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6 Best Girls Dirt Bike: Based On Your Height & Skill

Girls ride too! I’m always excited when ladies are interested in dirt biking because it really supports and encourages this as a family hobby. 

In this article, I’ll show you the best dirt bikes for girls, whether you’re a beginner, short, tall, experienced, or if you’re looking for a dirt bike for your girlfriend. I’ve taught many girls how to ride a dirt bike over the years, so I know how important it is to start out on the right size and type of dirt bike. 

20200422 174213 6 Best Girls Dirt Bike: Based On Your Height & Skill
Trail riding with my lovely wife on her KLX140L!

What’s A Good Size Dirt Bike For A Woman?

The size of a dirt bike is important for beginning female riders. If you’re a first time rider, you’ll want to be able to touch the ground with at least one foot because it builds confidence. Confidence is key when it comes to learning how to ride, and practicing proper riding technique will quickly boost your confidence. 

Simple Sizing Based On Height

If you’re a short female (5’2″ and under) then a seat height of about 31″ will fit well. This will generally be a 125cc 4 stroke trail bike. 

Average sized ladies (5’2″-5’6″) will want a slightly taller seat height in the 31-34″ range. 

For a full size chart click here

Sizing Based On Experience

If you’re a beginner, then you want to start on a smaller dirt bike. Being able to touch the ground is key to giving you confidence right away. This is true whether you’re a girl or guy learning to ride a dirt bike.

As you practice the basics and perfect your riding technique, you will be able to balance and control your bike better. The better rider you are, the less of a difference it will make what size dirt bike you’re on because you’ll only need to touch the ground when coming to a stop.

Dirt bikes that are good for girls

This list can work for guys too, but since girls are generally shorter and have less strength to begin with, these are my safest recommendations. I want you to start out safe so that you don’t crash and quit riding. We need more girls on dirt bikes!

Best Dirt Bike For Female Beginners

The best dirt bike for first time female riders is the Kawasaki KLX140. The model decision depends on how tall you are. 

The KLX140R L (140L) is an excellent dirt bike for shorter to average size women that are new to dirt biking. It has a low seat height, is relatively lightweight, has electric start, and is very easy to ride. 

The KLX140R F (140G) is basically the same bike but with full size wheels (21″ front/18″ rear). The bigger wheels not only makes the seat height higher if you’re a taller female rider, but it also handles bigger obstacles better. 

Going from medium (19/16″) to full size wheels makes a big difference when trail riding. Rolling over rocks and logs is considerably easier simply because of the physics of a larger diameter. A bigger wheel rolls over the same size obstacle with less effort than a smaller diameter wheel. 

What Makes The KLX140 So Great For Girls?

I like the KLX140 so much that I bought one for my wife, so I have personal experience with these bikes. 

As long as you maintain it and ride it often so the carb doesn’t get dirty, the KLX140 is such a simple and reliable, but effective bike. The electric start is just magic. Yes, many other dirt bikes have it now, but having the magic button is almost essential if you’re a beginner female rider. 

2008 KLX140 1 6 Best Girls Dirt Bike: Based On Your Height & Skill

Kick starting can be frustrating for new riders, and especially women (ask me how I know), so push-button start is one less thing for you to worry about when there’s so much already going on when starting out riding. 

The suspension is plenty good and plush for most riders. The shock is somewhat adjustable, and the forks have decent firmness without feeling like a pogo stick. 

The engine is about as smooth as it gets, which is perfect for building confidence. You don’t want an abrupt and overpowerful engine when trying to figure out the clutch and throttle control.

Warning If You’re Looking For A Bike For Your Wife/Girl Friend/Daughter

Maybe you’re reading this because you want to find the perfect bike for a lady in your life. I can tell you right now that putting them on the wrong bike to start out is one of the quickest ways to scare them away from dirt bikes

From my experience, females are a little more timid (men can be too) and are afraid of messing up or getting hurt from riding. 

The common “first dirt bike” mistake

Starting out on a bike that’s too powerful is a great way to get her hurt or make them extremely uncomfortable because she can’t handle the bike. 

Learning the throttle and clutch with your hands is the same in theory as driving a car, but the muscle memory simply isn’t there. 

One little twist of the wrist and you can be off into the trees. 

Bottom line?

Stay away from any motocross bike or other bikes larger than 250cc for a beginner rider. 

Best Dirt Bike For Short Females

Girls are smaller as a general rule, so it’s a good idea to look for a smaller, lighter dirt bike. 

The Yamaha TTR125 and Honda CRF125F are great bikes for if you’re a short female. Starting on a smaller dirt bike will build your confidence quicker, especially if you’re learning proper riding technique.

ttr125l medium sized dirt bike
TTR125L is a great medium sized dirt bike for kids and small adults.

The specs are very similar, with the weight being within 1 pound of each other. The CRF125F big wheel seat heat, however, is almost an inch lower. It also has fuel injection, whereas the TTR 125 still has a carburetor

Best Intermediate Dirt Bike For Girls

Moving towards a larger bike, Kawasaki’s new KLX230R has all the features of a great trail bike. The air cooled four stroke engine makes smooth power that’s easy to ride, and the fuel injection removes the headache of jetting a carb at different elevation or climate. 

