CamelBak MULE NV 100 Oz: Best Hydration Pack System Review

Gas fuels our bikes, but water fuels our bodies. So, if we don’t get enough of it then we start to shut down. This is a crucial part of dirt bike racing. It’s even more important if you are doing a hare-scramble or enduro race because they often go for 1-3 hours of straight riding time (except the pit stop for re-fueling). To prevent your body from shutting down you have to drink a lot of fluids (preferably water) before, during, and after a race.

If you just use water bottles then you have to stop every lap or so, depending on how long the loop is, causing you to lose precious time and positions. The solution…. a hydration pack. When I started looking for one I assumed they would be pretty similar; a small backpack that holds a container of water. What I didn’t realize is that hydration packs can have many useful features. After doing some research, I ended up picking Camelbak’s MULE NV 100 Ounce Hydration Pack as the best overall because of its practical abilities and compartments.

CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV 100

Doesn’t It Get Your Back All Wet?

The padded back panel system on the MULE NV pack has multi-directional ventilation, keeping your back breathing. The reservoir compartment is built-in, so it gives you a balanced center of gravity and easy access to water.

I Hate Carrying More Things…

Carrying a hydration pack does add some weight to your back, but it’s worth it for the water. The Dynamic Suspension™ harness that the Camelbak NV 100 uses maximizes load stability, and removable waist-belt gives it a good fit even when going through rough trails.

What If My Body Is Abnormally Large/Small?

You can adjust the location of the strap with Camelbak’s Slider SternumStrap™. This makes the NV 100 customizable to fit almost any rider.

You Suck On A Tube & Let It Hang Out?

While I don’t like that the tube you’re sucking on to get water hangs out in the open, there’s not many other ways to drink when on-the-fly. Luckily, the MULE’s HydroGuard™ technology prohibits bacterial growth on reservoir and tube surfaces (but does not protect user from disease organisms; you have to wash reservoir after you use it).

Filling It Is A Breeze

Camelbak’s NV 100 oz. hydration pack is a piece-of-cake to fill up.  It has an easy-grip handle and a big-mouth, so you can fill it full of water without getting yourself all wet. This may seem like it’s not very important, but hydration packs that have a small filler mouth are extremely annoying when it takes ages to fill up because you keep spilling water everywhere. Also, the water reservoir compartment has an a simple-access perimeter zipper, so taking the it out is no trouble.

I Like My Water When It Tastes Like Water…

Everyone has tasted it, everyone hates it. When you drink something, you shouldn’t have added flavors like plastic, cardboard, or rubber. Fortunately you won’t have to, because Camelbak’s PureFlow™ delivery tube keeps your water fresh. No more plastic-tasting water. Instead it will taste like yummy bottled water if the source was good.

It’s Not Just For Carrying Water!

The MULE NV 100’s main purpose it to produce you an on-the-go hydration system, but it has other features that can come in handy. It has three compartments that zip shut, so you can bring tools, parts, snacks, or other necessities if you go on a long ride.

Just Because It Holds Water Doesn’t Mean Things Can’t Get Wet

If you ride in rainy weather, you won’t need to worry about things getting wet because this Camelbak comes with a built-in rain cover. It’s stuffed away on the bottom side of the hydration pack so it doesn’t get in the way. It also features an overflow storage that quickly latches down rain shell layer with two sets of bungee/compression straps.

Sick Of Listening To Your Bike?

After riding for so many hours, your dirt bike exhaust can get quite annoying while riding on it, so instead you can listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts. The Camelbak MULE 100 has a pocket specifically designed to hold your precious iPod or Media player.  It’s a waterproof compartment, so you don’t need to worry about it getting rained or roosted on.

No Loose Straps To Get Caught!

I hate loose things flapping around when riding. Since I’m a small rider, I have to tighten things down more than usual if it’s a one-size-fits-all. Camelbak has it figured out when it comes to loose ends with their strap management system. It secures the straps, preventing them from flapping around in your face or getting caught in something.

Be Seen In The Dark

Riding at dusk or nighttime is far more dangerous than during the day. Not only do you have to pay more attention to the terrain, but for other people. The MULE NV hydration pack comes with reflective highlights, allowing other riders and people to see you sooner when it’s dark out.

What Are Others Saying?

This hydration pack has received much applause from consumers like you. It has an average of 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Here’s what some are saying:

  • Awesome pack just got better!
  • Great bag!
  • Great hydration pack
  • Totally AmAAAAzing
  • Excellent Camelbak

Any Complaints?

It was difficult to find complaints on the MULE NV 100. I eventually found that one person said his back still got sweaty after riding for a while, but he also stated that he could feel the air flowing to help keep cool. Another person expressed that after wearing this pack for a day he noticed that it left a few circular worn spots on his shirt from the abrasive back pads. He did use it for hiking, though, so if you’re riding a bike that shouldn’t be a problem with much more air-flow.

Where Can I Buy The CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV?

