Carburetor Tuning With A JD Jetting Kit – Review

Is your dirt bike running poorly, fouling spark plugs, or often hard to start? If you’ve never opened up the carburetor on your dirt bike, there’s a good chance that it needs to be re-jetted. JD Jet Kits are one of the cheapest and easiest way to tune your bike for maximum performance. Some benefits of having a properly jetted bike are: better throttle response, little to no plug fouling, easier starting, more efficient, and more power. If it can really do all of things, then why do so many people not do it? You know, that’s a good question…

Re-jetting a dirt bike carb is very simple to do. It’s as easy as loosening the carb clamps, unscrewing the float bowl or throttle cover, and swapping out a jet and/or needle. If you don’t know how to properly jet a dirt bike, check out this article: “Jetting 101“. However, don’t be scared by all of the information, as this kit is easy enough to use for anyone that’s not as mechanically inclined.

A JD (James Dean) jet kit comes with various main jets and multi-tapered needles. Don’t worry, though, as you don’t need to be an expert to know which ones to use. There’s a needle for high elevation riding, and one for closer to sea-level riding. The kit also comes with instructions and recommendations on which jet to use for almost every model dirt bike available.

JD Jetting Kit
JD Jetting Kit

The installation usually takes about an hour or less, and your dirt bike will be up and running better than it was from the factory. I don’t know one person that has had anything negative to say about this jetting kit. It does cost more than buying a few individual jets, but it can save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run because you won’t have to do nearly as much testing, if any.

Before you buy that $800, or even 150 dollar “hop-up’ part, I think you should check this kit out. You will be thanking yourself when you have a crisp-running bike and are tearing it up on the track or trails.

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-Tom Stark

Cycra Pro Bend Handguards – Protect Your Levers

Are you sick of replacing your broken or bent levers? I know I am, and there is a cure for that. It’s easy to break a clutch or brake lever if you do a lot of woods riding, or just happen to tip over often. Either way, it’s not fun when something like this happens because it ruins your day of riding. I got a pair of Cycra Pro-Bend Hand Guards with bark busters on my KTM. They are the most protection you can get out of hand guards.

Pro-Bend Center Reach Clamp Racer Pack
Cycra Pro-Bend Handguards

Bark busters are a must if you do a lot of trail riding, along with a Spark Arrestor. With these handguards on, not only are my hands blocked from hitting trees, but the metal bars will protect the shiny levers on my bike. I don’t know about you, but that will save me some pain and dough at the same time.

The plastic shields are a bonus, in my opinion, because most hand guards don’t have both bark busters and plastic guards. The guards are big and strong enough to protect your hands from roost, mud, rocks, and other things that dirt bikes throw up at you.

Just a few more reasons why I like the Cycra Pro-Bends so much…

The center reach clamp makes the hand guards secure, as well as giving my hands all the room they need (something that I was worried about when looking at hand guards).

The plastic shields are replaceable, so if they crack from hitting a tree, you can just slap on some new ones for cheap!

Installation is so simple and easy, a caveman…….never mind. Putting these on my bike is like spreading peanut butter on a PB&J sandwich. You just insert it into the handle bar end, then adjust the center reach clamp to your liking and bolt it on!

These Pro Bend Handguards are available for 7/8 and 1 1/8 handlebars, plus the center reach allows them to be used and basically any bars you have. They come in eight different colors to match your bike or gear, and the stickers are easy to peel off if you don’t like the look of them.

I like my current ones so much that I think I’m going to by some replacement plastic shields to match my next bike!

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-Tom Stark

FMF Fatty Pipe – Review


The FMF Fatty Pipe For 2-Strokes is the most copied 2-stroke dirt bike pipe in the world, so you know that FMF makes a guaranteed quality pipe. I like making my dirt bikes go faster, and a pipe is a simple bolt-on that can do that. The FMF Fatty exhaust is the first one that came up because it’s the most popular, so I figured it must be worth it..

Your 2-Stroke Will Have A Power-Band!

Not that it didn’t have one before, because there are people out there that truly don’t know that a power-band is not an actual “part” on a dirt bike (more on that in a future article). The Fatty pipe was built to not only increase the power-band on your 2-stroke, but to increase power across the entire RPM range as well. This makes for a great addition if you do a variety of riding types (motocross, trails, play-riding).

Hold Onto Your Panties

When your dirt bike is jetted correctly, you will instantly notice better throttle response at idle and across the rev-range, so you’d better hold on (but not too tight or you’ll get arm-pump!).


You Get To Control The Snap of Your 2-Stroke

Two-stroke motocross bike are snappy when on the pipe. More so a 125, because almost all of the power is up top, leaving nothing down low. This makes them more difficult to ride for people that aren’t used to them. Don’t worry though, FMF someone manage to get more power out of your two-stroke, while making it easier to ride with a more linear power-band. It will still hit hard, but the power is spread out so the bike isn’t so peaky.

Rev That Sucker To The Moon

So far you have more power with the fatty, better throttle response, and a smoother power-band that makes it easier to ride… What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, more over-rev. Stock pipes often “sign-off” early, causing you to shift more to keep it in the meat of the power. Well the Fatty pipe continues to rev even further than stock without the power dropping too dramatically.

It’s Pretty Much Plated With Gold

If you have used a stock pipe on your two-stroke then you probably know how easily they get dents in them. FMF uses a lower gage metal, meaning thicker, so it withstands a lot more abuse before denting up.

