Corcoran Supercross

Corcoran Supercross Race 5-22-09

This was the last race of the Spring series at West Metro Motorsports in Corcoran, MN. Good little supercross track to warm up for the summer. I didn’t really get the best of starts, but I ran good, clean races. I know I should have passed the rider on the Kawasaki, but I just didn’t want to risk it with my tire that was harder than a rock. Even on the straight sections it was slipping out from under me. Watch the video to see my results. It may not be the most exciting motocross race to watch, but at least you can see everything. I am a better rider by now and would race here again this fall, but the track owner decided to cancel the series because of lack of rider attendance. Thanks for viewing! I’ll have more blogs to come.

Pro Circuit Temperature Strips – Don’t Burn Your Bike Down!

Has your engine overheated before? Or a more uncommon question, has your suspension overheated? They are the two most important areas of your bike and get very hot, and if they aren’t maintained or check every so often they will get too hot. This will result in them not working properly or in a worst case scenario, burn down and seize.

Pro Circuit Temp Strip

Don’t worry, Pro Circuit has this problem figured out! Their nifty Temperature Heat Strips record the temp of certain areas on your bike. You can stick it on the side of the cylinder, radiator, or the rear shock.

There’s not a whole lot to say, because if you’re worried about something on your dirt bike getting too hot then you need these. They’re cheap, they come in packs of three, and can save you hundreds of hard-earned dollars in the long run. The strips are like stickers, so they’re a piece-of-cake to install and easy to read; just make sure you have a clean surface and that you get the entire strip to stick.

I have the Pro Circuit Temp Sticker on my KX125, and am wondering why I didn’t get them on my previous bikes. There’s no more guessing whether the bike is warm yet, which means I don’t have an excuse if it cold-seizes! Also, if the radiators aren’t getting warm then you know there is little to no fluid in them. This would have saved my butt last year when I overheated my other bike because there wasn’t enough coolant in the radiators.

Save yourself some cash in the future and buy my pack of these here. I’ve heard that stickers make you go faster anyway….

-Tom Stark

Packing Your Gear For A Race – Don’t Forget Your Helmet!!!

Something that almost every rider has done or will do is forget a helmet, a pair of goggles, their boots, or some other gear that they need for racing. It’s very frustrating to get to the track and find out that you forgot to throw your helmet in the truck or trailer. From then on it’s just frustrating, especially if you live far away from the track.

Haul your bikes to the races with a Double Motorcycle Carrier.

Scrambling around the pits to find some one that you can borrow or buy a helmet, pair of boots, or whatever is often the scenario. You can usually find a rider with an extra set of gear, but the feeling of forgetting something is, well disgusting. Just think if you weren’t able to find something with that article of protection, you wouldn’t be able to race and just wasted a trip to the track, just because you didn’t remember an item that’s probably sitting next to the door at your house.

Well, there are two ways to help prevent this from happening again. If you don’t have anything your gear in, the easiest way to not forget anything is to clean your gear all at once right after a race, then put it all together so you know everything is there. Then when it’s time to race again you can just throw that pile of gear in the truck and go, assuming you don’t forget your bike!

Motocross Gear Bag

If you really want to make sure nothing is forgotten, the best and easiest way to go is buying a Gear Bag for everything. Almost every motocross apparel company makes one, and they come in many shapes and sizes, so it won’t be difficult to find one that fits your needs. Then there won’t be any excuse if your forget something, because you can wash your gear after a race, throw in the gear bag, and forget about it until next weekend.

I know I have a bad memory, so while packing for a race I often forget things. One category I don’t stress out on anymore is my gear because I have a bag that I stuff it in. Do yourself a favor that will get solve future headaches and Buy A Gear Bag for your Motocross Gear.

-Tom Stark

Are 2-Strokes Making A Comeback?

Whenever I hear the words “two-stroke,” I immediately think of someone ripping it up on a good ol’ 125 dirt bike. I don’t know what it is, but the the sound of a finely-tuned two-stroke just gets me pumped. Two-strokes will always rule in my mind because they’re just too blasted fun to ride, even if I have to ride one illegally someday because it’s “bad for the environment.”

125 2-Strokes

For the past several years four-strokes have totally dominated the motocross bike market, but something tells me that two-cycle dirt bikes are not done. There are still many ways to get more power and less pollution out of a two-stroke. Some of these have been in the works by the popular Austrian company KTM and the lesser known Italian motorcycle company of TM, as well as Maico International.

These two companies have been working on something that will for sure bring the two-smokers back on the podium. With the new technology they will be able to bring the pollution level down to that of the four-strokes, if not lower. This technology has been working on outboard boat motors for decades. My question is, “why hasn’t it already been put to use on motocross bikes?!”

This “new to dirt bike” technology is direct injection…. Instead of having a carburetor that inconsistently squirts the fuel into the reeds and the engine, direct injection will squirt the fuel “directly” into the cylinder of the two-stroke engine. Once the timing of the injector is perfected, there will be hardly any unburned gases going out the exhaust because the injector will only spray the gas mixture when the exhaust ports are covered by the piston. This is will not only burn much cleaner, but it will increase torque throughout the entire RPM range. More torque = more traction = faster acceleration = faster than four-strokes.

There are other ways of bringing the two-strokes back, such as experimenting with cylinder porting, crankcase volume and shape, testing exhaust pipes with different shapes, angles and lengths, as well as making them lighter. Cylinder porting does depend on the rider, but if you want a screaming 125 like it should be, then porting for that can make a significant difference compared to stock 125’s today. Pipe companies have put so many hours into testing pipes for 125’s it’s not even funny. Although you may hear that aftermarket pipes just change the power curve and don’t add horsepower, some companies have managed to squeeze more power out of the bikes as well, especially on the big-bore 125’s.


Weight is another major issue that the big companies can perfect on their two-stroke motocross bikes. It’s pretty obvious that Yamaha has not done much to their two-strokes when their 250cc four-stroke motocross bike weighs five pounds less than their 250cc two-stroke.  A four-stroke of the same displacement as a two-stroke should weigh more just because it has more parts. A light two-stroke would put a four-stroke out of its misery, especially if it has all of the above done to it.

It’s only a matter of time until two-strokes are booming again and we hear the sound of music at the tracks. The technology is here, it will just take one smart company to build and start another revolution of two-stroke dirt bikes…. Are you ready?

-Tom Stark