Corcoran Supercross

Corcoran Supercross Race 5-22-09

This was the last race of the Spring series at West Metro Motorsports in Corcoran, MN. Good little supercross track to warm up for the summer. I didn’t really get the best of starts, but I ran good, clean races. I know I should have passed the rider on the Kawasaki, but I just didn’t want to risk it with my tire that was harder than a rock. Even on the straight sections it was slipping out from under me. Watch the video to see my results. It may not be the most exciting motocross race to watch, but at least you can see everything. I am a better rider by now and would race here again this fall, but the track owner decided to cancel the series because of lack of rider attendance. Thanks for viewing! I’ll have more blogs to come.


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