Pro Circuit Temperature Strips – Don’t Burn Your Bike Down!

Has your engine overheated before? Or a more uncommon question, has your suspension overheated? They are the two most important areas of your bike and get very hot, and if they aren’t maintained or check every so often they will get too hot. This will result in them not working properly or in a worst case scenario, burn down and seize.

Pro Circuit Temp Strip

Don’t worry, Pro Circuit has this problem figured out! Their nifty Temperature Heat Strips record the temp of certain areas on your bike. You can stick it on the side of the cylinder, radiator, or the rear shock.

There’s not a whole lot to say, because if you’re worried about something on your dirt bike getting too hot then you need these. They’re cheap, they come in packs of three, and can save you hundreds of hard-earned dollars in the long run. The strips are like stickers, so they’re a piece-of-cake to install and easy to read; just make sure you have a clean surface and that you get the entire strip to stick.

I have the Pro Circuit Temp Sticker on my KX125, and am wondering why I didn’t get them on my previous bikes. There’s no more guessing whether the bike is warm yet, which means I don’t have an excuse if it cold-seizes! Also, if the radiators aren’t getting warm then you know there is little to no fluid in them. This would have saved my butt last year when I overheated my other bike because there wasn’t enough coolant in the radiators.

Save yourself some cash in the future and buy my pack of these here. I’ve heard that stickers make you go faster anyway….

Kelley Fager

Kelley started riding a Honda 50 at the age of 6 years old. The passion for dirt bikes started there and grown into a lifelong pastime of riding and learning how they work. Motocross Hideout is the result of sharing his past, present, and future knowledge and experience.

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