EVS BJ22 Ballistic Body Armor – Review

Have you ridden your dirt bike and crashed hard without wearing any protection on upper body? It hurts, doesn’t it? And it doesn’t always go away after a couple hours either. I don’t like it either, which is why I started looking for some full-body protection. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so when I found the EVS BJ22 Ballistic Jersey I jumped at the chance.

What Does Full Protection Mean?

The EVS BJ22 features full torso & new design elbow protection. Full torso padding covers your chest, stomach, and your complete back. You really can’t get much more protection than that.

What If It Gets Dirty?

Don’t worry, this jersey armor is fully machine washable. This makes cleaning it a whole lot easier, and you don’t have to ride with smelly gear. I recommend you air dry it though.

No Elbow Pads Required!

BJ22 Ultra Ballistic Jersey
EVS BJ22 Body Armor

The EVS Ballistic Jersey has built in elbow pads and shoulder protection. This means you don’t have to go out and buy more gear to put on your body and restrict your extension while riding. With the BJ22 Jersey I have no problem with moving around, even with the EVS RC2 on. They are made of strong plastic, and stay together very well.

You Don’t Get Back Protection Like This From A Normal Chest Protector!

The BJ22 is body armor for a reason. The back padding is similar to the front, protecting your backside if you fall and slide or hit something. It is more useful than you may think! Have you fell and hit another riders foot-peg on the way down? That will leave a mark for quite some time.

Less Pain From Riding?!

Something that many riders don’t, but possibly should be wearing, is a kidney belt. The Ballistic Jersey comes with a built-in, double-closure kidney belt, allowing you to adjust it to any size you want. What a kidney belt does is keep your back and stomach tight and straight while riding. It helps reduce back pain, and will keep your internals from juggling around when you stop abruptly from hitting something. It’s so easy to use, and isn’t uncomfortable for me while riding or racing.

What’s Hot?

  • Excellent upper-body protection
  • Light and easy-to-use built-in kidney belt
  • Light-weight and stretchable material
  • Articulating spine protection
  • Machine washable

What’s Not?

  • Shoulder pads are bulky
  • Elbow/shoulder pads are not removable
  • Hard to turn your head with a neck brace
  • Requires a larger sized jersey to fit over

What Are Others Saying About The EVS BJ-22?

  • It has protectors everywhere and is superbly comfortable
  • I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for top of the line protection without spending an arm and a leg.
  • Very light riding jersey with enough protection to keep you alive and feeling good

Where Can I Get An EVS BJ22 Ballistic Jersey?

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-Tom Stark

HJC CS MX Phase Helmet – Good Bang For Your Buck

I have personally tested the HJC CS MX Phase, and it is a great helmet for any rider. The first thing you want to check on a helmet is if it DOT approved, and this one is. DOT approved means that it meets and/or exceeds safety requirements from the Department of Transportation.

CS-MX Phase Helmet
HJC CS MX Phase Helmet

Although this is a cheaper helmet, HJC does not make junk. It is very reliable and lasts a long time if you take care of it. The comfort level is high and the shape of the padding inside fits my head nice and snug. Usually you have to spend big bucks to get a high quality helmet with really cool graphics, but here you get quality, comfort, and I personally think the graphics are pretty neat as well. The breathe-ability would be my biggest complaint. It is not horrible, but my head got pretty sweaty doing any riding above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The ventilation is the only big downfall this helmet really has, so if you don’t mind a little sweat or if you live in a colder climate this would be a great helmet.

HJC has really good starter helmets that last for years if you don’t get in a big crash and crack it. The HJC CS MX Phase helmet is perfect for beginning riders that just want to ride, but want quality, name-brand equipment for a good deal. I have used mine for two full seasons and it still looks almost new and feels great. So go buy a helmet and get out and ride!

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Have fun, and ride safe.

-Tom Stark

Dirt Bike Trails Protection

Dirt bike trails can be a lot of fun for any rider, but whats not fun is your bike getting damaged, or even worse, you getting injured. That is why there are many options and add-ons to protect you and your bike. Any rider that has hit a tree or another similar object while blitzing through dirt bike trails would have to agree that it hurts and they wouldn’t want to do it again (Unless of course you are on the show “Jesse James Is A Dead Man” and one of you ‘deadly’ stunts is riding a dirt bike over an off-road course). Anyway, protecting you and your dirt bike for riding on trails can save you some big money, especially if you “accidentally” tip over a lot. Don’t worry, these tips will help keep your bike in better shape in the end, and yourself as well if you choose to listen to me.

Protective Gear (For You)

BJ22 Ballistic Jersey
EVS Body Armor

The first thing to do before you go trail riding on your dirt bike is to buy protection gear for your body. Your bike may be expensive, but it’s much more beneficial if you save your own butt rather than the dirt bike. Remember, the bike is replaceable, you are not. At least not in this life you aren’t. The basic protective gear is obviously a DOT approved off-road helmet, a good pair of motocross boots, and some long clothes. Now to really protect yourself from all of those trees, rocks, roots, and other hard objects that you would hit when or if you fall on the trails, good body armor is the best protection you can get. Some people may say that they are very uncomfortable to wear, they are itchy and hot, or they’re just plain annoying to wear while riding. Most of those people probably have never even tried using one while trail riding, let alone even trying one on.

