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EVS RC2 Race Collar – Review

If you are looking into getting a neck roll/collar this might help you decide on which one to buy. Even if you aren’t in the market for one I suggest you keep reading because it could save a neck or collar bone, and that is the most common injury I hear about in motocross. I have been wearing the EVS RC2 Race Collarimage 3780629 10557879 EVS RC2 Race Collar - Review for the past season, and I will say that I’m glad that I bought it.

RC2 Race Collar

EVS RC2 Race Collar

First of all, I like the fitment and I hardly ever notice it when I ride or race; hardly any restriction. I make sure I wear it every time I ride a dirt bike because it doesn’t bother me. The RC2 is great protection when you get in an crash and slam your head against your chest or shoulders. I fortunately haven’t had any bad accidents with it, but I did flat land a jump and my chin would have hit my chest but the race collar prevented that from happening. I ended up having a bruise there, but who knows what it could have been if I wasn’t wearing the collar.

All in all I think it should be a necessity for all riders that go somewhat fast because you honestly don’t know what will happen. It’s cheap enough that it will easily pay for itself and probably one hundred more after your first big crash that could break your collar bone. Go buy one now if you don’t have a neck collar already. Remember to have fun and stay safe. Thanks for viewing.

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-Tom Stark