My Favorite Two Stroke Motocross Blog

I love two-stroke motocross bikes, there’s no doubt about it. And if there’s one thing I don’t want to see, it would be the discontinuation of two-stroke dirt bikes. They are just so much fun to ride, and cheaper/easy on maintenance I might add. So, I try to keep up on the latest news about the industry. Fortunately, Two Stroke is there to fill me in on everything I need to know, and more!

I have a million things to do around here, so reading every little article on the net about this topic is just not feasible. Two Stroke Motocross gathers the best, and most important things to know about the two-stroke industry, so I only have read one article to get the latest and greatest information. They post updates about two-stroke dirt bikes, motocross teams, tips and how-tos, and many other articles to fill your 2-cycle hearts’ desire.

I really liked their post, “Two Strokes and Attitude” because it not only gets you to want to persuade people to start riding two-strokes again, but it shows you the best ways to go about it in the motocross community.

If you are a die-hard two-stroke motocross fan like me, you’d better check out Here now! You won’t regret it; they even have their own TSM Racing Team!! And remember that the best way to bring the two-strokes back is to go out and buy one!

Good luck, and have fun riding! (only possible on a two-stroke….. haha, just kidding!)

-Tom Stark