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6 Essentials For Riding Dirt Bike Alone

Finding riding buddies at any given time can be difficult at times. If it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and everyone is busy, but you have a perfectly good dirt bike sitting in the garage that is begging to be ridden, what’s going to stop you? Some people will never ride without someone else with them... Read More »

My Favorite Motocross Channels on Youtube

Youtube has become the new Internet TV, and it is as close and real to being live TV as it gets, except with edited footage! There are hundreds and thousands of dirt biking channels out there, but none of us have 12+ hours in the day to sit on the computer watching them all to... Read More »

So You Think You Know How To Ride A Motocross Bike…

A lot of people hop on a dirt bike (usually one that’s too big/fast for them), rip down the street once, then say that they’ve “Ridden” one… Well, that’s what I call a hot-headed Poser. They prance around, boasting that they owned the sport of dirt biking, and it’s on to the next “sport”….. This... Read More »