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The 4 Ways To Learn How To Ride A Dirt Bike

Are you new to dirt biking and want to learn the quickest way to become a skilled rider? Then you’re in the right place! I enjoy teaching new riders the basics so that can stay safe and have fun riding. 

With that said, there’s 4 common ways to learn how to ride a dirt bike. I’ll cover each one and it’s advantages as well as disadvantages. You simply have to decide which one will work best for you!

Teach Yourself How To Ride

Want to take the route that I took? While this seems like the easiest path, it’s definitely the longest way to learn how to properly ride a dirt bike. 

Me Jumping My CR80 The 4 Ways To Learn How To Ride A Dirt Bike
I thought I looked cool, but I had no idea what I was doing years ago…

Sure, it’s easy to learn how to start your bike, use the clutch to get moving, as well as shifting gears and using the brakes. But how do you figure the little details out that actually make the difference to grow your skill much quicker?

If you don’t spend hundreds or thousands of hours riding, how will you know what works best to ride fast and stay safe? You don’t know if no one tells you, so you’re just stuck using the same riding techniques that you taught yourself. 

Sure, you can become a faster rider over time, but you’re going to struggle riding expert level trails without the right skills learned. 

Have a Friend Teach You

The next best way to learn how to ride a dirt bike is to have a friend that already rides teach you. 

Colorado 2020 69 20200812 The 4 Ways To Learn How To Ride A Dirt Bike

What better way to take the stress off then to have someone just tell you what you need to do to ride?

That is, unless they don’t have proper technique themselves. Some things they teach you might be good, but they can also do more harm by not showing you all the basics needed. Or worse yet, teaching you bad habits that can take a long time to unlearn. 

Even if they are a highly skilled dirt biker, it can be hard to teach all the right techniques in a way that’s easy to understand for a new rider. 

Go to a Riding School

A big step up from having a friend teach you is to take an actual dirt bike riding class. Experienced instructors will give you the proper training that you need, beginner or intermediate, to become an even better rider. 

Can I Shift Without Using The Clutch On My Dirt Bike The 4 Ways To Learn How To Ride A Dirt Bike
Learning to ride in a group setting…

You’ll learn the necessary fundamentals and techniques of riding a dirt bike so that you will crash less, keep up with your faster riding buddies, as well as tackle the technical single track trails that were too intimidating when you were a new rider. 

The major drawbacks to the local riding school are:

  • Group setting – little 1-on-1 time
  • Individual training is more expensive
  • The class has to fit into your schedule
  • Weather-dependent
  • You may have to drive far to get to the nearest riding school

Take an Online Riding Course

The 4th way to learn how to ride a dirt bike is the newest, but has potential to be the most efficient. 

Youtube has been around for over 10 years now, and there’s countless videos on dirt bike riding tips and tricks that can help you. 

The problem?

They’re either incomplete, don’t explain or show enough detail to actually help a new rider, and you have to sift through hundreds of videos to get what you need. Even then, there’s many people teaching techniques that are not proper or are difficult to understand. 

That’s why I created my own course on how to ride a dirt bike; The Virtual Dirt Biker School. I want new riders or anyone thinking of trying to ride an off-road motorcycle to have a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that’s easy to understand. That way you can go from never touching a dirt bike to learning how to safely ride with confidence. 

The Virtual Dirt Biker Course Image The 4 Ways To Learn How To Ride A Dirt Bike

It’s the same steps that I’ve used to teach many beginners how to ride with a clutch. And it all starts with choosing the right first bike. 

Click here to learn proper off-road riding technique to give you more control and confidence.