CRF250X vs. CRF250R – Which Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

Looking to buy a red dirt bike but not sure which one is better? While the CRF250R and CRF250X started off on similar platforms, there are some major differences between the two that make each better in its own way. The first question you should ask yourself is, “What kind of riding are you looking to do with it?”

Suspension – Racing or Trails?

Having the right suspension for the job will make all of the difference between two bikes. While this isn’t the only difference, it’s probably the most important. The CRF250R is a motocross bike; therefore it will have stiffer suspension and valving set up for racing on a track with big jumps and whoops. It’s still not going to fit you perfectly right out of the box, but it’s going to be a lot better of a starting point than if you were to get the 250X.

If you’re looking for something more than the typical, boring, air-cooled four-stroke trail machine, the CRF250X may be just the answer. It began production with the same frame design and style of the CRF250R, including the higher performance inverted-fork and shock set-up. While it may have better and more easily adjustable suspension than most other trail bikes, it’s still going to be pretty soft so you can go on long trail rides without getting worn out from stiff suspension bucking you around.



Do you like a fast-revving, high-horsepower, race engine, or do you want something that’s smoother with a broader power-band so it won’t scare you? For having almost the same engine design, there’s yet again some major differences between the two. The 250R has a larger stroke (smaller bore), a little higher compression, hotter camshaft, a close-ratio transmission, and EFI starting in 2010. These things all add up to making the motocross version of Honda’s 250F more snappy and begs the rider to twist the throttle.

On the flip-side, the CRF250X still has the same basic engine design. A less-radical cam makes it more trail friendly for smoother power, along with the lower compression. A wider transmission ratio also makes it great for trails, both tight and high-speed. A lower-flowing intake and exhaust set-up combine to make this bike tamer for the beginning riders in mind. The exhaust is considerably quieter, and has a spark-arrestor for state trail riding.

Light-weight vs. Trail Amenities


The more trail riding you want to do, the more accessories you’ll want to have on your bike. However, lightweight is the reason why the CRF250R handles so well. The options that are exclusive to the 250X that add the most weight are a kick-stand, electric start/battery, headlight/tail-light, airbox, larger-capacity gas tank, and exhaust system. Most of these mentioned are highly desirable for trail riding, but you will feel the weight difference if you ride both bikes back-to-back.

So the question is, what are the options worth to you, and how much off-road/trail riding will you be doing? A lot of riders that like the race form of the 250R will take it and add a few things to make it more ride-able in the woods and absolutely love it. However, if you are older and prefer E-start, a kick-stand, and soft suspension, you will enjoy the 250X more, even if it is down on power a little.

-Tom Stark

My Favorite Motocross Channels on Youtube

Youtube has become the new Internet TV, and it is as close and real to being live TV as it gets, except with edited footage! There are hundreds and thousands of dirt biking channels out there, but none of us have 12+ hours in the day to sit on the computer watching them all to find out which ones are the best. Well, at least most of us don’t…

I’ll show you my favorite Dirt Bike related channels from Youtube. Why? Because many of them deserve a lot of views after all of the hard work put in to making and editing them. Besides, it will give you more channels to subscribe to and you’ll be able to watch awesome motocross vids the minute they’re posted. Other than my own Channel for Motocross, the following are my Top Five channels that upload videos regularly that I look forward to watching.


999lazer posts weekly videos of local racers and motocross tracks. They are based in the UK, and are big fans of two-strokes. Why are they on this list? Not only is the footage good, but some of the edits are just plain entertaining, as well as some of the commentary from the riders themselves.


You want some of the sickest edits of off-road riding from a local filming duo? Team404 has been making professional motocross shorts, as well as photography for the past couple years. Check out some of their latest work; you won’t regret it!


Looking for some humor to enlighten your day? MisterBigWheel combines casual sarcasm with adventurous riding trips into the arctic lands of Alaska. If you enjoy dry humor and watching average Joe’s crash and break stuff, this is another great channel to subscribe to.

Danny Stuart:

If you haven’t seen some of his videos already, you’ll find that Danny Stuart likes to take his filming and editing skills, and make some of the coolest videos of local and national pros riding. Whether it’s at his home track (MX207), or a secret riding spot, you’ll be in awe with the high-quality footage that he captures and edits. Music is something that most people don’t want to hear on a motocross video, but somehow Danny is able to pick the right songs that seem to flow well with his videos…

Wozwick:My Favorite Motocross Channels on Youtube

Also known for MXPTV, Matt Wozney is a full-time professional film-maker in the motocross industry. If you just want hardcore motocross footage with some of the best amateurs around the country, head on over to wozwick’s channel on Youtube. He uses the latest in technology for cameras, video editing, and puts together the finest footage of Motocross racing I’ve come across. Both two and four-stroke, mini’s to full-size bikes, he gets them all. For not being on TV, this is as close to Nationally Televised as it gets, and he was ever so close to bringing the Ricky Carmichael Amateur National to us live. I’d bet that he’ll want to try again in the near future…

Honorable Mentions:

The five channels listed above are not the only videos that I watch from. In fact, there are many more that I subscribe to for more great entertainment. The ones below also have a knack for getting great dirt bike footage. Reasons they didn’t quite make the cut could be that they don’t upload very often, they still need to sharpen their shooting skills, they occasionally fail to keep the audience captivated, or there just plain wasn’t enough room on the list… If you feel like a channel should be added to the list, feel free to leave a comment!

  • bq365
  • 7th Gear Pinned (yz440)
  • RoadandDirt
  • lpmultimedia
  • MXWebCam
  • ZachAtk1

-Tom Stark