AMC 600 Aluminum Double Motorcycle Hitch Mount Carrier Review

I enjoy writing reviews, so I thought I’d help out you out if you’ve ever been in a jam when it comes to transporting dirt bikes. I’ve seen people use motorcycle carriers before, but I figured they were all pretty much the same; a metal rail welded onto square tubing that goes into a hitch receiver for cars and RV’s.

When I started researching them I found out that there is much more to it. Bike carriers for vehicles come in many shapes and size, but the one that made the most sense was the AMC 600 Double Motorcycle Carrier. It’s the perfect solution for hauling two motocross bikes without the trouble of pulling and storing a trailer.

What To Look For When Buying A Motorcycle/Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier:

  • How much it shakes
  • The weight
  • Is there assembly?
  • Number of rails
  • Weight restrictions
  • Simplicity of parts/use

Don’t Motorcycle Carriers Shake & Rattle?

AMC-600-2 Double Dirt Bike Carrier

While this is true for many bike carriers, the AMC-600-2 double motorcycle carrier features a reverse anti-tilt device. This keeps the carrier stable while going down the highway. This is important because if the dirt bike is shaking on the rack, it’s going to wear out, and possibly fall off. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want something that I will be worrying about all the way to the track and back home.

Double The Bikes Means Double The Weight…

Although you are able to carry two bikes with this dirt bike carrier, the AMC-600 is made out of lightweight aircraft aluminum. This is considerably lighter than steel, and just about as strong. Being aluminum, another advantage over steel is that it will not rust. This will allow for a lot longer life-span. Not to mention the aluminum finish looks cool.

Is There Assembly Required?

Yes there assembly required, but it’s very simple. It comes with a loading ramp that makes it easy enough for one person to load both bikes onto the carrier. The ramp has welded attaching lip with a 2/3″ hook, which allows for quick and easy loading of bikes. The lightweight aluminum ramp mounts onto the carrier itself, so you don’t need any room in your vehicle to carry it.

You Can Carry Two Bikes On The Hitch?!

Yes it can haul two bikes on a single hitch (hence the “Double” motorcycle carrier). It’s safe to carry up to 600 lbs of combined weight. That’s more than enough for two 450cc Motocross bikes! If you’re just using the carrier for one bike you can haul up to 400 lbs safely on a single rail.

Double Motorcycle Carrier

The main hitch tube is steel powder coated, so it will last longer, and looks better. The main tube is 18″ long from the center of the hitch pin for the first rail, and the second rail is 39″ away from the pin. The hitch fits any 2″ receiver, so you don’t have to get any exotic inserts for it.

What All Is Included?

  • Two-place dirt bike carrier
  • Full-width loading ramp that mounts on the carrier
  • Built-in hooks to tie down bikes
  • 2″ hitch receiver
  • Reverse anti-tilt device stabilizer

Product Description/Dimensions.

All aluminum, 600 lb capacity 75″ L x 5.5″ W hitch mounted motorcycle carrier with a 45.5″ L loading ramp accommodates two sport bikes. Not recommended for use with scooters or mopeds. Fits any Class III or IV 2″ hitch receiver. Easy assembly and installation. Specifically designed for transporting motocross bikes, enduro bikes, off-road dirt bikes, and some scooters/mopeds with up to 5 1/2″ wide tires.

Does It Come With Warranty?

Yes, the AMC-600-2 Double Motorcycle Carrier includes a 1 year warranty.

What Do Other Buyers Say About It?

This dirt bike hitch carrier is the number one selling on Amazon for motorcycle carriers, and it has a 5-star review rating.

  • “Space Life Saver”
  • “Carry it right”
  • “Good weld joints, solid steel main beam with aluminum racks and ramp make for a nice package.”

Carrying Limitations

  • Safely carries up to 600 lbs. on both rails (which should be enough for 2 dirt bikes)
  • Vehicle Carrying capacity – check to see if your vehicle can haul that much weight on the hitch
  • Will not work with class II or smaller receivers
  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT for street bikes, cruisers or sport motorcycles
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
  • Hitch pin NOT included
  • Not recommended for scooters/mopeds

Where can I buy the AMC 600 two-place motorcycle hitch mount carrier?

You can buy this dirt bike carrier from Amazon. When comparing to other online sites, Amazon currently has the best deal. It’s the perfect set-up for father-son ride days.

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-Tom Stark



VHoldR ContourHD 1080p: My Best Motorcycle Helmet Cam Review

I’ve been in the market for a helmet camera for a while now. I knew I wanted to get a high-quality cam (HD), but didn’t know nearly how many features a helmet camera has or could have. I have done a lot of research on them because I want the best possible one without digging too far into my pocket, and the one that kept coming back was the VHoldR ContourHD 1080p Full HD Helmet Camera.

What To Look For In A Helmet Cam:

ContourHD Helmet Cam

I Want HD!