Body armor/suits are good for any kind of riding because they are full upper-body protection and many come with kidney belts that help prevent too much back stress, which is somewhat common when riding on dirt bike trails because you sit down a lot. I use one when I go racing, trail riding, and when I ride my dirt bikes with friends, and I don’t really have anything to complain about. I use a BJ22 Ballistic Jersey and will say that it was a good investment. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but will say that it is awesome protection. It doesn’t bother me much and it’s not extremely bulky. Fortunately this body armor has good ventilation and is still usable in hotter conditions without making me die from sweat. This suit comes with chest protection, shoulder pads, elbow guards, back-plate protection, and a kidney belt. If you want to give your upper body a break when you wipe out or hit something, try putting on some armor; your body will like it.

RC2 Race Collar
EVS Race Collar

Another good protective piece of gear for trail riding is a neck brace/collar. This is another thing that is neglected, especially when riding on dirt bike trails. Most people that have one only use it when they ride on the track because that is usually the most dangerous type of riding. But if you are blazing through dirt bike trails there is a good chance of injuring your neck as well if you crash. I use an EVS Race Collar and am glad I got it (Click here for a review that I made for this neck collar). It can save a neck injury or collar bone if you fall and land on your head or if your bike hits you. I always ride with it on and will say that I never notice it. The only time it restricts the head is when you turn and try to look backwards, otherwise it’s great protection with good comfort. Trust me when I say these will pay for themselves probably after one bad crash.

Protective Gear (For Your Bike)

Once you get all of the necessary equipment for yourself then you can start protecting your precious bike. Probably the most important part to protect on a two stroke dirt bike for trail riding is the pipe. The head pipe/expansion chamber can easily get damaged if you crash, especially if it hits rocks or other hard objects. A simple way to keep it from getting badly dented or cracked is by buying a pipe guard. E-Line has Pipe Guards that will fit many two and four-stroke dirt bikes. These will make your pipe last much longer than without having one. It’s a cheaper alternative than buying another new pipe, and they hardly add any weight to the bike.

Hand guards are one of the most popular dirt bike modification for trail riding because they protect your hands from hitting annoying trees, weeds, branches, and other objects in the woods that would hurt your hands. Pro Taper makes many different Hand Guards for pretty much every off-road bike possible. They have many models with several colors to match your needs. If you want to protect your hands from roost and trees, you need some hand guards!

Devol Engineering makes Front Disc and Rear Disc Guards to protect your brake rotors from getting damaged or bent from hitting rocks and other stiff objects on the trails. This is a cheap way to keep your brake discs/rotors safer and cleaner.

Works Connection has Aluminum Skid Plates that will protect the underside of the engine and the frame. This is another common modification that trail riders do to their dirt bikes because logs and rocks can really do some damage to the under part of your bike. Stop the wreckage with a skid plate before it’s too late. They are light, easy to install, and don’t add bulk to your bike.

Radiator Guards can help prevent twisting and breaking of radiators that result in costly repairs or replacement. Works Connection also has Radiator Braces that will fit almost every name brand dirt bike with radiators out there. These Guards are a lot cheaper than buying new radiators and will increase the longevity of them.

Protecting you and your bike for trail riding is smart, it will save you money, and most likely a lot of pain. There are many more parts to add on to your bike to protect it, but these are the most common modifications that riders have.

You can click on the links or go to Amazon to view these.

Thanks for viewing, and good luck protecting yourself and your bike. Stay safe, and have fun riding.

-Tom Stark

EVS RC2 Race Collar – Review

If you are looking into getting a neck roll/collar this might help you decide on which one to buy. Even if you aren’t in the market for one I suggest you keep reading because it could save a neck or collar bone, and that is the most common injury I hear about in motocross. I have been wearing the EVS RC2 Race Collar for the past season, and I will say that I’m glad that I bought it.

RC2 Race Collar
EVS RC2 Race Collar

First of all, I like the fitment and I hardly ever notice it when I ride or race; hardly any restriction. I make sure I wear it every time I ride a dirt bike because it doesn’t bother me. The RC2 is great protection when you get in an crash and slam your head against your chest or shoulders. I fortunately haven’t had any bad accidents with it, but I did flat land a jump and my chin would have hit my chest but the race collar prevented that from happening. I ended up having a bruise there, but who knows what it could have been if I wasn’t wearing the collar.

All in all I think it should be a necessity for all riders that go somewhat fast because you honestly don’t know what will happen. It’s cheap enough that it will easily pay for itself and probably one hundred more after your first big crash that could break your collar bone. Go buy one now if you don’t have a neck collar already. Remember to have fun and stay safe. Thanks for viewing.

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-Tom Stark