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Top 3 Mistakes Beginner Dirt Bike Riders Make That Cause Injuries

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • What these mistakes are
    • Wrong bike
      • Powerful & tall bikes are harder to ride as a beginner
      • A friend told them it was a good bike, or they got a good deal on it
        • Choose a beginner-friendly bike (examples)
        • If you’re new to dirt biking, I want to give you a free guide to get you started the right way
    • Riding at a location that’s too difficult
      • You want to keep up
      • That’s the only place to ride
        • Start in an open field
        • Make riding friends (join a local club or FB group)
    • Don’t learn proper technique
      • Taught by a friend that doesn’t know all the techniques
      • Self-taught (I did this & it took much longer)
        • Get proper training