UClear Bluetooth Helmet Communicator Boomless HBC100 Review

When you hear “Helmet Communicator”, what comes to mind? Usually a large pair of headphones, a big boomed-mic that sticks out in front of your face, and wires dangling down to connect to whatever device you’re using. Fortunately for us, modern technology is increasing every year, and now the UClear Bluetooth Boom-less Helmet Communicator available to the public. It has so many unique features, and is “Military Technology”, so you know you’re not getting cheap Chinese junk. When I got asked to test out UClear’s HBC100 motorcycle communicator, I jumped on the opportunity because I love technology, and I figured YOU would want to see a real-life review on it. Now when going in to this, I was a little skeptical since I hadn’t dealt with helmet communicators before, and seeing that this was the world’s first “boom-less” system I didn’t know what to expect.

HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator

Talk On-The-Fly

That’s right, you can answer, talk, and even call people on your cell phone while riding, without even having to touch it! It’s easy to use, even if you’re listening to music through your phone. Just pause the music and hold the volume buttons down for a couple seconds to activate the voice command. The capabilities are whatever your phone supports!

No More Boom-Stick!

Uclear’s HBC100 is the first boom-less helmet communicator on the market. What’s better about not having a boom? For one, it takes up much less space in your helmet (especially if you have a full-face), there’s nothing to hit your mouth on, and Uclear’s military technology helps cancel out wind-noise at well over 100MPH.

Bluetooth – The New Wireless

Do you remember the days of having umpteen cords just for a couple of speakers? Fortunately for you, those days are long gone… Bluetooth is the way to go now, and it’s easier than ever to use it. Just turn the communicator on, hold down the volume buttons for a few seconds, then turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and the HBC100 will show up on the available devices. Press ‘connect’ and you’re done! No more cords dangling down through your clothes that can get caught on things and ripped off. Once you’ve synced your phone, next time you just turn Bluetooth on and it will automatically sync when the communicator is turned on.

Sound Quality?

If you can’t hear the person on the other end of the conversation, what’s the point of having a communicator? Based on some outside variables (more on that in a bit), the Uclear HBC100 sound quality is surprisingly good. If you’re just having a conversation through via Bluetooth  it’s just as good as using your phone for you and the person on the other side. Wind noise was not an issue. Even going 70mph on a naked street bike, the wind was hardly noticeable. In fact, you can often hear the bike humming through the gears just as much as the wind.

Isn’t Wind A Factor?

Didn’t we just go over this? Yes and no. Yes, wind is always a factor. Does it affect the sound quality? No, not with the UClear. Where wind comes into play with a helmet communicator is how well the rider can hear. If you’re cruising down the freeway at 70mph or more with no wind protection, it’s going to be pretty hard to understand what the other person is saying. Or if you’re listening to music, it’s pretty much useless. That’s why it’s best to have a full-face helmet that is good at blocking wind noise. Not only will it be hard to have a conversation with the constant noise of wind rushing past your ears, but it’s just plain noisy and annoying. Unfortunately, I’m still using a cheaper motorcycle helmet that doesn’t offer many luxuries. If you’re going to be using a helmet communicator, just keep in mind that a quality helmet is just as important.

What’s Hot?

  • Boom-less microphone
  • Voice activation answering and calling
  • Stream music wireless through bluetooth
  • Rider intercom with other riders in your group
  • Boom-less Microphone with Active Noise Cancellation (effective to 147 mph)
  • Can sync with up to two devices simultaneously via bluetooth (e.g. mp3 player and phone)
  • Battery life (10-15 hours)

What’s Not?

  • Music isn’t the greatest quality because of wind noise
  • Glasses are more difficult to get on
  • Speaker velcro glue isn’t perfect

What Other Consumers Are Saying:

  • It doesn’t get better than this
  • Top bluetooth headset
  • Best Helmet Communicator Ever!
  • Great product for the price
  • No more wires!
  • An Impressive & Functional Product

Overall Impression…

If you go back-to-back with other helmet communicators in its price range, there isn’t much of a comparison as far as capability and quality. Bluetooth is the way to go, and it is very easy to use. I like the voice activation features, once again making it completely hands-free (unless you want to change the volume). It’s not perfect, but it mainly depends on how well your phone is capable of picking up your voice.

