EVS RC Evolution Dirt Bike Neck Brace Protection – Review

Broken collar bone injuries are very painful, yet they are one of the most common injuries in motocross. To help prevent it, many riders have started wearing a neck brace, and for a good reason. A neck brace is kinda’ like a seat belt for your neck; absorbing most of the impact instead of your collar bone or shoulder in the event of a crash. There are different levels of protection that neck braces can offer, but if you want full protection at a low cost, the EVS RC Evolution Neck Brace is here to save your neck (no pun intended). EVS is the official sponsor of protective gear for motocross, so you can trust in their products.

Made With The Help of Orthopedic Professionals

Not only does the EVS RC EVO brace protect your neck and shoulders, but it’s built to reduce extension in the back; the cause of major spinal injuries. Neck and back problems come too often in this sport, which is why motocross protective gear companies teamed up with top orthopedic pros to construct the best possible solution. Ordinary neck rolls have been in use for road and kart racing for decades, but they only helped prevent neck injuries.

EVS RC-Evolution

The EVS RC-Evolution is a new kind of neck brace with its layers and modular collar. It also has straps and hooks that go around your body. All of this ensures a tight, yet ergonomic fit to your neck and shoulders. Although, it’s not a one-size-fits-all brace, so it’s a good idea to try one on and see which size fits you before buying. You can custom fit it to your liking as well with the adjustable height.

The ultimate in neck protection provides protection against axial compression, hyperflexion, hyper-extension and lateral hyperflexion.” – EVS Sports

Pick Your Color!

Say goodbye to boring old neck supports… The EVS RC Evolution has five different colors to choose from to match your color gear and bike: black, blue, red, white/yellow, and pink (you can also get the RC EVO in Nitro Circus style as well). And for those that like to “pimp” out their rides, some graphics companies can sell you a customized graphics kit for your neck brace.

Isn’t It Like Having A Cast On Your Neck?

Now you may be thinking, how can you move around with all of this protection? In my own experience, yes, it does restrict your head movement to an extent. Does it stop me from doing anything needed? No, I can still look over in both directions, and that’s with my body armor on; which brings up another question. I wear an EVS BJ22 ballistic jersey, and the neck brace fits just fine even with the harness on.

It not only fits on most chest protectors, but it is ventilated and has soft rubber around the edges that make it more comfortable to wear. The sculpted bio-foam liner lets your neck breathe, and it doesn’t chafe against your skin.

I have been wearing the RC EVO neck brace when on motocross tracks, but I usually just wear the EVS RC2 Race Collar when I’m going for a trail ride or putting around the farm. I move around a lot on single-track trails, but still want protection, so the RC2 is perfect because it works and I don’t even notice when it’s on.

I’ve Heard It Can Cause An Injury Though…

Do seat belts kill people? It’s a controversial topic, but  at least 9 out of 10 times the seat belt is going to save your life. The same goes for a neck brace such as this. More often than not, the EVS RC-Evolution is going to help prevent or even stop an injury from happening when you have a bad crash. The odds are in your favor, which is why I don’t want to be caught not wearing mine while on the track. Yes, I’ve heard of people still getting injured with a neck brace on, but what are you going to say if you break your collar bone from a crash without having a neck brace on?

All in all, it’s a personal preference. Some people can’t stand wearing all these braces and extra padding. I know that it can limit my range of motion, but I’m plenty fine with that if it saves me an injury and a hospital bill.

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Have fun, and ride smart!

-Tom Stark

EVS RC2 Race Collar – Review

If you are looking into getting a neck roll/collar this might help you decide on which one to buy. Even if you aren’t in the market for one I suggest you keep reading because it could save a neck or collar bone, and that is the most common injury I hear about in motocross. I have been wearing the EVS RC2 Race Collar for the past season, and I will say that I’m glad that I bought it.

RC2 Race Collar
EVS RC2 Race Collar

First of all, I like the fitment and I hardly ever notice it when I ride or race; hardly any restriction. I make sure I wear it every time I ride a dirt bike because it doesn’t bother me. The RC2 is great protection when you get in an crash and slam your head against your chest or shoulders. I fortunately haven’t had any bad accidents with it, but I did flat land a jump and my chin would have hit my chest but the race collar prevented that from happening. I ended up having a bruise there, but who knows what it could have been if I wasn’t wearing the collar.

All in all I think it should be a necessity for all riders that go somewhat fast because you honestly don’t know what will happen. It’s cheap enough that it will easily pay for itself and probably one hundred more after your first big crash that could break your collar bone. Go buy one now if you don’t have a neck collar already. Remember to have fun and stay safe. Thanks for viewing.

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-Tom Stark