3 Signs You Started On The Wrong Beginner Dirt Bike

Are you a beginner and think you may have started on the wrong dirt bike? There’s some signs that will tell you if that’s the case. I want to show you the most common signs so that you can know for sure, and then choose what to do next. 

Why your first dirt bike is so important

Starting on the right or wrong dirt bike can be the difference between quitting or continuing riding dirt bikes for the rest of your life. Obviously, it’s not the only factor, but let me explain why it’s so important by going into the top 3 signs you might have chosen the wrong bike. It makes me upset, because it may not even be your fault, unfortunately. 

You Crashed Right Away

The first sign you chose the wrong dirt bike to start on is if you crashed on your first ride. I’m not talking about the easy tip over; I mean a relatively hard crash. 

Jordan Wheelie 450 3 Signs You Started On The Wrong Beginner Dirt Bike

This could be a high-side crash (bike getting sideways and then thrown forward), or looping out riding up a steep hill. These crashes are scary in the moment, and they can happen in the blink of an eye. 

Hopefully you didn’t get hurt too badly, but an injury from one of these crashes early in your dirt biking career may cause you to second-guess riding a dirt bike. This leads me to the next sign.

You’re Scared To Ride Again

Okay, so maybe you didn’t have a bad crash right away, but you’ve come close… maybe a number of times, and it makes you nervous to ride again. This is because you didn’t start on a good beginner-friendly dirt bike.

Certain bikes that in referring to that aren’t good for beginners are:

  • 450 mx bike
  • 250 mx bike
  • 450 enduro bike
  • 250 or 300cc 2 stroke

All of these types of dirt bikes are high performance and are difficult to ride if you’re still trying to learn proper riding technique. 

A good beginner bike is:

  • Easy to start
  • Smooth, predictable power
  • Easy to ride
  • Plush suspension
  • Short enough for your height

Why the right starter bike is so important

It’s hard to motivate yourself to do anything that is intimidating. This is exactly what happens when you start on a dirt bike that’s too fast or big for you to handle. 


It’s Hard To Increase Your Riding Skills

The 3rd common sign that you started on the wrong dirt bike is that you’ve been riding for weeks or months and you don’t feel like you’re making progress on your riding skill and technique. 

This may be the most exciting news because it might not be you that’s slowing your progress down. You might have the wrong bike because it’s:

  • Hard to start
  • Difficult to stay in control
  • You’re more worried about not crashing than practicing good technique
  • You just want to go fast but can only do that in a straight line

A fast dirt bike with stiff suspension will slow your learning ability down. You can’t control the power, so learning proper clutch and throttle control is difficult. The suspension is too stiff, so you get worn out quickly without getting comfortable on the bike. If you don’t get enough seat time, it’s hard to get “in the zone” and build your muscle memory.

What To Do Next

Do you have any or all of the signs in this article? If yes, then there’s a good chance that you started in the wrong dirt bike. But wait, there’s good news…

Dirt biking can still be fun and safe if you take the next steps right. I want to show you how to make riding more enjoyable by improving your riding technique without the fear of crashing. 

So stayed tuned for my next article to solve this problem with some practical steps. 


Kelley Fager

I help newer riders learn to safely ride with confidence by teaching basic techniques in a way that's easy to understand. Learn To Ride With Control Here

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