I often stream music while commuting on my bike, and I can go directly from music to answering my phone without touching anything (phone call supersedes music is a built-in feature). I have not tried the rider-to-rider intercom yet, but I’m sure it’s just as good or better than every other part of the system I’ve tried. And last, but not least, it’s a boom-less microphone that derives from military technology. For real, the absolute only cord is the one going from the speakers to the communication box, which is also on the helmet so they will never get tangled.

No matter what helmet communicator you get, wind noise will always be a factor. That’s why it’s good to consider a higher quality helmet that blocks out noise better than less-expensive helmets. If you already bought a helmet and don’t want to upgrade yet, there’s a couple other options for cancelling wind noise. The easiest way is sticking one of these Wind Stopper Skirts on your helmet. It’s cheap, and will make your conversations/riding experiences much more enjoyable.

One final thing I think I should add since I like to know every little detail about high-buck products before throwing my hard-earned money out there… If I could, I would only ride during the day. However, since I started working second shift, I do a lot of day and night riding, which forces me to keep a clear visor on my helmet. This is why I use sunglasses during the day, and even safety glasses at night if it’s warm enough. Since the HBC100 speakers are installed in the ear cavities of a motorcycle helmet, it makes putting glasses on a little bit tougher, depending on the size of them. I don’t have a problem riding with glass for an hour or so, but if I were to go on a road trip, it would get annoying and my ears would be sore after. Ultimately, if you’re like me and ride days and nights, the best option is to buy a helmet that has a built-in sun-shield. Yes, you’re going to pay more for one, especially if it offers good wind blocking, but if you want to be able to see and hear I believe it will be well worth the price.

As far as dirt biking goes with this wireless communicator, it mainly depends on how loud your bike is. I would not recommend using it for motocross racing, unless you just like listening to some tunes to keep you calm and have a safe place to keep your media player. On the flip side, if you’re on a trail ride with some friends, having the HBC100 can be very useful. If someone goes down and/or gets hurt, the sooner the others know about it the better (every minute counts, especially if you’re out in the mountains).

Technology is getting better and cheaper these days. Right now, this helmet communicator is hard to beat at its price. For more specs and reviews, or to Buy My UClear HBC Bluetooth HERE!

-Tom Stark

What’s New On The GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam?

GoPro has unleashed their latest and greatest product, the HD Hero2 Helmet Camera, claiming to be twice as good in every way! Since helmet cams have become so popular in the motocross realm, I had to check it out myself. I didn’t think GoPro could make what they already had much better without the camera costing a fortune, but it looks like they had a few more tricks up their sleeve…

The All New GoPro HD Hero2

 Image Quality

If you thought the previous GoPro HD Hero had good image quality, you gotta check out the Hero 2. Not only is the image sharper, but the low light image quality is greatly enhanced. When watching footage from this helmet camera, it could be mistaken for a professional camera. Night-time videos were sub-par on any other helmet cam, but GoPro figured out how to capture those night-time adventures!

Picture Features

Taking still pictures when you’re out riding in the middle of nowhere can be difficult on a dirt bike. GoPro made their other helmet cams to take photos, but for the Hero2 they upped the anti with the ability to take 11, 8, and 5 Megapixel photos (It was only 5 MP previously). On top of that, it can take 10 photos per second compared to 3/second the first HD Hero could do. It also has an increased time-lapse mode (0.5).

Video Resolution

While the video resolutions stayed the same (720p and 1080p), GoPro has included more features that movie enthusiasts will love. New for the 1080p & 720p mode, you can choose medium (127 degree) or narrow (90 degree) Field-Of-View, giving you different perspectives of a video.

As for the 960p mode, you can record it in 48fps, in addition to the original 30fps.

GoPro also decided to update the standard def WVGA mode. Don’t think it’s needed? Think again; you can now record footage at an incredible 120fps!! This takes slow-mo helmet cam videos to a whole new level while still keeping it smooth.


Many people complained that GoPro helmet cams were difficult to operate and navigate through. Now with the upgraded language-based interface, the HD Hero 2 is easier to use than ever. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to use one and change modes.

It was often difficult to tell when the camera was recording on previous GoPro helmet cams, so they decided to put 4 LED lights (1 on each side) on, making it easier to see when it’s on.