You can buy this Camelbak Hydration pack from Amazon. After doing some price research, it appears that Amazon does have the best deal for this water pack.

Where Can I Read More Reviews For The CamelBak NV 100?

The best site for reading reviews from other people that actually bought and used this product is Amazon. Click here to read more.

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-Tom Stark

Honda XR100R Review – The Bullet-Proof Dirt Bike

Honda XR100…….. What comes to mind when you hear this? For adults, we think “pit-bike”, but for young riders we see it as the beginner bike. Not just A beginner bike, but THE beginner bike. Although it hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years, the docile XR100 is probably the best dirt bike to learn on. It is big enough for adults, yet has a short enough seat height for a kid (just over 30″). It’s smooth power makes it easy to ride, and has enough torque to do most anything the bike should handle. These are key factors as to why it’s so popular, but lets dig into why it and its modern-day twin, the CRF100F, have become such a success…

I Just Want To Ride!

This slogan pretty much sums up Honda’s line-up of trail-bikes. You can roll the XR 100 off the showroom floor and ride it! Unlike motocross bikes, you shouldn’t have to adjust anything on the suspension, carburetor/FI system, gearing, or add other ‘race-mods’ before riding it.

The Do-It-All Starter Bike

’97 Honda XR100R

Why is it the best dirt bike to start out on? It’s extremely easy to ride, and has every control you’ll ever use! Kick-start, throttle, brakes, clutch, suspesnion…. What more do you need from a “First-bike”? The XR100 is easy enough for a kid to kick-start it, so you don’t need the added weight of a battery and starter; although one could come in handy when stalled on a hill. The engine is very forgiving with its clutch and buttery-smooth power. It’s a lot more difficult to stall this on the trails than a motocross bike. Even though the newest CRF100F only puts out a measly 6 horsepower, it’s still enough to chug around the property with an adult on the saddle.


For what it is, suspension on the XR/CRF 100 is pretty versatile. While I don’t recommend racing one in its stock form, it sure can take a beating. Many adults and bigger kids (me) like to rip around on these bikes; hence why finding a roached XR100 for sale is common. Why do we do it? Because it’s so fun on a smaller bike that you can just whip around. All in all, the stock springs are meant for some under 130lbs that trail rides. It will last longer than it should if you jump it, but you risk breaking the frame, handlebars, and possibly more. Stiffer springs and an aftermarket frame cradle are a must if you’re going to race/jump this bike.


The 100cc four-stroke air-cooled engine that powers the XR100 and CRF100 has virtually stayed the same over the past few decades (other than the CDI ignition upgrade in ’92). It may not be up to date with today’s four-stroke motocross bike technology, but why change something that already works, and works well! The power is very smooth and manageable, and can still get you out of a lot of messes. Due to a heavy flywheel and low gearing, stalling is not an issue on the XR 100. It offers just enough power to hand you loads of fun, yet wont’ get you or a beginning rider into too much trouble. This 100cc engine is commonly used the sheer pleasure by many adults. It is an excellent starting point because it’s cheap, easy to work on, and has the potential to be a fast little machine. XR100’s are used to make pit bikes, supermoto, flat-track, and mini motocross for these reasons.


This is where Honda gets its name. The reliability of the Honda XR machines are at the top step. If you keep up on maintenance (which isn’t much), the XR100 will last for years, if not decades, on the stock engine. Keep oil in it by changing it after about 10-15 hours of use (depending on the riding conditions), keep the air filter clean, and don’t let the gas go bad. It’s pretty common to see well used XR 100’s from the early-mid 90s with as little as a piston re-ringing or valve-shimming. It’s amazing how long these things will last, especially for how high they rev (no rev-limiter). Reliability is one of the main reasons adults use this engine for their pit bikes. Even after modifying the engine it can still last a long time.

Honda CRF100F

The Sky Is The Limit…

While a stock XR100 is fairly restricted to more skilled riders and weekend warriors, there are endless mods and upgrades you can do to beef up this bike to make it more potent. A pipe and heavy duty suspension upgrade may be all it takes to provide hours and hours of fun. However, some of us that are more on the edge like to go a step or four further… This can turn into an all-out pit bike build that starts with an XR 100 engine as the power-plant, but uses a modified chassis/suspension from an 85cc 2-stroke motocross bike. (In fact, I’m about to start one of these builds and will hopefully finish it this summer, so stay tuned for a full article/video on it!).

You Should Buy An XR/CRF100 If You:

  1. Want cheap fun
  2. Enjoy riding more than maintaining
  3. Want to learn how to ride a motorcycle
  4. Like pit bikes
  5. Trail ride
  6. Like the 4-stroke power curve
  7. Want an easy to ride bike
  8. Want a back-up bike

You Shouldn’t Buy An XR100 If You:

  1. Expect a race bike in stock form
  2. Don’t like having fun

Add a gallon of gas and you’re in for some serious fun…

-Tom Stark