Cycra Pro Bend Handguards – Protect Your Levers

Are you sick of replacing your broken or bent levers? I know I am, and there is a cure for that. It’s easy to break a clutch or brake lever if you do a lot of woods riding, or just happen to tip over often. Either way, it’s not fun when something like this happens because it ruins your day of riding. I got a pair of Cycra Pro-Bend Hand Guards with bark busters on my KTM. They are the most protection you can get out of hand guards.

Bark busters are a must if you do a lot of trail riding, along with a Spark Arrestor. With these handguards on, not only are my hands blocked from hitting trees, but the metal bars will protect the shiny levers on my bike. I don’t know about you, but that will save me some pain and dough at the same time.

The plastic shields are a bonus, in my opinion, because most hand guards don’t have both bark busters and plastic guards. The guards are big and strong enough to protect your hands from roost, mud, rocks, and other things that dirt bikes throw up at you.

Just a few more reasons why I like the Cycra Pro-Bends so much…

The center reach clamp makes the hand guards secure, as well as giving my hands all the room they need (something that I was worried about when looking at hand guards).

The plastic shields are replaceable, so if they crack from hitting a tree, you can just slap on some new ones for cheap!

Installation is so simple and easy, a caveman…….never mind. Putting these on my bike is like spreading peanut butter on a PB&J sandwich. You just insert it into the handle bar end, then adjust the center reach clamp to your liking and bolt it on!

These Pro Bend Handguards are available for 7/8 and 1 1/8 handlebars, plus the center reach allows them to be used and basically any bars you have. They come in eight different colors to match your bike or gear, and the stickers are easy to peel off if you don’t like the look of them.

I like my current ones so much that I think I’m going to by some replacement plastic shields to match my next bike!

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Kelley Fager

I help new riders learn how to safely ride and understand how to tune and fix their dirt bike in their garage.

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  1. Piese moto says:

    One of the best handguards money can buy! No matter how hard I’ve “tried” to make damage to them – they are still in one piece. The quality of the used materials and the attention to details and finishing make Cycra my choice.

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