Motocross Helmet Cam

Want to watch HD footage on your TV? Now you can hook your HD Hero 2 directly up to your HD TV through the added mini-HDMI port.

Sound has always been an issue with helmet cameras, but GoPro has come through yet again by including a new 3.5mm external mic jack to plug in your own microphone.


The first HD Hero you could control by remote using wi-fi. Now on the Hero 2 you are able to preview and playback the video, as well as stream it to the web through wi-fi. Not even the Contour helmet camera can say that.

When all said and done, this isn’t “just another camera” that GoPro put a few blingy parts on. No, they took it to the next level, and it shows in the videos. If you are looking for the best helmet camera on the planet right now, this is it.

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 -Tom Stark

Ultimate MX Hauler – No More Ramp or Straps – Review

Tired of cheap Chinese junk? Now you can haul your dirt bike on your hitch in a different, yet easier way. The Ultimate MX Hauler is the latest and greatest in technology when it comes to hauling your bike to the track or trails. There are no required straps or ramps; it is easy enough for any one person to load a dirt bike on it.

No More Rails Flopping Around

Unlike other motorcycle/dirt bike carriers, the Ultimate MX hauler does not have a rail that the wheels roll up onto. Instead, you roll the bike up to it so the bike is sitting above the platform. For most vehicle hitches you won’t have to do any kind of lifting or pushing to get the bike up on the carrier, which is why you can go to the motocross track without needing any help.

Who Needs Tie Straps?

That’s right, the only reason why you’d ever need a strap is for holding your handlebars to hold them in the same position. The ultimate motocross hitch hauler uses a strong metal platform that your bike’s frame rests on, and holds it on with a hooked shaft retainer that goes through the foot-pegs. It’s threaded on the bottom side so you can clamp it down tight with wing or locking nuts.

Ultimate MX Hauler

You Get What You Pay For

What are you expecting when you buy cheap Chinese stuff? Junk. Yes, 99% of their products are sub-par. Thankfully, this Motocross bike hitch carrier is made in the U.S.A. Yes, it does cost a little more, but its build quality and innovative technology is worth it. Like I mentioned above, you don’t need straps to hold your dirt bike down, and there’s no risk of tipping it over when loading it up since you don’t need a long and un-sturdy ramp.

Since it was made in the U.S., the engineers took the time to build it right. Dual-diagonal bracing and a hitch stabilizing pin give it the strength needed to stay sturdy on your vehicle’s hitch. There’s two polyurethane plates riveted onto the carrier, protecting it and your bike’s frame from getting scratched up.

Made In The U.S.A

That in itself means a lot. Like I said before, you never know what you’ll get when you buy Chinese because they usually have lower tolerances/quality on their products. The Ultimate MX dirt bike hauler has laser cut arms and deck to give it a great fit every time. It has a strong powder coated finish, and the jacking tube is 18 inches long for to give you the extra leverage to easily raise your dirt bike up. It’s also powder coated and has its own carrier built-in to the hauler.

Other Specs

The hitch receiver tube is 2 by 2 inches and is made of 1/4 inch steel for strength and durability. It has adjustable locking holes, allowing you to lock it at the desired height. It has a 375 pound carrying capacity, so it will hold a full-size dirt bike. Your bike’s suspension is ‘saved’ due to the fact that there is no load on it when traveling. Have a gas can? No problem; there’s an optional rack for it so you can keep the fumes out of your vehicle (Most other motorcycle carriers don’t have a spot for a gas can). And last, but not least, it’s Made in the U.S.A.

Why Should I Buy The Ultimate Motocross Bike Hauler?

  • You can use it all by yourself
  • It puts less strain on your vehicle because the bike is closer to the hitch
  • You can use it as a convenient work-stand as well
  • Easy to handle and store
  • Allows you to haul your dirt bike with most vehicles
  • No tie-downs (just a retainer strap to hold your front wheel)
  • Parking and backing up is much easier than with a trailer
  • Includes an optional gas can rack


With so many positives, there’s got to be some setbacks, right? Cost is probably the biggest factor here. But like I said before, you often get what you pay for, and this is the case when looking to buy a dirt bike carrier. It costs more than most other hitch carriers, but the features and build quality make up for it; just ask the consumers. A problem that some people may have with the Ultimate MX hauler is the ground clearance if they have a low car or a steep driveway (this is the case for any motorcycle carrier). Just be careful when going over abrupt road changes so the carrier doesn’t scrape if you are driving a car or lowered vehicle. Another downside is that it doesn’t allow you to drop the tail-gate on most trucks/SUV’s when loaded up. You can see out the back window, but the license plate is obscured, and the tail-lights are harder to see. You may want to check with your state to see if you need extensions/add-ons for them.

