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Is A 450 Dirt Bike Good For Beginners?

450F’s are the baddest dirt bikes out there… right? And that’s why you’re considering getting one as your first bike. Well, I’m sure glad you’re here, because I need to explain to you whether or not a 450 dirt bike is good for beginners and why.

What’s your goal for riding a dirt bike?

The first question you should ask before considering which dirt bike to buy is: “What kind of riding do I want to do with it?”

Why? Because the best dirt bike for YOU greatly depends on your interests and experience. 

is a 450 dirt bike good for beginners?

For example, you don’t want to buy a 125cc 2 stroke and ride dual sport on and off the road with it because it won’t be comfortable and practical. 

Okay, back to the 450…

Are you planning on riding mostly single track trails? How about more open ATV trails

Is a 450 dirt bike too much to start out on?

Based on my experience with a wide range of dirt bikes, including riding some 450s, a 450F is too much for a beginner to start riding on. 

The power of 450 four stroke dirt bikes is pretty insane these days. That alone will scare you if you’ve never ridden a dirt bike before

The weight is also a concern, but the inertia of a 450 plays a big role. What does that mean?

A 450 may not weigh much more than a 250, but the rotating mass of the engine makes it feel heavier. This is what will wear you out quickly. 

Once you get tired, then it’s easy to let the power take control over you and end up crashing into or down something. I hate seeing people get hurt, and especially when it’s a new rider

Please don’t get a 450 if you’re a beginner. 

Do 450s make good trail bikes?

A 450 can be a good trail bike if you can take advantage of the extra torque and horsepower. However, a 450 is not the best, nor is it the most enjoyable bike if you plan on doing a lot of single track trail riding

You’d be better off on a 250, a 2 stroke trail bike, or a 230 trail bike if you want to ride tight or technical trails.

What is a 450 dirt bike good for?

The faster you need to ride, the better a 450 will work for you. So this means that a 450 is good for open desert racing, dual sport riding, or a high speed motocross track. 

Supermoto dirt bike
A sleek and simple YZ450F makes an amazing hooligan town bike.

If you’re strong and experienced enough, a 450 can also be good if you like to use the low-end torque and short shift. This will save money on parts because you’re putting less wear and tear on the engine. 

Best 450 dirt bike

I’ll go back to my original question, “What kind of riding do you plan on doing?” All of the name brand 450 dirt bikes these days are so good. As long as you get the current model 450 that’s built for the riding you do, you can’t really go wrong.

If I had to pick the best 450 dirt bike for the 3 most popular types of riding, I’d choose:

Trail riding: Yamaha WR450F

Motocross: KTM 450SXF

Dual sport: Honda CRF450L

What is the best dirt bike for a beginner?

Are you new to dirt biking? If you’re still reading this then you’re obviously taking your safety seriously. Start on a slower bike if you want the best chance of becoming a better rider without a lot of risk of seriously getting hurt right away.

The slower the dirt bike you start on, the easier it is to ride. The easier it is to ride, the quicker you’ll be able to learn proper riding technique.

My favorite beginner bikes with a clutch I recommend to everyone are:

How to ride faster & safer without a fast bike

Dirt biking is primarily about the rider – You – when it comes to speed on the trails. That’s why I put together the proper techniques to get you started today that will give you more confidence. Click here to learn how to ride with control.