Fox Racing HC Jersey & 180 Pants – Review

When I first started racing motocross I was surprised by how many riders that were wearing motocross jerseys and pants. I guess it’s almost a must in this sport because you have to ‘look good’ while riding. I got the Fox Racing 180 Pants and HC Jersey. Being that Fox is one of, if not, the biggest company that sells motocross gear and apparel, I had higher expectations for these.


The Fox Racing 180 jersey is comfortable to wear with anything. I got a couple sizes bigger (XL) than usual because I have EVS BJ22 body armor. My legs and waist are abnormal, so I always have trouble finding pants with the right size waist and leg length.

HC Jersey
Fox Racing HC Jersey

For the Fox 180 pants I got size 28 and haven’t had any problems for the couple seasons I’ve used them. They fit great and are comfortable to wear. The Fox 180 jersey and pants have never bothered me while riding, and they don’t rub or scratch any part of my body.

The air flow on the jersey is decent, but on warmer days I get a little sweaty. The 180 pants didn’t have as much air flowing to my legs as much as I had hoped, so they got sweaty almost every ride. Although, my legs are usually the warmest part of my body, and I hardly feel the dampness until I am done riding and take off the pants.


Most jerseys usually don’t offer a whole lot of protection, and the 180 jersey isn’t much different. It just gives a layer covering your upper body and arms. It doesn’t have any extra elbow padding, but the jersey helps keep another layer of skin on if you crash and skid on the ground.

180 Pants
Fox Racing 180 Pants

The Fox 180 pants, on the other hand, do give me good protection all the way from the waist to my feet. These pants are double-layered, so they have a lot of padding to protect my legs. It has panels that stretch so I can be more mobile, but they are strong in case of a crash.

The inner knee panels are leather, which makes them heat and abrasion resistant. At the waist there is padding all the way around. That is really helpful because falling on your side and butt can happen a lot.


Fox Racing is known for their cool and unique designs that they put on their gear. Although the 180 pants and jersey are their less-expensive combo, I still think they look great and match well with any bike. I got the blue because I have a Yamaha, and they look awesome together.

Racing with Fox gear.


Well, I’ve had these for a few years while riding and racing both BMX and Motocross, and they still look hardly used. Does that say anything about their quality? They may not last as long for other riders because many don’t take good care of their gear. I just wash mine every couple rides or if they get really dirty, and there are no noticeable stains on them still!

The Fox 180 Jersey & Pants Combo are perfect for beginners or riders that want a little of everything for a good price. They’re a great combo and I would definitely recommend them for all riders that want to ‘go with the flow’.

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