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Why You Need Basic Riding Techniques To Ride A Dirt Bike [4 Reasons]

Every form of athletics has “fundamentals” that you must learn in order to properly perform. Dirt biking is no different, in that you have to learn basic riding techniques, and in this article, I’m going to go into the 4 main reasons why.

I’ll also give you some basic tips to get started the right way for off-road and trail riding.

What skills do you need to dirt bike?

Balance is a key skill that you need to ride a dirt bike, but it’s more than just staying up on two wheels. It’s learning how to control the bike over varying terrain.

You need to learn how to keep your traction, and this takes mastering your balance, throttle, and clutch control skills.

Many skills of basic riding technique are needed to ride up this hill on a dirt bike

How can I get better at riding my dirt bike?

The more you ride, the better you’ll get, but that doesn’t mean you’re riding the right way. Riding a dirt bike off-road is so much more difficult than riding a bicycle or motorcycle on the street simply because the traction is always changing.

Learning how to stay balanced and keep traction using proper technique is the quickest and safest way to get better at riding your dirt bike.

How to ride a dirt bike like a pro

Professional dirt bike riders are typically on a different level because they spend way more time riding than the average person. This allows them to master so many little techniques that eventually build up to being much more skilled. 

While there may be sections of a trail or track where you can ride a dirt bike like a pro, the best way to become one is to properly learn the basics and then practice as much as possible. 

Without seat time, you’ll never understand how your bike is going to work and feel on different terrain. 

1 – Control

Have you ever gotten out of control on a dirt bike before? Let me rephrase that: have you ever ridden a dirt bike before?

Okay, maybe that’s a loaded question because even professional riders can get out of control at times, but there’s a good reason why it might happen to you more often than other riders. 

Riding trails that are too technical or at a speed that’s too fast causes you to get out of control, but that’s not the real reason why…

The real reason why you’re riding and suddenly get out of control is that you have poor riding technique. Maybe not all the time, but riding certain terrain or hitting obstacles causes you and your bike to get out of balance, resulting in you riding out of control.

If you have proper riding technique, then you will know how to stay balanced, preventing the bike from getting too far out of control and ending in a crash.

2 – Confidence

Just ask a pro rider how fast they can go when their confidence is lacking. It’s amazing what just a small boost of confidence will do to a pro rider: just think of what a lot of confidence will do for You!

As I started riding more types of terrain, I had to learn how to control the bike and myself to safely ride over it. I didn’t have confidence because I didn’t understand how to use my body or the bike would react, whether it was a steep off-camber hill or riding over large boulders.

Once I understood and practiced the basic riding techniques to get over it, it was much easier because I was confident of what the bike was going to do and how to control it.

3 – Safety

You can wear all the right gear, start on the best beginner dirt bike, and set your bike up just right for your riding style… But if you don’t know how to properly ride the bike, then you’re more likely to get hurt than an experienced rider that’s only wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

When it comes to balance, traction, and staying on 2 wheels, you need to know how to use and place your body on the bike so that you can stay in control, rather than the bike controlling you.

Poor Body Position & Technique while cornering
Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do in a corner…

Simple throttle control techniques for beginners will teach you that it’s important to be smooth with the throttle and to sit forward on the bike to prevent wheelies.

4 – Speed

Last, and certainly not least, it’s your technique that limits your speed. Of course, you need to practice these proper techniques to build up your speed, but that just comes with time, as you will see…

Being able to stay smooth in a rutted corner or not getting bucked around going up and down hills is learned by using proper technique. Once you learn to go slow and smooth, then you can work towards going fast and smooth.

Beginner dirt bike drills that make you a better & safer rider

Maybe you don’t care about going fast and just want to have fun while staying safe on the trails or in the bush. Either way, I want to show you a couple of simple drills that will improve your balance and control.

The first one is to ride as slow as possible while controlling the clutch to prevent stalling. This will make you work on your balance and your clutch control, which are both necessary to make you a better rider.

The next beginner drill to practice is using the front brake. Simply ride in a straight line and smoothly press the front brake lever in until you come to a stop. Practice engaging it quicker and stronger without stabbing the brake to prevent it from locking up. You will soon realize how quickly you can stop without losing traction.

Want to go more in-depth to become a better rider? I want to give you a free gift to get started the right way. Click here to learn basic riding techniques today.