My Supercross Race

Jordan Supercross Race 6-26-09

Just had another supercross race last night…. It was an absolutely perfect night. The weather was warm and sunny, the track conditions couldn’t have been better. Plus, my class had the most entries. There were about 24 or 25 riders, which is a lot for a supercross track. I was riding my ’01 yz125. The first moto I pulled a pretty good start against almost a full gate of 250f’s. I ended up about 5th or 6th out of the first turn. The whoop section was next, and I have not conquered the whoops yet, so I got passed by about 5-6 riders right away. I was doing pretty well until about the third lap where there was a 180 degree turn where there was big roller just before it. Well what I didn’t notice was that there was a rider down right after the roller. I didn’t see him until I rode over his bike and fell over. I finally remounted and got going again after another 5 riders passed me, but what makes me even more upset is that there was no flagger there to wave it off. But oh well, it’s racing. I ended up getting about 19th. When the main event came I had a really bad gate because I was almost the last to choose. I ended up about 15th after the first turn. Once that mess was over I cruised, and cruised fast. I passed one or two riders and ended up about mid-pack I think, didn’t get a chance to see the results. Over all the race was great, and I had a lot of fun. Not to mention I didn’t get hurt!! My next race will be in about two weeks, so I’ll be ready of that. Thanks for reading, and I hope to post more soon!

-Tom Stark

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