Works Connection Radiator Braces – Cheap Insurance

Do you want to protect your expensive dirt bike radiators? Then you need to get some radiator braces now!!!! Okay but seriously, if you don’t want to spend money on a new radiator or two then radiator braces/guards are the way to go.

Radiator Braces
Works Connection Rad Braces

I have a pair a Works Connection radiator braces for a YZ250F that I use. They are as simple to install as putting on your plastics, and they are hidden behind the radiator shrouds so it won’t look ugly. If you expect to crash often then these are great insurance. Instead of replacing just one radiator for $200+, and double if you replace both (go figure), you could have bought a pair of braces that are a fraction of the cost to protect them.

I’m not going to promise that these will withstand every wipe-out your radiators encounter, but either way you look at it, it’s still cheaper to replace a pair of rad guards than a pair of radiators themselves.

The Good:

-Cheap radiator insurance

-Easy to install

-Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum

-Unseen because they hide behind the rad shrouds

Insure My Radiators With Works Connection Braces Here

The Bad:

-Won’t fit with most over-sized tanks

-Aren’t indestructible

I will use my Works Connection Radiator braces on my next YZ250F again and again until something happens to them. For the cost, it’s really not worth to not have some guards (a.k.a. it’s worth it to have them). If you’re worried about adding weight to your bike, don’t worry. These aluminum braces won’t be noticeable while riding. The added weight is like drinking a bottle of Gatorade before a race.

There’s not much else to say about getting radiator braces, so if you want to spend less in the long run this is your ticket.

-Tom Stark

UFO Plastics To Make Your Dirt Bike Look New Again

Does your dirt bike look like its been thrown in a pit of bushes and thorns, while being flipped on it’s backside, then scraped up by a cheese-grater? While none of that may or may not have happened to yours, you may be disgusted at the look of a scratched-up and worn out bike. An excellent and easy way to refresh the look of a beat up dirt bike is with some new cosmetics.

UFO Plastics makes kits for almost every dirt bike that include everything you need to give your dirt bike a much needed face-lift. Whether you just want to make your bike look new again, or you simply need them because yours broke, a plastic kit is an easy and relatively cheap way to do it. And while you’re at it, why not slap on some New Graphics to complete the look of an all new bike! Not only will you look cooler on a shiny bike, but if you are trying to sell your dirt bike, it will be more appealing to possible buyers.

This is not a joke; people are more likely to buy a dirt bike based on the “Looks” of it. If it is nice and shiny, and the plastics and seat aren’t all scratched up, people will often overlook the mechanical aspect of the bike. I’ve had this happen before (not that I sold bikes that had mechanical issues without informing them), and when I have new plastics on the bike, it almost always sells to the first person. It is not unethical to do when selling a used dirt bike because you are selling/buying “as-is”. It is the buyers responsibility to look the bike over for failures and/or ask the owner. Unfortunately, that is where honesty flies out the door. This is where buying a used bike is a risk, but that’s for another article…

Click  Here To Find a UFO Plastic to Fit My Dirt Bike

Every time I’ve used UFO plastics, the fit has been perfect with no hole-drilling required. It looks just like stock, and the color matches as well. Below are pics of before and after putting some new UFO fenders on my bike (I installed new graphics too).

Good luck, and ride safe!

-Tom Stark

Fresh YZ125

Dirt Bike Trail Building Tips – Getting Rid of Thorns

If there’s one thing I hate the most when it comes to building dirt bike trails, it would probably thorns. Where I live, they’re everywhere, and often difficult to get rid of.

Thorns On Trail

You know what I’m talking about if you have them or have ridden through them before. It hurts, especially when he thorns are as high as your head. Getting rid of them is the worst part. It gets very annoying when you’re out in the middle of summer trying to cut thorns down when it’s blistering hot out and they just keep poking you. There are ways to make this process easier, quicker, and get around it at times.

Don’t Call Me A Wuss!

I realize that some of you may be thinking to yourself, “Why don’t you just ride over the thorns, you big baby?!” That’s fine, because if I didn’t know any better I would be thinking the same thing. But the thorns on our land aren’t one foot in height. No, they’re often four feet tall, so they get in your face, scratch up your arms and neck. So once the day is over you are more red marks than not.

I would prefer to use big and heavy artillery, such as a bobcat with brush-cutting attachments to mow thorns and weeds down, but that just isn’t probable with the current economy right now. So, instead I’ve thought of other ways to do it with cheap equipment (some of which you might already have).

Suit Up For War…

When tackling sharp and tall thorns, you don’t go out in shorts, sandals, and a beater. No, you will want to wear thick jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and work boots. I know you may say that it’s unbearable to wear that much clothing in the heat of the day, but there are ways to get around this; more on that later. Besides, it better to sweat a little than bleeding your guts out. Some work gloves will also be useful so you don’t tear up your precious hands.

What Tools?

Hedge Shear

There are many tools that you can use to cut down thorns and weeds, but I try to make it as easy as possible. So, after suiting and booting up I took our old (and I mean old) hedge shear, which are fairly heavy duty and started cutting away. I already had my trails marked (click here for previous article Making The Layout), so I just trimmed the thorns and weeds to make about a 2-3 foot wide path. I didn’t take the time to get rid of every last inch of thorn on the trail, but I did cut most of the down close to the ground. They will grow back, so after cutting a good section of trails I hop on my dirt bike and ride over them about a dozen times to rip the rest of it up.

To Make Things Easier

I love it when there is an easier way to get a job done, especially when it’s just as good or better! I figured out, not that this should be surprising, it’s A LOT easier to cut and trim thorns/weeds during the fall and spring seasons. You can do it in the winter as well, but here it’s not very probable because we get quite a bit of snow here. When everything is dead/cold it will break more easily, so cutting them will take less strength and go by much quicker. Riding over thorns when it’s cold out really speeds up the trail building process because the tire really tears them up.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment or add suggestions, as I would love you hear your opinion on whether you like these articles or not!

-Tom Stark