What Is The UClear Helmet Communicator?

The UClear is a boom-less microphone communicator system using worlds first technology. You can listen to your music, talk on the phone, and do helmet-to-helmet intercom with a passenger or another rider, all without having to touch your smart phone/iPod!! Its wireless technology allows you to sync it with Bluetooth communication.

I recently got the UClear HBC100 helmet communicator to try out because I am out and about a lot, whether it be on a dirt bike, street bike, mountain bike, or skiing when there’s snow on the ground. Having speakers in my helmet without wires dangling down to my iPod is really nice, because my regular headphones always manage to hook around something. Also, not having a big microphone stuffed up against my face completes this set-up. People won’t even know you’re talking on the phone… (more on how this works later)

HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Unfortunately, our riding season is pretty much over here, so I won’t be able to give a full review until spring comes around. But, I have gotten a chance to do a couple quick tests.

When I took the UClear HBC100 out of the box to set it up, there wasn’t much to the system. I brought it with a motorcycle helmet over to a friends house to show it off to him. After reading the instructions, putting it on my helmet was a piece of cake. I then synced it up to my iPod using Bluetooth, which only took a few seconds. I first tried out some music, and after re-positioning the speakers, it actually sounded pretty good. It was cool to be able to listen and change the volume while keeping my iPod in my pocket. I then tried talking while inside his house to make sure it works (I have a calling app on my iPod). It worked great, and I was looking forward to doing a real test…

UClear HBC100 Mic

Luckily, a couple days ago we had a heat-wave for a day (low 40s!!), and my brother came over to take his new motorcycle for one last ride before we get snow again. I introduced him to the UClear helmet communicator and asked if he wanted to try it out. He was excited to, so I quickly set it up and he was off. I called him half-way through his ride and he answered right away (voice command). He was cruising at 55-60 MPH, and like it says, I didn’t hear wind or bike noise. It was like a regular cell phone chat. I haven’t played with it much, but I’m going to see if I can turn up the speaker volume a little in case the other person is in a noisy environment.

How is it wire-less and boom-less? Well, like I said before, the UClear system connects with Bluetooth on your phone or iPod, so you don’t need to download any extra apps or software. This is extremely useful because it doesn’t require any wires connected to your device that could get unplugged or ripped off.

This system doesn’t need a boom-mic because it uses “military technology” to emit signals out of the speakers that are pointed in front of your mouth to catch the sound-waves. It has a unique noise-suppression algorithm to cancel out all unwanted road, bike, and wind noise; leaving you with the voice of the person speaking. Let me tell you, it is some really cool technology, which is why I hadn’t even heard about it until a couple months ago. This is what the future has in store for us… Are you ready?

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In the spring time I will be able to test this enough to complete a full review, so be on the look-out for that in a few months…

-Tom Stark

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