Works Connection Radiator Braces – Cheap Insurance

Do you want to protect your expensive dirt bike radiators? Then you need to get some radiator braces now!!!! Okay but seriously, if you don’t want to spend money on a new radiator or two then radiator braces/guards are the way to go.

Radiator Braces
Works Connection Rad Braces

I have a pair a Works Connection radiator braces for a YZ250F that I use. They are as simple to install as putting on your plastics, and they are hidden behind the radiator shrouds so it won’t look ugly. If you expect to crash often then these are great insurance. Instead of replacing just one radiator for $200+, and double if you replace both (go figure), you could have bought a pair of braces that are a fraction of the cost to protect them.

I’m not going to promise that these will withstand every wipe-out your radiators encounter, but either way you look at it, it’s still cheaper to replace a pair of rad guards than a pair of radiators themselves.

The Good:

-Cheap radiator insurance

-Easy to install

-Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum

-Unseen because they hide behind the rad shrouds

Insure My Radiators With Works Connection Braces Here

The Bad:

-Won’t fit with most over-sized tanks

-Aren’t indestructible

I will use my Works Connection Radiator braces on my next YZ250F again and again until something happens to them. For the cost, it’s really not worth to not have some guards (a.k.a. it’s worth it to have them). If you’re worried about adding weight to your bike, don’t worry. These aluminum braces won’t be noticeable while riding. The added weight is like drinking a bottle of Gatorade before a race.

There’s not much else to say about getting radiator braces, so if you want to spend less in the long run this is your ticket.

-Tom Stark

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