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Yamaha WR250X Review & Specs: Why It’s NOT Right For You

Are you considering getting a Yamaha WR250X but not sure if it’s the right dirt bike for you? Whether you’re looking for your first motorcycle or looking for a different type of bike, you’ve found the right place!

In this review, you’re going to learn what kind of motorcycle it is, who it’s for, and why you should or shouldn’t get one so that you save time and money by making the best choice.

What is the Yamaha WR250X?

It’s a 250cc 4 stroke liquid cooled dual sport motorcycle with street wheels and tires. This is not your average dirt bike or dual-purpose bike. 

It’s a supermoto bike, which is sometimes called a supermotard. It’s basically a dirt bike with road wheels and tires, but you can convert virtually any off-road bike for street riding. 

The WR250X is specially made for legally riding on the road from the factory, so it has specs and features that make it more functional and comfortable than a converted dirt bike.

A stock 2008 Yamaha WR250X is a good beginner bike if you want to ride on the street.
’08 WR250X supermoto

Engine characteristics

Using the same engine as the WR250R, the WR 250X is a 250cc street bike style engine. It’s a liquid-cooled 4 stroke that makes decent power, but it’s tame enough if you’re a beginner that wants to learn how to ride on the street.

Since it’s not a high-strung, high-revving engine like the WR250F, the 250X is easy to ride and is very reliable. With regular oil and filter changes, you should be able to easily get 10k miles before needing to touch the engine internals.

It’s basically a smaller version of the DRZ400 SM, or comparable to Kawasaki’s KLX250SF. A good town bike for hooligan-type riding and having fun on a small street bike.

Does it have fuel injection?

The Yamaha WR250X has electronic fuel injection, so no worrying about carb jetting or getting dirty. Fuel-injected dirt bikes can still have problems, but this engine is proven to be reliable.


It has 30 horsepower in stock form, which is plenty of power to ride around town and have fun, especially if you’re a beginner. Even though 30 HP doesn’t seem like much for a street bike, the power to weight ratio is similar to a 500cc motorcycle, which means it has decent acceleration, but even better handling. 

Top speed

Let’s face it, the WR250X is not made to win any drag race or keep up with crotch rockets in a straight line. The top speed is about 85 mph, which is faster than most dirt bikes, but not very impressive for a street bike – but that’s not what makes this such a fun bike to ride. 

Instead of riding fast in a straight line, you can fly around the twisty roads on your 250X supermoto because it handles so well in the corners at lower speeds.


The stock forks and shock are nice and plush, which is good for casual street riding. If you’re an aggressive rider or weigh over 180 lbs, it’s going to start limiting you.

With that said, there’s some adjustability that can make a noticeable difference. These changes are free and easy to make if you just take a few minutes to learn how to do them.

It starts with setting the sag, which will balance your suspension for proper handling. Then it’s onto adjusting the compression and rebound clickers. 

If it’s still too soft, you can change out the shock and fork springs for stiffer springs. Adding or increasing the fork oil weight slows down the initial compression, making it feel stiffer.

Front forks

The front forks are pretty soft if you’re over 180 lbs or plan on riding aggressively. You can do a couple of simple adjustments to help stiffen it, but after that you’ll need to go with stiffer springs. 

You have a compression damping clicker as well as a rebound damping clicker on the top and bottom of the forks. Turn these in to slow down the damping – stiffer. 

Rear shock

The stock rear shock can also be adjusted and should be for your weight. It’s pretty soft as well, which is great if you’re a beginner or lightweight rider. 

You can adjust the compression and rebound damping, but the shock sag needs to be set for you first. The sag controls the ride height, which is important if you want the best handling and comfort.


The WR250X is a supermoto dirt bike, so it’s not going to handle like a lightweight trail bike. It’s built for riding on the road, so the handling will be slower but stable. 

This simply means that it’s harder and slower to turn at low speeds or and tight areas compared to a normal dirt bike.

On the flip side, the WR 250X is super lightweight and quick handling compared to a full street bike or larger adventure bike. Everything is relative, so you have to go in with the right expectations, and that’s why I’m helping you figure out if this is the right dirt bike for you.

WR250X Wheels

Instead of off-road dirt bike wheels or even special dual sport wheels, you get full road wheels. That’s what makes this bike so special compared to other dual sport bikes. 