What Do The Buyers Have To Say About It?

  • I prefer this to the ramp-type haulers that require tie-straps
  • It is a well designed hauler and worth the money
  • This thing is totally stable going down the road
  • Good compromise between a pickup truck and a trailer

Buy My Ultimate MX Hauler Here

-Tom Stark


What Is The UClear Helmet Communicator?

The UClear is a boom-less microphone communicator system using worlds first technology. You can listen to your music, talk on the phone, and do helmet-to-helmet intercom with a passenger or another rider, all without having to touch your smart phone/iPod!! Its wireless technology allows you to sync it with Bluetooth communication.

I recently got the UClear HBC100 helmet communicator to try out because I am out and about a lot, whether it be on a dirt bike, street bike, mountain bike, or skiing when there’s snow on the ground. Having speakers in my helmet without wires dangling down to my iPod is really nice, because my regular headphones always manage to hook around something. Also, not having a big microphone stuffed up against my face completes this set-up. People won’t even know you’re talking on the phone… (more on how this works later)

HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Unfortunately, our riding season is pretty much over here, so I won’t be able to give a full review until spring comes around. But, I have gotten a chance to do a couple quick tests.

When I took the UClear HBC100 out of the box to set it up, there wasn’t much to the system. I brought it with a motorcycle helmet over to a friends house to show it off to him. After reading the instructions, putting it on my helmet was a piece of cake. I then synced it up to my iPod using Bluetooth, which only took a few seconds. I first tried out some music, and after re-positioning the speakers, it actually sounded pretty good. It was cool to be able to listen and change the volume while keeping my iPod in my pocket. I then tried talking while inside his house to make sure it works (I have a calling app on my iPod). It worked great, and I was looking forward to doing a real test…

UClear HBC100 Mic

Luckily, a couple days ago we had a heat-wave for a day (low 40s!!), and my brother came over to take his new motorcycle for one last ride before we get snow again. I introduced him to the UClear helmet communicator and asked if he wanted to try it out. He was excited to, so I quickly set it up and he was off. I called him half-way through his ride and he answered right away (voice command). He was cruising at 55-60 MPH, and like it says, I didn’t hear wind or bike noise. It was like a regular cell phone chat. I haven’t played with it much, but I’m going to see if I can turn up the speaker volume a little in case the other person is in a noisy environment.

How is it wire-less and boom-less? Well, like I said before, the UClear system connects with Bluetooth on your phone or iPod, so you don’t need to download any extra apps or software. This is extremely useful because it doesn’t require any wires connected to your device that could get unplugged or ripped off.

This system doesn’t need a boom-mic because it uses “military technology” to emit signals out of the speakers that are pointed in front of your mouth to catch the sound-waves. It has a unique noise-suppression algorithm to cancel out all unwanted road, bike, and wind noise; leaving you with the voice of the person speaking. Let me tell you, it is some really cool technology, which is why I hadn’t even heard about it until a couple months ago. This is what the future has in store for us… Are you ready?

Click Here To Buy My UClear HBC 100 Boom-less Microphone Communicator

Or check out my Complete Review HERE!

In the spring time I will be able to test this enough to complete a full review, so be on the look-out for that in a few months…

-Tom Stark

Motocross & Dirt Bike Carrier AMC400 Single Aluminum Review

It’s nice to be able to haul your dirt bike to the track… But what if I don’t have a pick-up truck or trailer? Instead of going out and spending hundreds on a trailer (or possibly thousands), I can get a single Motorcycle/Dirt Bike hitch carrier that mounts to the hitch of my vehicle. That’s right, I can throw one on the back of my ghetto race-van to haul my motocross bike to the track, and still have plenty of room to haul gear and parts! Unfortunately, you can’t just buy or build any kind of bike carrier and expect it to last forever. This is how I found the AMC400 single Aluminum Motocross Bike Carrier.