Kawasaki klx230r beginner dirt bike 6 Best Girls Dirt Bike: Based On Your Height & Skill
Kawasaki KLX230R

E-start is the new standard, so no need to worry about kick-starting the KLX230. 

It’s not the lightest bike out there, but if you’re a taller/larger rider, it’s not noticeable unless you tip over and need to pick it back up. 

Just make sure you get the 230R and not the 230 street dual sport model. 

Honda’s CRF250F is a good alternative if you bleed red. It’s a little bit bigger and heavy, but produces good, smooth power with a fuel-injected 250cc 4 stroke. 

Bigger Dirt Bike For Experienced Women

Already know how to ride and want to up your game? KTM’s 200 XCW used to be my go-to choice for this type of recommendation, but KTM put a stop to their 200cc 2 stroke for trail riding

Enter in the Beta 200RR. 

Beta 200RR Beginner Dirt Bike
Beta 200RR

It’s what the KTM was and more for a intermediate level enduro bike. The chassis is slightly smaller than a full size enduro or MX bike, making it easier to handle. With that said, it’s fully capable of doing technical single track trails riding with it’s smooth, yet potent engine. 

The E-start and oil injection takes away stress and allows you to focus on having fun and getting more seat time. 

Overall, the best dirt bikes for girls are:

  • KLX140/L
  • KLX140G
  • TTR125LE
  • CRF125FB
  • KLX230R
  • Beta 200RR

Seat Height Too Tall or Short?

Lowing the seat height is a common mod that you can do if you buy a bike that’s too tall for your comfort level. This list covers the top 6 mods to lower the seat so you can touch the ground with your foot more easily.

On the flip side, maybe you got a dirt bike that is a little bit cramped and want to make it feel bigger before buying another bike. This guide shows you simple and cost-effective mods to make your cockpit feel larger, as well as some riding tips to make you a better rider!

How to become a better & safer rider quickly

Now that you know what dirt bike to get, it’s time to learn how to properly ride it! I want to show you the basic riding techniques you need to get started that will quickly build your confidence and keep you safer on your dirt bike. Click here to learn more.


Monday 28th of August 2023

Hi, Kelly

Thank you for this article. I am a new rider and would like to get a dirt bike that's also street legal so I can take it on trips but also do short commutes. Is that a common thing, or do people keep these as separate bikes? I am 5'4 and about 128LB. Also, thinking of something not smaller than a 250cc. What do you say?

Thanks for you time!

Kelley Fager

Monday 28th of August 2023

Hey Rebekkah, thanks for reading! Ideally, having a street legal bike and a separate trail bike for riding off-road is best because dual sport bikes are heavier and a little harder to handle on trails. What's your budget and why would you want 250cc or bigger?


Monday 3rd of July 2023

Hi Kelley,

I appreciate this article as I am looking into getting a dirt bike for riding on sand dunes. I'm curious if riding on the dunes changes you recommendations for bikes?

I have a lot of experience with street bikes and 2 stroke quads on sand but really want to get a dirt bike. Problem is I'm 5'4" and about 125lbsish.

I worry that the bikes you've written about will not have enough power to ride in sand.


Thanks so much! Wendy

Kelley Fager

Wednesday 5th of July 2023

Hey Wendy, thanks for reaching out! That's awesome you want to get into dirt biking! I'd say my recommendations would slightly change, but my biggest concern is that you don't have experience with an actual dirt bike in the dunes - is that correct? Riding in the dirt is quite a bit different than on the street or on a quad - I hear it from new riders all the time, even if they've been riding on the street for 30 years or are a track racer.

Are the sand dunes deep, soft sand that you plan to ride? It may be frustrating to start on if you haven't built up your confidence on regular dirt before because it's a lot more exhausting to stay in control and to pick up your bike if you fall over.

What do you think, Wendy?


Saturday 22nd of April 2023

I am above average height and have long legs. The issue for me is finding a bike that has a longer space between foot pegs and seat, not the height from the gound. Most just crunch me up and put me in a position that is difficult to change gears or use the foot brakes. I am riding an XT250 and this bike just constantly rams me against the fuel tank and gives my knees hell. I am also 68 years old. Thinking of going for a bike that is also a little more road friendly than a XT250 as anything getting above 90kms makes huge vibrations. I do like the light weight and because of my age and I only weigh 60kgs I don't want something too heavy. I have been riding a couple of years but still feel very new at it. Interested in what you would suggest. I'm interested in your suggestions

Kelley Fager

Monday 24th of April 2023

Hey Lizzie, thanks for reaching out! So if you're looking for a street legal bike, have you checked out the newer Honda CRF300L? It would be a step up in most ways compared to your XT250. If the seat is still too close to the pegs then you could add a taller aftermarket seat, which is a fairly common mod. What do you think, Lizzie?