Extend The Life of Your Forks With An MSR Fork Support – Review

Let’s say you just payed big money to get your suspension totally redone and re-valved. Would you want the forks and seals to wear out after a month of riding? Absolutely not! That’s why MSR made their very own Fork Support. It is designed to increase the life of your dirt bikes forks by taking most of the load off of them when you tie the bike down to a trailer or truck bed. I bought it with one of the bikes I got a couple years ago, so I thought I might as well try it out to see if it is worth it.

All I had to do was stick it on the front tire between the forks. The difficult part was tightening down the tie-straps that were on the handlebars. They would only go down so far because the fork support pushed against the front tire and the fender, taking most of the pressure and not allowing the forks to compress as much. This was the main thing I was worried about because it didn’t seem like the dirt bike was very stable. I only used a of couple straps on the bars, so adding a couple more on the foot pegs or rear end of the bike would have helped.

Fork Support
MSR Fork Support

The MSR Fork Support will extend the life of your precious forks. Normally compressing the forks down is harsh on the springs and seals, and is even worse when going on long road trips. This tool will take away most of that force, giving your forks a much needed break from the abuse that is dished out at them.

The only concern I have is the stability of the bike when it’s tied down. If I were to always use the fork support I would either add more tie-straps if it’s on an open trailer/truck bed, or else I would stick the dirt bike in an enclosed trailer. The Fork Saver is basically pocket change, so there’s not a whole lot to lose, except the life of your forks.

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Good luck, and ride hard!

-Tom Stark