5’6″

DRZ125 mods

The DRZ125 does well with most mods because it’s so choked up as stock from the factory. Even a simple exhaust upgrade with some jet tuning will make a noticeable difference.

However, you’ll want to beef up the suspension if you’re above 120lbs or riding it aggressively.

Want to ride with control & confidence?

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Kelley Fager

I help riders learn to safely ride off-road with confidence by teaching basic techniques so that you don't go too fast too soon and get hurt from crashing. Learn To Ride With Control Here

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