Renewing the ’01 YZ125

So I decided that I wanted to give my dirt bike a good look before I sell it. It originally was my first race bike, but I have bought a newer one, so I will not be needing this anymore. It has been a great bike and very reliable to me. The bike is also very fast. I try to keep my bikes clean and well maintained so that when I sell them it looks nice and I can sell with confidence. My bike did not look the greatest when I first got it, but that’s because it didn’t have any plastic on it. For racing I just put some used plastic on so that I could at least race. Although I am a racer and a younger person, I did not beat the snot out of it and trash it like most people do. I did ride it somewhat fast at times, but I always kept it running and looking pretty clean. Now it is time to sell, so I have brought back the stock look of the bike with the addition of New Plastics and graphics. I have always liked the look of stock bikes better than most aftermarket graphics. I will miss this bike a little, but there’s many more fast bikes to come. Thanks for reading, and stayed tuned for more posts soon!

-Tom Stark

When I Got The Bike
Bike With Some Used Plastics On
Bike With Matching Tank
Bike Refreshed With Cleaning, New Fenders, and Graphics

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