UFO Plastics To Make Your Dirt Bike Look New Again

Does your dirt bike look like its been thrown in a pit of bushes and thorns, while being flipped on it’s backside, then scraped up by a cheese-grater? While none of that may or may not have happened to yours, you may be disgusted at the look of a scratched-up and worn out bike. An excellent and easy way to refresh the look of a beat up dirt bike is with some new cosmetics.

UFO Plastics makes kits for almost every dirt bike that include everything you need to give your dirt bike a much needed face-lift. Whether you just want to make your bike look new again, or you simply need them because yours broke, a plastic kit is an easy and relatively cheap way to do it. And while you’re at it, why not slap on some New Graphics to complete the look of an all new bike! Not only will you look cooler on a shiny bike, but if you are trying to sell your dirt bike, it will be more appealing to possible buyers.

This is not a joke; people are more likely to buy a dirt bike based on the “Looks” of it. If it is nice and shiny, and the plastics and seat aren’t all scratched up, people will often overlook the mechanical aspect of the bike. I’ve had this happen before (not that I sold bikes that had mechanical issues without informing them), and when I have new plastics on the bike, it almost always sells to the first person. It is not unethical to do when selling a used dirt bike because you are selling/buying “as-is”. It is the buyers responsibility to look the bike over for failures and/or ask the owner. Unfortunately, that is where honesty flies out the door. This is where buying a used bike is a risk, but that’s for another article…

Click  Here To Find a UFO Plastic to Fit My Dirt Bike

Every time I’ve used UFO plastics, the fit has been perfect with no hole-drilling required. It looks just like stock, and the color matches as well. Below are pics of before and after putting some new UFO fenders on my bike (I installed new graphics too).

Good luck, and ride safe!

-Tom Stark

Fresh YZ125

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