With 17″ inch road wheels and tires on the front and back, you get more rubber and much better handling on the pavement. If you have dual purpose tires, then you don’t have as much potential when it comes to acceleration and braking traction, as well as lean angle. Simply put, you can ride faster, brake harder, and corner quicker on the WR250X compared to the WR250R.

Weight comparison

At about 300 pounds, the Yamaha WR250X is heavy for a dirt bike, but that’s because it’s not meant for off-road riding.

For a street bike, it’s actually very light, and you’ll notice that when riding around town if you’re used to a cruiser motorcycle like the Yamaha VStar.

Seat height – what size rider is the WR250X for?

With a 35.2” seat height, it’s a couple of inches shorter than most adult size dirt bikes. However, it’s still taller than most street bikes, making it harder to touch the ground if you have short legs like me.

So, it’s a good size dirt bike if you’re at least 5’6” tall and up to about 6’2” in height. It also depends on how long your arms and legs are, but you can tune the ‘cockpit’ size to fit your needs.

Small handlebar adjustments can make a big difference in how your dirt feels as well as how it handles.

Specs & Dimensions

Engine249cc liquid-cooled 4 stroke
Transmission6-speed manual clutch
Seat Height35.2” (89.4cm)
Weight300 lbs. (wet weight)
Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed85 MPH

Model Year History

The Yamaha WR250X was first made in 2008 and was discontinued in 2010. Yamaha stopped making it because it was not popular enough.

  • 2008: First year; blue plastics
  • 2009: Black plastics
  • 2010: White plastics
  • 2011: Last year; Discontinued

Common WR250X Issues?

This bike did not have any common serious issues – that’s how reliable Yamaha made it from the beginning. Treat it right from the beginning and it will last you thousands of miles.

Doing simple maintenance like oil and the air filter as well as using good pump gas will help make your dirt bike last longer. Not paying attention to what your bike is telling you is the most common reason for dirt bike problems.

Who is the Yamaha WR250X for?

It’s a street-legal supermoto dirt bike that is good for riding on the road and around town because it has street wheels and tires. A normal dirt bike has knobby tires for riding in the dirt, but the WR250X tires are basically the same as a street bike/motorcycle.

Can you ride off-road with it? Yes, but you won’t have nearly as much traction, making it hard to control and enjoy as much. It has the capability with the suspension if you want to hit a dirt road, but I don’t recommend using the WR250X as a “trail bike”.

Bottom Line: Is the WR250X a good dirt bike?

It’s a great lightweight supermoto dirt bike, but it’s a little underwhelming in power if you’re an experienced rider. It’s also a poor off-road bike because of the DOT street wheels and tires.


  • Reliable
  • Great street bike for new riders
  • Perfect town bike
  • Handles the twisties (corners) well
  • Fuel injection
  • Power is smooth and predictable
  • Good high speed stability for a dirt bike to cruise on


  • Not good at off-road riding
  • Heavy for a “dirt bike”
  • A little bit tall if you’re under 5’6” in height
  • Not a ton of peak horsepower for riding on the street

The WR250X is for you if you:

  • Want a lightweight street bike
  • Ride a lot of tight, twisty roads
  • Don’t mind only 250cc
  • Want a reliable street legal dirt bike
  • Only plan to ride the occasional off-road
  • Prefer fuel injection
  • Want a supermoto that’s easy to ride

How much is a WR250X worth?

Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn’t sell them anymore due to demand, but you can still buy them used. Craigslist, FB marketplace and motorcycle traders are the best places to buy a used dirt bike or supermoto. 

Since they didn’t really change much over the years, the biggest factor to what they’re worth is the overall condition and mileage. An average price for a WR250X in good condition is 3500-4500.

WR250X vs WR250R

The biggest differences is that the wheels and tires on the WR250X are for riding on the street, while the WR250R has dual-sport wheels and tires to do some off-road riding.

If you’re riding on the street 99% of the time, get the Yamaha 250X. For close to 50/50% riding, get the 250R.

WR250X vs WR250F

The biggest difference is that the WR250X is a street-legal dirt bike for riding on the road, while the WR250F is strictly an off-road dirt bike for trail riding.

Don’t get the 250X if you want to do a lot of trail riding in the dirt.

Learn to ride with confidence

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