Schampa Coolskin Balaclava – Best Motorcycle Face Mask

Do you ride your dirt bike on ice, in snow, or just plain cold weather? Give your face some warmth with the Schampa Coolskin Balaclava! No more snosticles, frozen lips, or immovable cheeks after a ride. You can breath better, and with the long neck section, you can tuck it in to help keep the cold wind from blowing down your chest.

No Annoying Seam!!

Have you worn a face-mask with that outrageously provoking seam going down the middle of your entire face?! And no matter what you did, it was next to impossible to keep it in one place while being comfortable… Well, those days are over with the Coolskin winter balaclava face mask with its fully flat-seamed construction. This alone can make it worth it if you want a smooth and comfortable fit on your face.

What Is Silkweight?

It is light-weight and uses silk-like material that is soft on your face. It stretches to fit around almost any size head, making it a versatile and must-have item of protection in your Gear Bag.

Schampa Coolskin Balaclava

Not only is it a one-size-fits-most balaclava, but this Schampa face mask fits under almost any dirt bike, snowmobile, or motorcycle helmet. This makes it a perfect gift to give to friends and family that ride all-year-round.

Dirt bike riding in the cold will be much more tolerable with this winter motorcycle mask.

The Schampa Coolskin Balaclava is currently getting 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, and is on the “Best Sellers” list.

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-Tom Stark


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