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What’s The Best Dirt Bike For Older Guy or Gal Riders?

Are you an older guy or gal just starting out or looking to get back into riding off-road? Dirt bikes have changed a lot in the past few decades, so it’s easy to start out on the wrong bike

This article will cover all of the best bikes for you, whether you want a bike that’s easy to ride or something for hard enduro riding. 

Can old guys learn to ride a dirt bike?

Absolutely! However, as you get older, you probably know that it’s harder to learn new things. So, learning to ride a dirt bike will take more time now than when you were 20 years old.

There’s plenty of guys riding into their 60s, 70s and a handful beyond that, as crazy as it sounds! You just have to be smart about it, learn proper riding technique, and slowly build up your muscle memory so that it becomes natural.

You may not ever be fast, but it’s still possible to be skilled and comfortable enough to rider technical single track trails.

Different Dirt Bike Types

There’s 8 main types of off-road motorcycles, but there are only 3 that are common:

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend getting a cheap, simple and reliable trail bike. They’re the easiest to learn how to ride on and are very forgiving, which is crucial for building your confidence. 

Is 40 Years Old Too Late To Start Riding Motocross?

40 years old is definitely not too late to start riding mx. There’s plenty of guys over 50 years old that ride and race motocross. 

With that said, if you’re new dirt biking, I strongly encourage you to practice your technique and skills to build up your confidence before heading to a track. 

Motocross is more dangerous because of the jumps, whoops, and other competitive riders on the track. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping on the same track as other people, please don’t risk it before you’re ready. 

Good Beginner Dirt Bike For Adults

There are plenty of dirt bikes to choose from these days, but which ones are best for a beginner? Starting on the right bike is just about as important as learning proper technique. 

Depending on your size, the best dirt bikes to start out on for an adult beginner are:

In my opinion, one of the best first dirt bikes for an old guy is the Honda CRF250F. The older CRF230F is just as good if you want a cheaper bike. 

Is A 250 Dirt Bike Too Big For A Beginner?

A 250cc dirt bike may or may not be too big for a beginner. If you’re talking a motocross bike, then yes, a 250F or 250 2 stroke is too much to handle if you’re just starting out. 

A 250 trail bike, such as the air cooled CRF250F, is a great starter bike because it has a lower seat height and has smooth, predictable power. 

Best trail motorcycle for older riders (60 year old man)

It really depends on how tall you are and how much power you want. Looking for a smaller, low-powered dirt bike? The KLX140G is a good bike. 

With that said, the Kawasaki KLX230R is a good dirt bike if you’re a senior over 60 years old. It has electric start and fuel injection, making it virtually frustration-free. It’s perfect for putting around on and cruising around the yard or trails at lower speeds. 

2021 Kawasaki KLX230R What's The Best Dirt Bike For Older Guy or Gal Riders?

Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike For Trail Riding

Looking for the best woods dirt bike? Maybe you ride hard enduro type trails and need something high performance. 

Whether you need one fast or slow, here are the best 4 stroke dirt bikes for trail riding are:

Best Trail Dirt Bike of All Time

So is one of those the best trail bike of all time? It’s really hard to say because bikes have changed so much in the past decade. It also depends on what kind of riding you’re doing. 

With that said, if I had to pick one dirt bike that is the best overall for trail riding, I would pick the KTM 250XCW for a 2 stroke, or a Yamaha WR450F for a 4 stroke

Best MX Dirt Bike For 40 Year Old

So if you’re 40 years old and want to ride MX but still new to riding, you want to start on a more forgiving bike. Some new enduro models have good enough suspension to handle the track and trails. They just aren’t great for aggressive moto riding. 

Here are the top 3 motocross bikes I would pick it I was starting motocross at an older age:

  • Yamaha YZ125
  • KTM 150SX
  • Yamaha YZ250F

The YZ125 and 150SX are small bore 2 strokes that are easier to ride than a bigger 4 stroke. They have plenty of power so they’re quite fun to ride. You’ll learn proper clutch control and momentum on a 2 stroke, which is excellent training. 

The YZ250F is the tried and true 250F mx bike. It’s always been reliable and a good performer. It’s hard to go wrong with the Yamaha if it’s been well taken care of. 

Can Big Guys Ride Dirt Bikes?

Big guys can still ride dirt bikes, but some changes to the bike should be made to make it safe and comfortable. 

Colorado Trip 2018 Edit 25 What's The Best Dirt Bike For Older Guy or Gal Riders?
Should I follow him…?

First of all, swapping out the fork and shock springs for heavier duty springs that fit your weight should be done. 

A proper suspension job should re-valve it as well, otherwise it won’t perform nearly as well with just stiffer springs. 

If you’re a taller rider, certain mods can be done to make your dirt bike feel bigger. Taller handlebars, bar risers, taller seat foam, and lowered foot pegs are common mods. 

250XCW mods for tall rider
My friend on his KTM that has some mods to fit his taller body.

Of course, the more you weigh, the more power you’ll want. If you’re still a beginner, a good bike will be one with plenty of low-end torque and smooth power. Good trail bikes for a big guy are a Honda CRF250F, Kawasaki KLX300R or even a Yamaha WR450F if you’re really big and need the extra power. 

How to ride with control & confidence off-road

Whether you’re new to dirt biking, have ridden street bikes for years, or just getting back into it after a while, there’s 2 things that you must do to make dirt biking safe and fun. The first is starting on the right bike – a trail bike that’s beginner-friendly and easier to ride. The next thing is even more important.

It starts with your riding technique, especially if you’re not used to riding off-road or haven’t ridden for years. Learning proper techniques will give you more control, confidence, and allow you to use less energy while riding safer off-road. Want to learn how? If yes, then I want to help you, so click here to get started learning the right way to ride off-road.