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Best TTR110 Mods: Which Ones Are Worth It?

110cc pit bikes have become popular again, which means it’s time to modify your Yamaha TTR110 so you can have more fun and whoop up on your buddies. 

This article covers the best mods to make your TTR110 faster and perform better. It’s a no fluff, straightforward guide that only has modifications that make a difference. 

Yamaha TTR110E Best TTR110 Mods: Which Ones Are Worth It?
Stock TTR110 begging to be modified…


Getting the proper air-to-fuel mixture is critical on any dirt bike if you want it to run right. The Yamaha TTR110 is jetted fairly well from the factory, but it may be slightly lean depending on your climate.

Stock jetting on a TTR110 is a 12.5 pilot and 95 main jet. Going to a 15 pilot jet and a 100 or 105 main jet may help if your bike is hard to start when cold or bogs even after the engine is warm.

Air Box Mod

The more air you can shove through an engine the more power potential it has. You can either cut off the top of the air box lid, or add some new vents. 

Using some Uni air box vent holes, drill several (1”) holes and install them with the foam to allow more air in while still keeping the air filter protected. 

Upgrading to a higher flowing air filter (MotoSport) can help as well.


Want better acceleration for cheap? Going -1 on the front sprocket will do just that. You won’t get more power, but it simply changes the gearing to accelerate faster while sacrificing a little of your top speed. 

Fork Upgrade

The cheapest way to upgrade your TTR110 forks is with some heavy duty fork springs. Instead of bottoming out all the time and eventually breaking the forks or frame, stiffer springs will make your bike more comfortable because it won’t blow through the stroke so quickly. 

Shock Upgrade

Same goes for the shock. A quick swap to a heavy duty shock spring will make a big difference in handling because the suspension won’t squat down so much when you simply sit in the seat. 

Skid Plate

A skid plate will protect your TTR 110 in 2 ways. Obviously, you’ll get impact protection underneath when you hit or scrape across logs, rocks or other obstacles. But you’ll also get a stronger chassis. 

The skid plate connects to the frame and the engine, making them stronger. If you jump your TTR110, you’re more likely to break the welds that hold the frame together. A skid plate simply adds some rigidity and overall strength to it. 


Ready for a better sounding and performing exhaust system? The stock TTR110 exhaust is not as bad as some, but once you start modifying the engine or intake, it starts to choke it up and limit the horsepower. 

Adding an aftermarket pipe will greatly increase sound, depending on the brand you get. You’ll also get better throttle response and power if it’s jetted accordingly. 

The FMF Powercore 4 (MotoSport) is the best bang for you buck. More power, better sound, much lighter than stock, and it comes with a spark arrestor for trail riding.

Want the latest and greatest? Pro Circuit has the T-6 system (MotoSport) for the TTR110, which is even lighter and better looking. The USFS-approved spark arrestor is removable, so you can change the sound in minutes. The mounting bracket is also a little beefier so it won’t bend as easily when you fall.

The bigger the engine and intake are, the bigger the exhaust you’ll need to make everything work together for maximum performance.


You may not think of tires as a performance upgrade unless your current rubber is almost gone. However, the stock Cheng Shin tires on a TTR110 are definitely leaving something to be desired.

If your TTR has more power or you’re riding on slippery terrain, upgrading to a better set of tires, such as the Dunlop Geomax (MotoSport) will make a noticeable difference. You’ll feel more grip, which is not only needed for acceleration, but comfort and confidence. If your tires aren’t sliding out, you’ll be able to trust the bike more and ride faster.

Shift Lever

110cc pit bikes are all built for potential, but they’re still designed for kids to ride. Parts, such as the shift lever, are relatively short if you have adult-sized feet.

Upgrading to an extended shift lever is a nice cheap mod to make your TTR110 feel more comfortable.

Stronger Handlebars

When you tip over and bend the stock bars, you can upgrade to a taller and stronger set. The Pro Taper Mini bars are standard for pit bike bars because they’re affordable, much stronger than stock, and look and feel good to hang on to.

High Compression Piston

Is the top-end needing a rebuild? If you’re not ready for a big bore kit but need to replace the piston, a high compression piston is one of the easiest ways to gain real power.

You’ll notice more torque, especially with an opened intake, exhaust, and properly jetted carburetor. It’s just about as reliable as stock, and you can run pump gas premium without problem of detonation.

Big Bore Kit

Ready to just bolt on a bigger engine? A big bore kit is another easy way to gain serious power and is no harder to install than an OEM top-end.

Again, the reliability of a quality big bore kit will be close to stock because you don’t have to rev it as high to get the same horsepower out of it.


A hotter camshaft is the next step in making your 110 a mini fire breather…

Okay, so it may not turn any heads, but you’ll enjoy it more with some more snap and horsepower by installing a hotter cam. 

Cylinder Head Upgrade

Serious about building a potent TTR110 engine? You need to either get some head work done or upgrade to one that flows better. 

A stock cylinder head can only flow so much air. That means that adding a big bore, upgrading the exhaust and converting to a larger carb will all be limited by the ports in the head. 

All the previous mods will add significant power, but the peak power will definitely be lacking. It will feel like it falls flat on the top-end. 

This doesn’t mean that simply making the ports larger will improve the performance. If you remove too much material in the wrong spot, you will kill the flow and you’ll lose power somewhere in the power curve. 

If you don’t have experience porting, I strongly recommend taking your TTR110 head to someone that is familiar with this engine and will port it to suit your specific engine needs. 

Or if you can source a good aftermarket head with an oversized valve, that would be a simple bolt-on upgrade, assuming all of the clearances check out. 

Manual Clutch Kit

Want to turn your TTR110 into a real dirt bike? 

Alright, so you don’t need a manual clutch to have a real dirt bike, but it makes a vast difference in your riding. 

A manual clutch kit can be installed on your TTR110 if you so desire. Whether you’re an adult or you want your kid to learn how to use a clutch without going to a bigger bike, this is a nice option. 

Putting It All Together

As I’ve mentioned, you need the complete package to make the most efficient and powerful TTR110 pit bike. 

What does that look like? 

Well, if you want the most peak horsepower for a full-on race bike, you shouldn’t be going with a big bore and a full open exhaust, and then keeping the stock carb on it. 

All of the components must work together. That means that all of the mods you add must be designed for the type of powerband you’re looking for. 

The best mods to make your TTR110 faster are more comfortable as an adult are:

  • Jetting (richer if it starts and runs poorly) GYTR jet kit didn’t do much
  • Air Box Mod
  • Gearing
  • Fork Upgrade
  • Shock Upgrade
  • Skid plate
  • Exhaust
  • Tires 
  • Folding shift lever
  • Stronger handlebars
  • High compression piston
  • Big bore kit
  • Camshaft
  • Cylinder head
  • Clutch kit
  • KLX style blue front fender for engine protection (fitment is hassle; drop front number plate)

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