Pro Circuit Works Pipe – Review

Sick of the boring look of a stock pipe? Want some extra power out of your 2-stroke? Pro Circuit’s trick Works Pipe is the pipe that was used on the factory Pro Circuit Teams, so it’s the best of the best.

Pro Circuit Works Pipe

I put it on my 2004 KX125 because the stock power-curve is not aggressive enough for my liking. It has a strong bottom-end hit for a 125, with a punchy mid-range, but compared to other 125’s it falls short on top. Simply put, it needs more on top, including a more over-rev.

The Pro Circuit Works Pipe slips on the bike fairly easy and the fit is snug. It is hand-welded and has a bare metal finish, which gives it that awesome “factory” look and sound. The brackets and stingers are reinforced, and the flanges are CNC-machined, preventing cracking and leaking.

KX125 With PC Works Pipe

The PC Works pipe gives the bike a good increase in power almost everywhere. Bottom-end might not have as much hit, but the mid-range is nasty. Pro 125 riders needed top-end power, but mid-range is also a must to get out of corners and tough situations. The 2-stroke Works Pipe gives my KX 125 just that. The power-band is now like it should be. Comes on strong and just keeps going. You can rev it to the moon and it will still pull.

The one downside to having a “Works” pipe is that you have to maintain it after every ride. You have to clean it after every ride, so it’s not very difficult. But if you forget, it will get rusty over time and look awful. Other than that, the Pro Circuit Works Pipe was a great addition to my KX125. I would definitely consider buying another one for my future 2-stroke motocross bikes.

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-Tom Stark

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