The ContourHD helmet camera records in high-definition. It ranges from 720p to a full 1080p. A 1080p camera is the highest definition for any helmet cam, and VholdR’s ContourHD is the first to do it. It also records in 960p, which is good for taller HD video. It’s basic 30fps (frames per second) is pretty good, but the 720p at 60fps is twice as good! It’s great for action and high-speed sports.

Camera Sensor?

The VholdR cam features a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor. More mega-pixels is better, and with many helmet cams using around 2-3mp, 5 is a big step up. Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (aka CMOS) has low static power consumption, and high noise immunity. This means that it produces less heat, uses less energy, and allows a high density of logic functions on a chip.

It Has A Mic?

An internal microphone is used on the Contour helmet camera. It saves weight, allows the camera to be smaller, and has low wind noise on feedback. Helmet camera companies still haven’t figured out how to get great sound quality because wind is a big issue. One common complaint about VHoldR’s ContourHD helmet cam is that the sound quality is low and muffled. They use a screen or a plastic part of the camcorder body to cover up the mic so that the wind noise is low, but this makes for fairly poor sound quality. On the flip-side, every other helmet camera company has yet to solve this problem, so if you’re looking for one with perfect sound then you’re wasting your time…… for now.

Batteries Can Make It or Break It

Do you want a helmet camera that only lasts 20 minutes before needing a charge? Neither do I. That’s why the Contour HD has a lithium-ion removable battery pack. This allows up to 4 hours of recording time, which should be plenty if you’re going for a day-long trail ride. Lithium-ion batteries have better energy-to-weight ratio than most other batteries. Another feature is that there is no memory when using this battery, as well as a slow loss of charge when not in use.

Is It Durable?

A very important question for those of you that will be using it for extreme sports, high-speed activities, and various climates. VholdR’s ContourHD helmet cam is known for its compact and light-weight design. It has an Aluminum and Fiberglass Water Resistant Body, so it will hold up to the abuse that a dirt biker, skier, or race-car driver will throw at it. You can use it in pretty much any weather conditions, and even go in water down to about ten feet deep. Its patent TRail mounts “slide and lock” onto mounts that fit on goggles, helmet, handlebars, vehicle, or anything you can fit it on.

What’s Hot?

-Dual-laser pointers to align the camera and tell you it’s on

-Very easy to use

-Light and sleek design

-Aluminum body is tough

-Full 1080p HD

-60 FPS (frames per seconds) at 720p

What’s Not?

-Cannot upload videos in 60fps to certain sites, such as youtube. You can use it and stretch the clips out to half speed for smooth slow-mo action.

-The main factory mount has been known to be unstable at high speeds and on rough terrain

-Video exposure can be dim, but there is new firmware you can download from Contour’s site to fix the problem

-Can’t view recording until uploaded on computer

-Wind noise can be bad at high speeds, but almost every helmet cam has this problem


Where Can I Read More Reviews or Buy The Contour HD Helmet Camcorder?

You can read many more reviews, or buy it on Amazon. It has some of the best prices around, and includes free shipping.

What’s Included:

  • ContourHD Camera
  • MicroSD Card (2GB)
  • Goggle Mount
  • Flat Surface Mount
  • Extra Adhesive
  • Rechargeable Battery (3hrs)
  • USB Cable

What Others Are Saying…

  • Absolutely the best bang for your buck!
  • Great Picture Quality and Super easy to use. Worth the Money!
  • Very good camera, not dust proof, buy extra-case.
  • Splendid Camera for the Price
  • Great point of view camera

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-Tom Stark

Extend The Life of Your Forks With An MSR Fork Support – Review

Let’s say you just payed big money to get your suspension totally redone and re-valved. Would you want the forks and seals to wear out after a month of riding? Absolutely not! That’s why MSR made their very own Fork Support. It is designed to increase the life of your dirt bikes forks by taking most of the load off of them when you tie the bike down to a trailer or truck bed. I bought it with one of the bikes I got a couple years ago, so I thought I might as well try it out to see if it is worth it.

All I had to do was stick it on the front tire between the forks. The difficult part was tightening down the tie-straps that were on the handlebars. They would only go down so far because the fork support pushed against the front tire and the fender, taking most of the pressure and not allowing the forks to compress as much. This was the main thing I was worried about because it didn’t seem like the dirt bike was very stable. I only used a of couple straps on the bars, so adding a couple more on the foot pegs or rear end of the bike would have helped.

Fork Support
MSR Fork Support

The MSR Fork Support will extend the life of your precious forks. Normally compressing the forks down is harsh on the springs and seals, and is even worse when going on long road trips. This tool will take away most of that force, giving your forks a much needed break from the abuse that is dished out at them.

The only concern I have is the stability of the bike when it’s tied down. If I were to always use the fork support I would either add more tie-straps if it’s on an open trailer/truck bed, or else I would stick the dirt bike in an enclosed trailer. The Fork Saver is basically pocket change, so there’s not a whole lot to lose, except the life of your forks.

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Good luck, and ride hard!

-Tom Stark