When To Change Oil On A Dirt Bike

When to change oil on a dirt bike or motorcycle

Changing oil on a motorcycle is simple, but sometimes it is too simple that people forget to change it, and then they wonder why their bike just seized.

Street Bike

If you’re on a street bike, and you use it often, I would recommend changing it every few months, just so that the oil doesn’t get dirty and start damaging internal engine parts.

Off-Road Bike

Off-road bikes, or dirt bikes, are probably the easiest. All you have to do is check the oil level and color every time you ride. If it starts getting low then you should probably change it soon. If the color is gray, that means it is getting dirty and a oil change should be done in the near future. If the oil is black, then you definitely want to change it because it is old and probably getting dirty. If you don’t ride everyday, then I would suggest changing your off-road dirt bike oil two to three times a year.

Motocross Bike

Motocross dirt bikes require a little more maintenance for pretty much everything. Regular oil changes are key, especially if you are racing. If you haven’t changed the oil in a while and you go race, then there’s a slight chance that you will lock up the motor, and that is not what you want to happen during a moto. I suggest changing the oil on a motocross bike every 3-5 races. Possibly more if you’re riding a lot in between race days.

Good luck, and don’t let that bike run out of oil!!

-Tom Stark

125 C Class Motocross Race at ERX Motor Park

First time out at ERX Motor Park

This was my first ride at the motocross track in Elk River, MN. It was June 13th. I raced in the 125 C class on my yz125 #316. It was a really fun track and pretty long for where it was located. The track was simple and flowed very well; great track for beginning racers, and difficult enough obstacles for intermediates. I am slowly getting better and faster, so at least I was jumping stuff. Thanks for viewing, and enjoy the video!

-Tom Stark

ERX Motor Park MX Race

Quads Are For Girls

Quads are for girls….

If you want to ride small off-road vehicles with your buddies, make sure you aren’t riding a machine with 4 wheels. They are for girls or for your grandparents to get around the garden. Ride a dirt bike if you want to go off road riding. Quads are boring compared to two-wheeled machines because you can’t lean into the berms, they have four wheels, and they’re easier to ride. Now I’m not saying that they’re slow or easy to race with, but dirt bikes are definitely more difficult, which is what the real guys should be doing.

ATVs are for your little sister, your mom, and your great grandma who can sit down and exercise her thumb to get around the yard. It can also be for your girlfriend or wife, but try to convince her to ride with half the wheels. Good luck, and keep it roosting!

-Tom Stark

Lazy ATV Rider

P.S. I will try to make a video and add to this article this summer

4-Stroke MX Dirt Bikes Are Ticking Time Bombs Becauseā€¦.

First of all, I just want to say that four strokes motocross bikes are not bad or defective (most of them anyway), or that I’m partial to two strokes. This is just my honest opinion about the modern four stroke motocross bikes; 250f and 450f. They are very fast bikes and I will admit that they are easier to win a race with than a two stroke because of all the low-end torque they have, and the somewhat-smooth and endless power. But with that much advantage they must have a downfall, right?

Well my answer would be yes, and the reason saying that is because these extremely high-revving, performance engines can grenade very quickly without much notice. Not to say that this will always happen, because a lot of riders can put one hundred hours or more on their four stroke motocross bike without having any problems. It is the owners that don’t maintain the bikes or repair them properly that this usually happens to. A two stroke top end is fairly easy enough for most riders to rebuild if they have a manual and the tools, but a 4 stroke engine is more complex with many more parts involved. If one slight mistake is made, such as over-torquing a bolt in the engine, the engine can and most likely will break down, and if one part in the motor breaks then it usually breaks other parts.

The cost to repair a four stroke engine is enormously high, especially if you take it to a mechanic. Take this for example: You have a 250cc two stroke and 250cc four stroke that both have blown top ends and you will be having a professional mechanic do the work for you. The 250cc two stroke will cost anywhere from $200-500 for brand new parts and another couple hundred for labor. Then you take the four stroke, and the parts will cost around $1000 if not more, plus you have to pay for labor. Also, if you do the two stroke yourself, which most riders do, you won’t have to pay labor fees.

Now I’m not trying to start an argument about two strokes vs. four strokes, or even try to convince you to buy a two stroke. I’m just expressing what actually can happen to these bikes. Although four strokes are easier to ride, the repair bill can add up to the cost of buying another used bike. I have both types of motocross bikes and they are both great to ride, but I normally go with the two smoker because it is much cheaper to maintain. If you want to ride four stroke, by all means go ahead, have fun, and make sure you maintain it. But get ready for a big bill if something happens…… Thanks for viewing.

-Tom Stark

Cylinder Head Off A YZ250F I Bought

Motocross Practice Track

Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on my racing/riding life. A few days ago I went with a friend to his friends’ house and rode there for the second time. It was an all sand track, so it was a bit difficult for me at first to jump everything. It was in their yard, so there wasn’t a whole lot of room to get up to speed. There was a real nice whoop section, a fast and sick woods section that winded around the house, then you go back and do a few more whoops with a double-table-top after that. To finish it off was the most fun section that was a pretty long stretch with three decent size doubles. Overall, I had a lot of fun once I started jumping and doing all of the obstacles. It was great practice and will definitely help me in the future. I might be heading out there again tomorrow, so I might give another update for that if anything interesting or funny happens. I also have a supercross race coming up next Friday that I hope to go to. I will for sure post info about that, so don’t forgot to come back every week or so and check out my profile. Thanks for viewing!!

My Friend's 250F
My Friend Digging Up Some Sand
Friend Hitting The Double
Friend Wheeling Over The Whoops
Friend Roosting Some Sand
Looking Back Over The Double
Showin' Some Style Over The Double