Classic FMF

And to top it all off, FMF gives this exhaust pipe their “Tru-Flo” stamping process to guarantee that it will fit, look, and perform great. Really, this is the do-it-all two-stroke pipe. Four-stroke exhaust pipes cost an arm and a leg, but with the Fatty you get high-quality performance at a great price.

What Are Others Saying About The FMF Fatty Exhaust Pipe?

The FMF Fatty has received dozens of enthusiastic reviews from almost every buyer. It has an average of 4.8 out of 5 star rating on MotoSport; the best selling pipe.

Some of the consumer comments:

  • Unbeatable Performance
  • Great 2 stroke pipe
  • Awesome pipe on my CR!
  • Good buy

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-Tom Stark

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’01 Yamaha YZ125 With FMF Fatty Pipe

Trail Tech Vapor Computer Review – Cheap & Useful

I always thought it would be cool to have a computer dashboard on one of my dirt bikes, but never really thought I would actually get one. Well, I ended up getting a Trail Tech Vapor Computer recently because it’s required for my bike to be street legal. So I might as well take advantage of this little piece of technology while I can. To my surprise, it shows everything a car or street motorcycle dash would show, and more!

Vapor Computer Kit
Trail Tech Vapor Computer

I instantly fell in love with this thing as soon as I started the bike. It boots up quickly with a back-lighted screen showing a tachometer that tells the RPM of the engine, a speedometer, the ambient temperature, a clock, as well as a trip odometer. It didn’t take long for me to start pressing buttons and find out what else this dirt bike computer could do. It was like I went back in time to when I got my first Nintendo game boy and couldn’t put it down….


Putting the actual computer on is the easy part. It’s the routing and hooking up the wires that is a little more difficult. Don’t worry though, Trail Tech includes detailed instructions that will make installing the Vapor computer easy. Hooking up the temperature and speed sensors are a little time consuming because you have to cut out a section of the radiator hose and calibrate both of them, but I won’t lecture you on how-to because Trail Tech’s instructions will explain everything.


Where do I start?… There isn’t a lot of features that Trail Tech left out.


-It’s a digital graph that shows the current RPM
-Also has tach in a different mode showing the actual number of RPMs
-Will show up to 20,000 RPM
-Two programmable shift lights (yellow & red)


-Shows the current speed
-Records the maximum trip speed
-Can alternate between MPH or KPH


-Displays a trip odometer that can be reset after every ride
-Has a permanent odometer that shows the cumulative mileage
-Can alternate between Miles & Kilometers


-Shows the ambient air temperature
-Displays engine temperature on different mode
-Two programmable temperature warning lights (yellow & red)
-Displays degrees in either Fahrenheit or Celsius


-Shows the Real time displayed in 12/24 hours
-Has built-in stopwatch
-Shows the current ride time
-Shows total ride time
-Has permanent hour meter


There’s only a few buttons to push, “mode, right arrow, and left arrow,” so navigating the computer and all of its features is simple. Click mode once to change the display, click it again to see another set of values, then once more to go back to the original screen. The Vapor and all of its features are easy enough for anyone to read.


It would be pretty tough to destroy this computer, as it can be tucked in below or on the handlebars. Even if you crash, the mount securely holds it in place so it won’t get damaged. About the only thing that I can think of that will break it is if your helmet hits it from a harsh landing. As far as the battery life goes, it will last about year full year.

Any Problems?

I had to search hard to find anyone that had problems with, because my worked great. A common thing that people complained about was installation; you have to cut the radiator hose to get an accurate coolant temperature, and mounting the actual computer was tricky on some handlebars. Another thing owners said was that the tach wouldn’t always keep up with the actual engine RPM because when revved up too quickly.

Is It Worth It?

Are you a trail rider? If yes, it’s definitely worth it for how cheap it is. It’s perfect if you go on longer trips, ride on the road, and trail ride often. If you’re looking to record your mileage of rides, like looking at all of the numbers, or want to keep a strict maintenance schedule for your dirt bike or motorcycle then there is nothing else that will make it easier than this. Good luck, and ride hard!

5 Star Rating on Amazon

-Tom Stark

FMF SST Pipe Review

Looking for some bolt-on power for your two-stroke? I tested the FMF Gold Series SST Pipe on a 2003 Yamaha yz125 and it is a great pipe for riders who want smooth and more power. The power-band got a healthy increase of horsepower and was broadened; resulting in less of a ‘hit’. The bottom-end power was close to the same as stock with the SST, and the mid-range was slightly better than stock. This FMF pipe makes the bike easier to ride because it’s not as snappy, and the throttle response was spot on and hit right off of idle. The FMF SST pipe also gave my bike a lot more over-rev compared to stock. That was probably the biggest change I felt because the power just dropped at really high RPM with the stock pipe, but the FMF SST pipe kept the bike pulling for much longer. I really liked that because I ride in the high RPM range.

Overall it’s a really good horsepower addition and makes it easier to ride if you stay in the mid-range and and top-end because that’s where there is more power, plus the over-rev adds additional gains that can greatly help faster riders. But for beginners or riders who like to lug the bike around more, it’s better to stay with a stock pipe or an FMF Fatty. The FMF SST is made of high-quality Steel which is stronger and more durable than the stock exhaust pipe. The SST is also chrome plated, which gives it a great shiny look that lasts long. Thanks for reading this, and I will have more reviews to come!

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-Tom Stark

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’03 Yamaha YZ125 With FMF SST Pipe