11 Reasons Why Your Dirt Bike Is Smoking & How To Fix It

Did your 4 stroke dirt bike start smoking out the exhaust? What does that mean and why did it happen?

Whether it’s smoking black, white or blue, this article will cover all the top reasons why your 2 stroke or 4 stroke is smoking, what causes might be, and how to fix the smoking that’s not supposed to happen.

XR600 Smoking
4 stroke dirt bikes aren’t supposed to smoke this much…

What Does It Mean When A Dirt Bike Is Smoking?

Smoke can come from various areas on your dirt bike. Some or perfectly normal, and others are a cause for concern. Smoke usually comes out the exhaust of a dirt bike, but it can come off of or out of the radiator.

The top reasons why your dirt bike is smoking:

  • It’s burning off the condensation
  • It’s a 2 stroke
  • Piston rings are worn
  • Cylinder is scored
  • Leaking valve seal
  • Blown head gasket
  • Running rich
  • Too Much Oil
  • Bad crank seal
  • Overheating
  • Water is steaming off

What Does White Smoke Mean From A Dirt Bike?

White smoke coming out your dirt bike exhaust can be from a few different things. As previously mentioned, 2 strokes naturally produce at least some amount of smoke. 

Should A 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Smoke?

Naturally, a 4 stroke dirt bike should not be smoking because there is no oil added to the gas. However, there are times when you may see a brief amount of smoke that is okay. 

What Causes An Engine To Smoke On Startup?

A 4 stroke dirt bike may have a little bit of white smoke coming out the exhaust on a cold start for a few seconds. This is often due to water condensation built up in the exhaust system. If you let your dirt bike sit out overnight in a higher humidity climate and start it the following morning, there will probably be a “soft white” smoke when you first start it up. 

Coolant Burning

Burning coolant in the engine comes out as white smoke. This is usually caused by a blown head gasket

You can tell if coolant is burning by the smell. Burnt coolant will have a strong, sweet smell to it and is very distinct. 

How Do You Fix White Smoke From A Dirt Bike?

It depends on what is causing the white smoke. There’s nothing to worry about if there’s a little bit of white smoke from condensation on first start up. 


White smoke from burning coolant is fixed by repairing any damage or warping on the cylinder head and replacing the gasket. 

Why Does My Dirt Bike Have Black Smoke?

Black smoke is generally the result of a rich air fuel mixture. This is more common on a 4 stroke and can be seen if you leave the choke on too long when warming your bike up. 

Properly jetting the carb or tuning the fuel injection will get rid of any black smoke if everything else is working properly. 

Why Does My Dirt Bike Have Blue Smoke?

Blue smoke means that the engine is burning oil. This usually happens because the piston, rings, and/or cylinder is worn out of spec. Every engine burns at least a small amount of oil over time due to necessary clearances.

Excessive clearance due to wear or improper parts or installation will allow oil by and reach the combustion chamber where the fuel is being burned. It then goes out through the exhaust as blue smoke. 

Another reason why you are seeing blue smoke is because there’s oil getting into the air box. Oil gets into the air box if the oil level in the engine is too high.

Why Is There Blue Smoke On Startup?

A leaking valve seal will also cause blue smoke. This is usually just when you first start the bike. If the smoke goes away after the engine warms up, this is a good sign that a valve seal needs to be replaced. 

Why Does My Exhaust Smoke When I Accelerate?

A worn top-end is the most common cause of exhaust smoking when accelerating. Rich jetting is also a cause of smoking when you turn the throttle. 

A worn piston, rings, or cylinder will allow oil into the combustion chamber. This oil won’t properly burn with the fuel, so it goes out the exhaust as smoke. 

Rebuilding the top-end will fix the smoking issue if the parts are worn out of tolerance. 

Why Is My Dirt Bike Steaming A Cloud of Smoke?

Did you just ride through a puddle? The engine block is hot and water splashing on it will turn to steam, which looks like smoke. 

The other reason for your bike steaming is that it is boiling over from overheating

Are 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes Supposed To Smoke?

We’ll kick this off with a solid yes and no…

A 2 stroke engine isn’t designed to purposefully smoke. Smoke coming out the exhaust means that something isn’t fully burning or there’s something that shouldn’t be burning. 

What Makes A 2 Stroke Smoke?

Most 2 strokes will inherently smoke, especially at start-up because they have a mixture of gas and oil that is being burned. The oil that doesn’t get fully burned comes out of the exhaust as smoke.

Until technology changes, even a current 2 stroke dirt bike will smoke a little bit ok first start-up. This is because there’s a small puddle of residual oil at the bottom of the crankcase. A 2 stroke needs oil to keep the engine lubricated, so after you shut off the engine the excess oil runs down to the bottom of the cases and sits there until the next time you start it up. 

How To Reduce 2 Stroke Smoke

The 3 factors that affect the amount of smoke your 2 stroke makes are: jetting, oil premix ratio, and type of 2 stroke oil you use. 

Jetting It Right

Tuning the jet circuits can not only reduce the amount of smoke, it can increase power, throttle response, and fuel mileage. This article will show you how to tune each jet in the carb


Using too much oil in the premix can cause more smoke if it’s not jetted properly. The oil ratio you use should depend on what bike you ride and how you ride it. That’s what This Article is all about. 

Which Oil You Choose

The flash point of an oil makes a difference as well. You should run an oil with a higher flash point if you’re riding your 2 stroke hard in the upper RPM range. 

Using an oil with a lower flash point is great for trail riding at lower RPMs to reduce smoke. 

How Do You Know If Your 2 Stroke Is Running Lean?

A leaning running 2 stroke can have a few different symptoms. A lean bog, abrupt throttle response, and detonation are the most common signs of running lean. 

What Happens If I Put Too Much Oil In My 2 Stroke?

Putting too much oil in your premix will make it run leaner. This is because there’s less gas to burn in the mixture. 

If you put in a couple extra ounces in your tank, just pay attention to any new sounds or symptoms. If it runs like normal, there’s nothing to worry about. Just stay consistent with your ratio in the future. 

When Does Steam Happen?

Once the coolant reaches boiling point (water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit) it will turn to steam and spit out of the overflow tube. 

This happens the most often at low speed riding. For one, there might not be enough air blowing past your bike to cool it down. You might also be slipping the clutch a lot, which creates even more heat. 

Riding faster isn’t always possible unless you trade yourself for a better rider on your bike! 

So, learning how to more efficiently use the clutch is a great skill to learn and will keep your dirt bike running cooler!

For more help on why your dirt bike has coolant coming out the overflow read this. 


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