Single Aluminum Dirt Bike Carrier

I like simple things, and this fits right into that category because I don’t have to take the time to hook up a big trailer, load my bike, make sure the lights work, check tires, and what not. It’s even easier that tossing my dirt bike in the back of a pick-up because I only need myself to load it, and now I have that extra room for gear, parts, tools, and passengers if I’m driving the van!

What To Look For When Buying A Dirt Bike/Motorcycle Carrier

  • Number of bikes it can hold
  • Weight limit
  • Material its made of
  • Ease-of-use
  • Durability
  • Quality of build (are things where they should be)
  • How much it weighs

How Many Bikes Are You Hauling?

If you’re transporting two bikes or more then you’ll need a Double Motorcycle Carrier or trailer, unfortunately. If you’re hauling one bike, then the AMC400 dirt bike carrier is what you’re looking for. It’s the perfect set-up if you’re an individual going out for a day of practice or racing.

Will It Sound Like A Shaker?

Weak and poorly built carriers will shake and rattle, making it sound like you have someone banging on a tin can. Although this dirt bike carrier is made of aluminum, it is sturdy and will hold bikes that weigh up to 400 lbs safely. It’s able to do this with light-weight aircraft aluminum. The main hitch tube, though, is powder-coated steel so it doesn’t twist or bend.

No Spending A Night In The Shop To Prepare…

Wouldn’t you rather do things quickly to get out and ride, rather than spending hours fixing or putting something together? I know what I would rather be doing, and unless you’re a workaholic, I bet you want the same. Fortunately for us, the AMC 400 bike carrier can be put together in just minutes. That will allow you to get in more riding, and relieve some frustration. Once it’s together, just shove it in the hitch receiver, load your bike, and you’re off!

Lightweight, But Will It Last??

Aluminum is much lighter than steel, so the same volume of it will weigh less. But, the same volume of aluminum as steel will not be as strong. So, the compromise of aluminum is: light and flimsy, or strong and bulky. There is also a happy medium, and AMC has it figured out for their single dirt bike carrier. It is light and not too bulky, yet strong enough to carry your full-size dirt bike across the country. Although it can’t haul a street motorcycle, carrying your dirt bike on this will save you time and money. It’s much cheaper than a trailer, and the weight and wind resistance are minimal, giving you more MPG’s in your vehicle!

What’s Included?

  • Single aluminum dirt bike carrier
  • Reverse anti-tilt device
  • Loading ramp features a full width, welded attaching lip with 2/3″ hook
  • Aluminum ramp that mounts on carrier


  • Carriers up to 400lbs safely
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1000 lbs
  • Vehicle hauling capacity: May be restricted to by your vehicle (check dealer or manual)
  • Will not work with class II or smaller receivers
  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers & camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
  • Not scooters/mopeds

Does It Include Warranty?

Yes, the AMC-400 comes with a 1-year warranty.

What Are Others Are Saying About the AMC 400 Single Motocross Bike Carrier…

This dirt bike hitch carrier is getting many great reviews from buyers, and has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Here are some comments in it to date:

  • Great carrier for the money
  • When you don’t want to pull the hauler…
  • Off to the races
  • Awesome bike hauler
  • Good for the price
  • I love it
  • Light ramp that works

Any Complaints?

Some people had trouble loading and unloading their bikes because the carrier rail is a little narrow for some tires, and the carrier itself is relatively short. But, someone found a solution to unloading the bike without having a heart attack. The dirt bike is quite high when on the carrier, so for average to shorter riders it can be difficult to pull off if you aren’t very strong. So instead of pulling the bike off the carrier backwards, put the ramp in front of the bike. Then start the bike and put it in gear. While leaning the bike towards you, slowly release the clutch, allowing the bike to ride safely down the ramp.Another tip for loading the your bike is parking right up to a ledge or curb so you don’t have to push the bike up as high to the carrier.

Where Can You Buy The AMC Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier?

You can buy this Single Motocross Bike Carrier from Amazon. Currently they offer free shipping for this item within the continental 48 states.

Click Here To Buy My AMC-400 Dirt Bike Carrier

Where Can I Read More Reviews For the AMC 400 Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier?

The best place to read reviews  Amazon from people who actually bought this carrier is Amazon. Click here to read more.

-Tom Stark