Are The Fox Main Shard Goggles That Great?

Main Shard Goggles

Fox Main Shard Goggles

I have been wearing the Fox Main Shard Goggles for over a season now. I bought them because they look great and felt comfortable when I tried them on. What I was looking to get out of them is a pair of goggles that were fog-proof and scratch-resistant because these were a couple of problems with my older motocross goggles. A few more things that I look for in goggles is comfort, fit, and style.


I don’t want to buy goggles that aren’t comfortable, and I don’t think you do either. That’s why I’m here so I can tell you whether these goggles are good or not before you go waste your money. When I first put the Fox Main Shard Goggles on they felt pretty much perfect, but I didn’t just base it off of that because I didn’t have my helmet on and I wasn’t riding with them. On my first race with the Main Goggles on I loved them. They were just as comfortable as when I tried them on at the store.


I haven’t used that many pairs of goggles, but I can definitely say that the Fox Shard goggles have the best fit on my face. The padding is so soft, yet thick, that it basically molds to my face. I was surprised how well these goggles fit for how cheap they were. I want to test other brands of goggles to see how they compare, but I would certainly buy the Fox Main Shard goggles again.


The lens is probably the most important part of goggles. I don’t know exactly what to look for in a goggle lens, but I did know that I wanted it to have an anti-fogging feature and to be scratch-resistant. When I looked at the Fox Main goggles it said that it had both features, which is the main reason why I got them, and to this day I’m glad I did. When I was racing in 40 degree weather, in which my old goggles would totally fog up at the starting gate, these goggles stopped the fog immediately. I’m not frustrated¬† before the gate is about to drop anymore because I can keep my goggles on without having to wipe the fog away. As for being scratch-resistant, I usually wear tear-offs with them, but the lens still doesn’t have a scratch on it. So, I can safely say that I am happy about these Fox Main lens.


The style and graphics of the goggles don’t necessarily determine what pair I buy, but it’s nice to have goggles that look cool. Fox always makes great looking gear, and the Shard goggles are a good example of this. I really like the looks of these goggles, and the colors don’t fade very easily. They have the style of a $100 pair of goggles, but are at an entry level price.

The Fox Main Shard Goggles are an excellent buy and I would recommend them to any rider that want comfortable, and stylish goggles that fit well at a bargain price. I have yet to this day learned how to adjust the fit of the goggles though, but I don’t really need to because they fit me fine out of the box. That is the only real complaint I have about these goggles. I might read the manual though if I really need to adjust the size of them.

Have fun,

and ride safe!

-Tom Stark


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