The Virtual Dirt Biker School

What’s The Quickest Way To Learn How To Ride Dirt Bike Safely and Confidently Online?

The Best Mod Is The Nut Connecting The Seat To The Handlebars

What is the best mod to take your riding to the next level?

Is it:

  • $1000 for suspension re-valve that might make a noticeable difference in comfort
  • $800 exhaust that sounds cool, looks trick and maybe adds 0.5 HP
  • $150-400 fuel tuner to make the bike run better after swapping the exhaust


  • Investing less than $200 in yourself to improve your technique and skills to boost your confidence and prevent really bad crashes

The Virtual Dirt Biker School will do that if you are the right student. Keep reading to learn more…

Who’s it NOT for?

You shouldn’t take this riding school if you:

  • Are already confident in your riding ability
  • Need help with motocross riding/racing
  • Just want to go fast
  • Rather spend more time trying to make the learning mistakes yourself

Who IS This Course For?

  • If you just got or are planning to get your first dirt bike
  • You’re transitioning from riding on the street to dirt
  • You want a refresher course on the basics and fundamentals of riding
  • You lack confidence and control while riding your 

What You Get:

  • Video-based course with some text lessons to support
  • Step by step lessons to go from absolute beginner to understanding how your bike works and how to confidently ride it
  • Support from me if you need help getting through the course or understanding a lesson
  • FREE Lifetime updates (any time I add to or update the course you’ll get the updated version, Free of charge)


  • A dirt bike to ride or 500-1500 to buy a working used dirt bike
  • Motivation to learn how to properly ride a dirt bike
  • You must have fun! Some riding techniques are difficult to master, but you will become a safe and confident rider if you follow all of the lessons in this riding school

Course Curriculum:

  • 1: Safety First To Prevent Injuries That Ruin Your Life
    • Best Dirt Bikes For Beginners
    • What To Wear Riding
    • Reliable Bike Is A Safe Bike
    • Your Riding Mindset – Safe Adrenaline…?
  • 2: Learning The Bike Before Riding
    • What To Expect In This Module of Bike Set Up
    • Learning The Controls
    • How The Clutch Works
    • Why The Clutch Is So Important
    • How To Kick Start A Dirt Bike
    • How To Properly Warm Up Your Dirt Bike
    • Testing The Throttle
    • How To Prevent Wheelies
    • Riding Position – Standing vs Sitting
    • Positioning Your Feet For Safety & Performance
    • Before You Go – Neutral
  • 3: How To Ride The Bike
    • Getting Started & Common Clutch Mistakes
    • How To Shift With Clutch
    • How To Shift Without Clutch
    • When Things Go Wrong
    • Brake Drill #1 – Front
    • Brake Drill #2 – Rear
    • How To Prevent An Endo
    • Simple Tips For When You Fall
    • Clutch Drill #1 – Flat Ground
    • Clutch Drill #2 – On A Hill
    • The Important of Balancing
    • Balance Drill #1
    • Balance Drill #2
  • 4: How To Set Up Your Dirt Bike For Comfort
    • Set Your Bike Up For YOU
    • Setting Up Controls
    • Setting Up Suspension
    • Tires Equal Confidence

And more to come in the future as needed to best help you become a safe & confident rider!

Why Learn From Me?

I taught my lovely wife using the same process in Virtual Dirt Biker School
  • This course may not be for you. It really comes down to what your goals are and what kind of results you want in your riding.
  • Simplest path that takes you step by step to become a confident and skilled rider
  • Easy to understand because I explain the why behind the how
  • I believe in my course and the way that I teach will teach you to properly ride.
  • I want more riders in the community. The only way you’re going to stay long term is if you have fun, feel confident, and stay safe. Crashing or getting hurt is one of the quickest ways to kill someone’s chances of pursuing dirt bike riding as a hobby.

Cost To Enroll?

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Absolutely. A lot of work has been put into creating this guide to make it complete, yet easy to read and understand to make your dirt bike run better in very little time. But if, for some reason, you don’t find it helpful, you’ll get your money back.

What my students have said…

“Kelley was a professional from start to finish. He showed me the basic ins and outs of a dirt bike and how to operate it before riding! He was patient in his instruction, knowledgeable and diligent in asking me how I was doing throughout my experience! I highly recommend anyone looking to give dirt biking a try to call Kelley to learn, he’s a great teacher!!”

-Derek E. (Age 29)

“Getting on a dirt bike was not on my bucket list. After watching Kelley instruct my 18 year old daughter it looked fun and safe. Safety was very important to Kelley. He made sure I had a helmet on, protective pants and boots. He was very thorough in his explanation of how to start it and let out the clutch and, in general, how things worked.

I killed it the first time but he was super patient and encouraged me to try again. It worked and off I went. I was able to drive around the yard a couple times and with proper instruction was able to come to a stop.  I would highly recommend Kelley as an instructor.”

Karen E. (Age 60)

“I was having trouble with my clutch control and kept stalling, but then Kelley showed me some drills and it started improving! He has helped me grow on my dirt biking journey already, with his easy-to-follow instructions. I’m excited to keep getting more comfortable on the bike!”

Cecily F. (Age 15)

“He taught me how not to die!”

-Lydia E. (Age 18)

Kelley Fager

I help new riders learn how to safely ride and understand how to tune and fix their dirt bike in their garage.

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